Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At night everyone at home is tensed, Raj arrives home. Bauji asks him about his answer. Raj says I have come with the reply. Sanvri hopes he says no. Raj says he is ready, for Avni he is ready to go away from his family. Sanvri stands up. Raj tells them that we have a bigger Banglow in older Jaipur; we will live there after marriage. Suket says if he can leave his family for Avni, what’s the proof he won’t leave Avni. Sanvri agrees. Bauji tells Raj to leave, as he has got answers to his question. Raj leaves as Avni cries. Sanvri says that I was just afraid Bauji forwards the proposal after hearing yes. She says bad words for Raj and his family.
Raj was sitting in the car, when Avni comes running. She hits Raj asking how he thought about leaving his family for her. He says love hadn’t this meaning for him ever, but Jiji and Jija owed me to say so. She was shocked. He asks do you think I will do this with happiness. Avni hugs Raj. He says I am so sorry, I cant think straight. I am losing hope. Avni says I believe my love, we won’t lose. My family will agree one day that no one can be better for me than you.
Sanvri says that she is happy, this love chapter ended. Avni comes in. Sanvri says that Raj isn’t able to be with her. She tells her to prepare for Raksha and forget Raj. Avni says I know Raj well. Akshit says you saw what he did today, you should forget about him. Avni recalls what Raj had done to make up dad’s mood in favor of Akshit, she says for her, it doesn’t matter what he says but what he has done for their family. She comes to temple and prays silently.
At morning, Bauji asks Avni is nowhere to be seen, she was very excited for Rakhsha ever. Sanvri says now Avni will only be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Avni comes in saying she was in kitchen preparing Akshit and Abhaas’ favorite sweet. She recalls Sanvri something is missing in your plate. Avni comes to Akshit and ties Rakhi while Sanvri ties the Rakhi to Suket. Suket gifts Sanvri jewellery set. She prays he live long. Akshit gifts Avni gadget, but Avni says she only wants one thing from him; she won’t take anything else. She comes to Abhaas and ties Rakhi to him. Abhaas says he doesn’t earn, but he only wants her to be happy; and if Raj is her happiness, he will go to any end to meet them both up.
Jiji ties the Rakhi to Raj. Raj gifts her a saree, of Avni’s likings. Jiji cries saying sorry to him, he had to lose because of her. He says whatever she did was for his betterment, and he has only love for her and jiju. Madhuri says that today, she wants him to gift her that Avni comes as bride in the house. She suggests they should call baba and maa from Australia to talk to Bauji. Raj says he has to handle it by himself.
The post man brings a letter and asks for Sangeeta. The watchman denies any Sangeeta’s presence. Bhawna comes there and tells the watchman to go, receiving the letter she rushes into her room. Bauji watches her worried. There was a Rakhi in it. She cries looking at it, and places it in a box full of such Rakhi’s. Bauji stands behind her, and comes in. She says like every year, this year also it returned. Every year, the love of a sister gets defeated. Bauji blesses her, that no sister go through such pain in life.
Raj comes home; Sanvri asks him why he came here. Arpita says she called him, as he is her only brother. Suket comes there, Arpita says that Raj is here as a brother, can’t we forget everything. Suket agrees. Arpita gets Rakhi for him, and ties it. He says he will leave now, giving her the gift. Arpita says he must not leave without having lunch. Raj looks at Suket.

PRECAP: Abhaas says he has found a solution to the problem. They were eager to listen. Abhaas says they will have to run away leaving the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. its ok

  2. Awful this series is getting out of hands what are we teaching the generation of today……..I would never wish for a daughter like Avni ever. Please I would like to see more people agree me this series corrupt take it away or change your story. All I ever seen is an innocent naive girl mind get corrupt by love & break every rule & values her parents brought up with……what message are you’ll sending across yo the generation of today…….is love so bad that you go against family values

  3. Love can never go against family values it is the family values that needs to be reviewed,I dont think you have ever been in love what avani is trying to change was what happened to her mom and bauji is aware of so the only thing one can say here is love is painful,the pain is so much that you have to bear every step of it without looking back

  4. Excuse me which century do you belong to……..Avni doesn’t even know what her mum has been through so that’s a lame excuse…….I have a love marriage & a successful 21yrs to be exact so I have 3 daughters I would like my daughters to fall in love without lies & deceit because they relationship has been nothing but a lie because Raj did everything with a selfish motive

  5. Raj and Avni have no story they are very boring now pls take it out and everything goes according to avni’s and raj’s plan

  6. You go Jodha I totally agree with you.I cannot believe you people. Yourl have disgusting attitudes towards love. Love suppose to be a beautiful feeling that happens, unlike raj who forced Avni to “FEEL THE LOVE”. That’s not love that’s obsession. I’m a teenager & I’m against this entire fake love story!!! Get a life people lol url don’t even know what love is to start of with& most of url are old lol urls days are numbered in love hahaha. I’m a Indian that lives in South Africa & it’s disgusting to see Indians in India with a attitude like this that teaches youngsters our age to go against their parents who worked so hard to bring them up & give them everything. Please take this dumb stupid series out

  7. everything is fair in love and war guys

  8. If you can’t be loyal to your parents who has sacrificed so much for you then how can you expect to be loyal towards your lover…. as you left your parents you will one day leave your lover too….. no guarantee…. y take chance… marry first then fall in love with that person… cant say even this will work out fine but atleast you will be happy you did not break anyone’s heart 🙂

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