Maharana Pratap 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap picks up Ajabdeh’s gift. He stops midway as he remembers her words about how their closeness has affected the relations between people and states every time. He keeps it on the bed without even opening it.

DB comes to talk to Pratap who immediately hides his gift. She asks about what he is hiding but he tries to diverts it. she guesses it to be a gift from Ajabdeh. You are the future of Mewar, and in fact the whole India. If you will be stuck in your past like this then your progress will hamper. Your dharma towards your nation will take a backseat then. He knows that she is saying the right thing. She talks in favour of Phool. She loves you and is good enough for you. It will be injustice to her if you will keep thinking about your past. As far as I know you, you cannot do injustice to anyone. Pratap agrees to remember it forever. Chakrapani comes there so DB takes their leave.

Pratap stops Chakrapani from saying anything regarding Ajabdeh to which Chakrapani agrees. But look at her gift atleast. Your feelings wont go away if you don’t open it. pratap agrees to see it.

JB is getting the stuff ready to be sent as shagun to Marwar. US wants to talk to her regarding her sudden sudden change of heart for Pratap-Phool’s marriage. I realised that something’s wrong when I received DB’s letter in Bijolia. How did you change so suddenly? JB appreciates Phool, but US points out that she likes Ajabdeh more. she too is doing it for the sake of Rajputana. Akbar is still our strong enemy. In this situation it becomes our duty to make Mewar’s Raja as strong as we can. You too want this only, right? He affirms it. I used to think this only. You mean you too find it right now? She talks about the shagun exchange between Marwar and Mewar. This means that everyone is happy with this alliance. He wants her take on this. She simply nods in reply. She wants to send some jewellery for Phool and wants him to ask Rawat ji to send their jeweller. He agrees.

DB looks at jewellery and clothes for herself. JB asks VB to select something for herself as well. DB selects one dress and asks for JB’s approval. JB leaves it on them to decide what all to select. US observes her discontent. She shows much more excitement in ekadashi’s puja every month. You go ahead I will meet you in a while. Rawat ji obliges. VB calls the color (of DB’s choice) a little light for Phool. DB nods but adds that people like them should not wear extremely bright coloured clothes always. She demeans her a little on being a Samant girl. stay with me and you will understand everything. VB says she might be right but the colours of clothes brighten up depending on the person who is wearing it, and not because of their background. I find this colour a little light for a bright girl like Phool. JB smiles at DB’s discomfort. US interrupts them. all this is happening because the groom isn’t around. he asks for Pratap.

Pratap is amazed to find panchang of 100 years as Ajabdeh’s gift. Chakrapani adds that he can decide upon anything on the basis of this panchang. You can also choose the best day for anything like war, puja, marriage and kids, anything. It will guide you for the good and bad things of your life. Ajabdeh did it with ultimate precision. You are lucky that she thinks so much for you. Pratap recalls his Choti Ma’s words that he shouldn’t be stuck in his past as it will hamper his and his nation’s growth. Pratap declines to accept it to be cent percent true. How can someone make it for 100 years? Chakrapani explains him about what all Ajabdeh has done to make it. pratap realises that he has made it with Ajabdeh. This is what kept you busy? Chakrapani denies. I cannot do it for you. Ajabdeh had called the best priests with whose help she made it for you. It was all her idea. Pratap praises her. how can she think about all this every time? Plus she completed it in time. I am amazed. Chakrapani reminds him of his care towards Ajabdeh too for which Pratap firmly tells him off. Why do you keep repeating the same thing over and over again? It isn’t too late yet. You should tell your family how you feel about things. You both are meant for each other. Why are you running away from this truth? Pratap only wants to follow his rajdharma now. it is hinting towards mine and Phool’s wedding. I will do that only. US expresses his happiness over the panchang. He thinks that Chakrapani has made it and appreciates him for his efforts. This is not available anywhere and is really difficult to make. Chakrapani gives its credit to Ajabdeh. She has arranged for everything / everyone that was needed to put this into picture. US notices the sad look on Pratap’s face. He tells him to go help his Rani Ma in his wedding preps. Pratap leaves sadly while US gets thinking.

Akbar warns the rebellions to bow their head before him. his soldiers beat them mercilessly. The revolutionaries challenge him for a fight. We wont give up till we are alive. We will fight with you. They refuse to bow down in front of Akbar. Akbar gets down from his horse. He asks the soldier to keep his turban in his feet but the soldier declines. akbar starts beating him mercilessly. you cannot stop me from taking over Rajputana. No one can do it. Bairam Khan tries to stop him but in vain. He finally has to hold him while the soldier falls flat on his back, dead. Akbar wishes to do the same with Pratap one day.

Precap: US tells DB and JB that he will go to Bijolia to ask for Ajabdeh’s hand from Rao Mamrak ji. I want you to make preps for the same. DB writes a letter to her sister Uma Devi about how she had made JB agree for Pratap-Phool’s alliance but this time Rana ji has changed his mind. Do something asap. Wind blows away her letter. It lands in Pratap’s feet and she eyes him worriedly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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