Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the lodge
Avni gets up in the middle of the night, when she feels thirsty. she gets out and gets water, and then goes in the room. She enters the room and finds raj sleeping there and wakes him up with a jerk,demanding whats he doing in his room, while he insists that he is in his room only. When he turns on the light, she realises that she is in the wrong room. She tries to get out, but the door gets shut, by the storm. The door jams, and raj tries to pull it open, but in vain. he then goes and sits on the bed, tensed, while she tries to open the door but in vain. finally she gives in too, and sits by the other bed, while he lies down, facing the other side. As the storm kicks in, both raj and avni go to close the window, and thier hands collide. avni refrains hers, and sits back tensedly, while raj closes the door. Avni lies down on the bed, and sleeps resignedly. Raj notices her sleeping tensedly and disturbed. He too lies down then. They both remember their moments together, and when raj turns around, he finds her shivering in the cold, and drapes his blanket on her. but she throws it away with a jerk remembering his betrayal. he tries to pull it up, but then lets it go. They both sleep finally.

The next morning, when avni wakes up, she finds that raj isnt there in the room, and wonders where he went so early in the morning. she then reprimands herself for thinking about him again and decides to leave, before she comes face to face with him again. She comes out to the Garage to find how much time it would take to fix the car. she finds the truck ready with the stuff of the labourers, and tells their head about how they are being befooled by being given peanuts compared to their efforts. Thge head gets all the other labourers, he introduces them to avni who warns them too of how they are being cheated. As avni gives them a lecture about them fighting for their rights, raj hears it and eyes them all. Avni finds raj looking at him. Avni thinks that raj is here and virat called him, and there definitely must be a connection between the two, and wonders what if he has come here to avenge their defeat at the auction. She deduces that raj is here to stop her work. The villagers ask her who dared to try and injure her or scare her. The labourers get enraged when she points out that they were sent by raj. raj is shocked. They rush towards raj to corner him, while determined to beat him to pulp in their fury. Raj bears the beating silently, looking at her, while avni watches stoically.

Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Arpita, abhaas and suket are tensed. While the men leave to get contact to avni, they ask her to take care of bhawna and not let her know that they couldnt contact avni or else she shall be tensed. they leave, while arpita goes and wakes up bhawna, and assures her by lying that avni had a talk with suket and she is absolutely fine. Bhawna is relieved. Arpita hopes that avni is alright. She then feeds Bhawna and tells her that she would work here only. As arpita begins her work, she gets the mail again, from smile buddy, and then she expresses her concern for avni. He supports and encourages asking her to have faith in avni. She thanks him yet again for confirming her assurance and belief in avni. She asks him his real name, but he dodges the bullet. He asks about her husband and she tells him that he is busy with himself, and doesnt have time for her. He asks her not to worry as soon everything would be alright.

Scene 3:
Location: In the lodge and on the road
Suket finally gets through avni’s phone and tell her that they are on their way. Avni asks them not to bother as she is completely fine, and her problems are now resolved, seeing raj being beaten. But when they start beating him with sticks, she is affected and starts getting tensed. she finally puts them to a stop. Raj gets up barely, with blood gushing down his face and hands. The villagers ask him to leave rightaway and never show his face ever again. raj eyes as avni watches him tensedly. Raj turns away, and she too runs away from there.

Scene 4:
Location: Raj’s residence
Virat eyes Avni’s newsclip in the paper, and lustily eyes her, saying that now he wants her all the more, and that she would have to be trapped in his trap. He begins to kiss avni’s pic in the paper, when he hears someone hollering at him, and gets tensed. He finds anjali coming in, and points out that he is happy for avni. Anjali thanks him for being here, as he handled the business, and its good that vikram gave him the power of attorney. He is modest and agrees to look in the file, that anjali hands him. she leaves, while Virat thinks that avni is more important in the file. He thinks that he would satisfy her more than raj. the screen freezes on his evil face.

Precap: Virat goes to bhawna and tells him that raj spoiled all his plans with avni, by refusing to marry her. Bhawna gets tensed and extremely distraught. abhaas and akshat come back. Abhaas assk virat to leave rightaway. Virat complies silently. They talk as to how bhawna shouldnt get to know that avni is in umatgaon, who made them promise that they would take care of bhawna. Virat is shocked to hear that avni is in Umatgaon.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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