Veera 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant scolding Bansuri saying how did she take money from safe without his permission, which he has kept for his work. He asks her to swear as she refuses she did not take. She says I swear I did not take it. He says fine, then Baldev would have taken it. She say why will he take, the servants would have taken it. He says no, its Baldev. She argues defending Baldev. He says you have spoiled him, I will not leave him, I will ask him what he bought of Rs 15000. Gunjan thinks she lost Rs 20000 in cards. Ranvi comes and she asks him to sign the cheque for buying household items. He says why Rs 20000. We have everything at home.

She says Rs 20000 is not a big amount. He says whats the use of this. He says he won’t sign if she does not say. She says is your money not mine. He says its your money, but don’t spend like this. She says she wants to buy few things for her Maayka, she has to buy massager machine, if he does not want this, then don’t sign. He says I m sorry, I did not know, and signs on it. She smiles. He says I m sorry, I could not understand. He kisses her and she hugs him. Baldev comes home and Bansuri stops him. She says she is saving him from Balwant, why did he take money from safe. Baldev says so what.

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She gives him money and asks him to give it to Balwant. He hugs her happily and asks how did she get this. She says she did not buy suit for herself for Diwali. He says I will get it for you. She says how will you get it, when you don’t earn. She asks what did he buy. He says he got a ring for Veera. She takes the money back and scolds him. She leaves. He says you don’t worry for me, its fine, I will even get beaten by dad for Veera.

Gunjan talks to her friend and says she will return the money she lost, she lied to Ranvi about massaged machine. Ratan says Gunjan and she is shocked. Ratan does not hear her and Gunjan is relieved. Raran gives her gold bangles for her first Diwali. She says its our family bangles, Chai ji gave me and I m giving you, keep wearing it. Gunjan says I will and hugs her smiling. Ratan blesses her. She leaves. Veera works at the polyhouse and sees the plants. She keeps the ring at side as it will catch mud. Rajveer comes there and sees her working.

He smiles and says he was passing by and came to see. He asks can he help. She says you already helped, the project finally started. He insists and she asks him to water the plants. The ring falls and he does not see it. He waters the plant. They have a talk. She says you got transferred to wrong place and everyone love each other. He says he saw kids playing here and want to make football team, as games are good for students. She says wow, its good thinking, all the best. She looks for her ring and panics. She says where did my ring go. He says it will be here, I will find it, its part of my duty.

He sees the ring and picks it. He asks is it special. She says yes, Baldev gave me yesterday. He keeps the ring. She says I did not keep it safe and cries. He says relax, you did not lose it intentionally, I m sure Baldev will understand and not become angry, I have urgent work, bye. He leaves. Gunjan plays cards again and keeps on losing. The girl asks for money. No one helps her. Gunjan shows the cheque and her friend to give her. The girl gives her money and says my husband can catch the lie, return the money till evening. Gunjan says how so soon, what will I say. The girl says return tonight, else don’t take.

Gunjan says what friends are you. Gunjan says be ready for next time, I will have plenty of money. Baldev comes to Veera. He asks is everything fine, why did you call me to come here. She says promise me you won’t be annoyed, I did a mistake. He says I won’t be annoyed even if you do anyone’s murder, did you murder anyone. She says no. He says tell me. Veera says she lost the ring he gave her. He looks at her hand. He says lost? You could not keep it safe. She says you said you won’t be annoyed. He says I would have not been annoyed if you did murder, but losing ring. She says she lost it after she kept it to save it from mud. She cries. He melts down and asks her not to cry. He says I m a fool, I promised I won’t shout and I shouted, sorry.

He says I understand, I m sorry. He wipes her tears and says ring can be bought again, but our love, if it gets lost, then we can’t get it back. He hugs her. Music plays…………… Baldev tells a joke to her to make her smile. Veera smiles. She hugs him. Gunjan comes to Balwant and Bansuri. She asks Bansuri where is Balwant. Bansuri says he went out of pind for work. She asks what happened. Gunjan asks her to give Rs 20000. Bansuri says 20000? Why? She asks her to ask Ranvi.

Gunjan says she has some work and can’t ask Ranvi. Bansuri asks why, is everything fine. Bansuri says its not small amount, I will see how much I have, yesterday Baldev took money from safe to buy a ring for Veera. Gunjan says how sweet and smiles. Bansuri gets angry as Gunjan is favoring Veera. She thinks she won’t give money to Gunjan now. She says I have just Rs 5000. Gunjan says fine, thanks. She leaves. Bansuri says why did Gunjan need money and not ask Ranvi, whats the matter?

Ranvi and Veera see Ratan and Nihaal. Veera says Nihaal takes care of Ratan a lot. Ranvi says nothing more. She tries to say their relation is special and Ranvi gets angry saying its nothing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate Ranvi and Ranvijay , he create problems for Baldev. veera should marry baldev without ranvi permission

  2. this ranvijay has problm in evrythng.. he can luv sumone.. bt nt veera.. nw he can’t see ratan n nihaal togethr.. what the hell does he think of himslf..

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