Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Bachchan and Mirza to do network marketing

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 7th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bachchan bringing tea for Shanti. Shanti says Mirza gave him good training. She tells that his jija ji is returning and asks him to go before he comes. Guddu says Mama’s bidaai before Papa’s arrival. Shanti says your Mama is not bad, but he does something wrong. Bachchan tells that he is thinking of a business. Shanti asks him to clear all his old dues before he returns and end the matter. Kudelal comes to Bachchan and praises him. Bachchan asks him to come to point. Kudelal tells that he forgot to bring his purse and asks him to pay the money for the noodles. Bachchan scolds him and pays the money to the seller. Kudelal walks with Bachchan and tells him that he don’t have the habit to keep someone’s debt on his head. He shows him liquid utensil cleaner and tells that it is worth 250 Rs. Bachchan asks why are you giving me? Kudelal says I have no home. Bachchan asks what to do with this? Kudelal reminds him of his marketing skills and says you can do anything. Bachchan gets motivated and thinks to know its history. He calls the company and gets membership with Rs. 5000. He thinks he will be crorepati businessman. Mirza wipes the floor while Sakina is sitting on sofa. Mirza asks her to make lemon juice for him. Sakina blames him for not washing the clothes well and says it is stinking. He says lines on my hand are wiped off and you are saying that I didn’t clean well. He misses mishra ji. Sakina asks him to talk to Bachchan and share his pain. Mirza prays to God to send an angel for his problems.

Bachchan puts detergent liquid in his hand and tells that Chakachak can clean the stained clothes, hard stained utensils, floor etc. He washes the cloth and utensil with it and surprise Mirza with its brightness. Mirza gets impressed. Bachchan tells that they can get more money by just telling about the product. He says we don’t have to sell the product, just have to sell the idea. He says we have to make member and earn money. Mirza likes the idea. He sings and dances with Sakina. Sakina asks him to come to his senses and asks what happened? Mirza tells that he has found the angel sent by God, now he doesn’t need her arrogant talks, asks her to just order him and see. Sakina asks really? He asks her to bring dirty clothes and see how clean he does in 2 mins. She brings stained clothes. He cleans it with chakachak. He cleans the utensils and table. Sakina is surprised and asks how did this happen? Mirza says it is a secret. Sakina asks him to say. Mirza tells her about Chakakach and tells that he is thinking to get its franchise, and asks her to make members. He says people will do work and we will rest, this is called network marketing.

Later Sakina tells Shanti about Chakakach. Shanti tells that Bachchan brought it from somewhere and told about our bright future. Sakina says yes. Shanti says bachchan was telling about making members and tells that we will become crorepati. Sakina says Mirza has sparkled the stained clothes. Shanti says Bachchan surprised Guddu and sparkled his cycle. She says she is thinking to make the product reach many houses and thinks to members. Bachchan cleans Mishra’s scooter and finds its paint coming out. He cries and thinks jija ji will get angry now. Shanti comes there and tells Bachchan that he has sparkled jija ji’s scooter. She tries to look at other side. Bachchan stops her and tells that he will cover it up. Shanti says your jija ji will be surprised and gives him 10 Rs. Bachchan cries and keeps the money.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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