Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Tanu gets excited hearing Pradeep’s idea

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The Episode starts with Aaliya telling that she has seen many dreams for Rhea’s marriage and Tanu ruined everything for me. Pragya asks Aaliya not to worry and says tomorrow it is not really marriage. Abhi says sorry and feels bad. He goes. Aaliya says both Bhai and Pragya are not happy. Rhea says both are happy. Mitali says Rhea is excited. Rhea says they are very excited. Tanu thinks if Pradeep is coming here, then he might be coming with a plan, so I made the counter (attack) ready. She holds the knife. Pradeep comes there and says I never saw you waiting for me for the breakfast. Tanu asks what will you eat? He asks her to ask his decision. Tanu says if you wanted to do something then would have done yesterday itself. She is about to take the knife. He keeps his gun on the table and asks her not to take out knife from there. He says we know each other since many years. He asks what will I do by killing you, if I get caught then will be hanged and if not caught, then Police will arrest Abhi. He says I will not get anything. He says if you don’t believe yourself and think that you can betray me then kill me rightaway, as I will not leave you. He says you can marry whoever you want, I just need my money. Tanu takes his gun and says I think I shall kill you. She aims gun at his head and asks if he is scared. Pradeep says no. Tanu says it was difficult to trust you, you gave gun in my hand and solved my problem. Pradeep says Abhi’s family doesn’t want this happen to happen, and we both want this to happen. Tanu says tomorrow is my marriage, and if anything goes wrong then I will lose chance for my victory. He asks how? Tanu says on the marriage day, I am taking case back against Abhib tomorrow, and says when marriage was happening, court will be closed.

Pragya tells Abhi that she told that she will take case back before the mahurat and then the marriage will not happen. She says Tanu can accuse us, that we broke the promise, but she can’t file the case again. Abhi worries that engagement happened, though we didn’t think it will happen. Pradeep asks Tanu to invite Judge and lawyer to her wedding, so that Abhi can’t cancel the wedding. Tanu says it will be impossible for Abhi and tells that she will ask Lawyer about it. Pradeep asks him to call Abhi and inform him, so that he don’t plan to stop the marriage. Abhi asks Pragya to confess her love. Pragya says I love…Tanu calls Abhi and tells that she has invited Judge and Singhania to their wedding and tells that she feels that he is also excited. She tells Pradeep that his idea is brilliant, nobody can stop this marriage. Prachi goes to the kitchen and thinks of Rhea-Ranbir’s marriage. She takes water in the glass and it breaks. She cries, bends down to take the broken pieces. Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega plays….

Ranbir comes there and asks if she will not congratulate him as his marriage date is fixed. Prachi says congratulations. Ranbir asks her to smile and say. She smiles and says congratulations. He says I didn’t enjoy and asks her to say happily. She smiles and says congratulations. He asks if you are key toy, will say whatever I ask you to say, tells that whatever is necessary, you will never say. Prachi says she didn’t understand. He holds her hand tightly. Prachi says you are hurting me, leave my hand. He leaves her hand. Prachi says I am very happy for you, I should have congratulate you with happiness. She says she is worried due to Abhi and Tanu. She says congratulations, may you live happily ever after. He takes the glass and breaks in his hand. She asks what did you do, I will bring medicine. He says he don’t want her fake concern and says you are seeing my injury and not seeing my heart pain. He says you have hurt my heart. He says you will ruin even my life with yours. Prachi looks at his injury and stops herself from wiping the blood from his hand. He himself tears her dupatta and ties on his hand. Manmurade plays……Prachi cries as he goes upset with her. She kisses her dupatta and cries.

Pragya tells Abhi that Tanu called the judge and lawyer intentionally. Abhi says sometimes he feels that he shall elope. Pragya asks will you elope without me. He says how can I go leaving you, as I am fine due to you, but feeling helpless.

Pragya tells that even she was feeling helpless and that’s why went to Tanu’s house and apologized to her. She says Prachi and Rhea gave her courage. Abhi says we are not thinking about Rhea’s marriage as we are troubled due to my marriage. Pragya gets a call. Tanu asks Pradeep to call Judge. Pradeep asks her to call him. Tanu says are you playing around, you said that you will bring Judge and Lawyer to the wedding. Pradeep says I am with you, until your marriage and asks her to give money after that. Tanu asks will you get money without doing any work. She says you asked me to call and inform Abhi, so I did. He says I asked you so that Abhi gets troubled and drop their plan. He asks her to call Singhania, meet him and asks him to convince Judge and bring him to the marriage. He says only lawyer can bring judge there. Tanu says Baljeet Dadi is not here, else she would have helped me. Pradeep asks her not to trust anyone except him. Tanu goes to talk to Singhania.

Rhea talks to Dimpy on call and sees Ranbir there. She asks him why did he tie the dirty cloth to his hand. She asks about his injury. Ranbir shouts at her. He then realizes his mistake and says sorry. Rhea says she will apply ointment. He says no, thanks her and leaves.

Pragya comes to the garden area. Abhi asks how did she manage? She asks problems. Abhi says yes, a big problem is infront of you. He says he gets upset and sad, and you never get upset and make me happy with your talks and brings smile on my face. Pragya says I know what you need at what time, you needs positively now else might get upset with you. Abhi says where will I go, if upset with you. Tanu comes there and calls Pragya, asks what is she doing here? Pragya is about to say. Abhi says you don’t need to clarify. Tanu says I am your would be wife. Abhi tells that she is not yet his wife. She says it seems like you think that this marriage will not happen, I am doubtful on you. She asks him to remember that they are engaged. Abhi says I never loved you and will never love you, unhappy with the marriage decision. He says if you can’t respect Pragya then I will not respect you. Tanu says I need respect from you. Abhi says I will not give you clarification. Tanu says I shall not see Pragya after marriage, as there will be no place for old relations. She says no woman can bear other woman in her house. Pragya says she is saying right. Abhi says you had bear her when Tanu feigned her pregnancy drama. Tanu says it is old thing and tells that she has invited judge and singhania to the wedding. She then asks Pragya to bring her wedding dress to her house.

Precap: Rhea tells Prachi that she wants her to leave the house after her and Ranbir’s marriage. Tanu tells Pradeep that she’s done with him. He says, you know very well that you can’t get rid off me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Yup Pranbir is doomed Ranbir will marry Rhea Prachi is so blind she’s not gonna do anything Ranbir is gonna be happily married 2 Rhea and Prachi will just keep on crying as usual and do nothing

  2. Neethumol Mathews

    Just relax Ranbir will not get married to Rhea.He will get married to his love Prachi only. Wait for the upcoming twist and turns.

  3. It’s high time Ranbir should take things in his hands……… he should not ruin his life just because Prachi is not accommodating

  4. SERIOUSLY tanu??? She said no women can bear other women in her house??? Isn’t she the other women???

  5. Arre enough of drama just get Abhi and Pragya and get Tanu and pradeep exposed front of the judge …Try to get it out of her mouth on the wedding day itself .Tanu can’t win ..marriage should not happen

  6. I’m waiting for tanu marriege or being exposed then the game wil end

  7. It’s really funny how Tanu thinks, I mean she talks about engagement but the engagement is not valid because Abhi is married with Pragya.
    And can someone explain to me why Pragya or Abhi never talk to their lawyer.

    It’s funny how everyone thinks Ranbir and Prachi are getting married. That’s not going to happen because this track is about Abhi and not about this boring Pranbir couple.

  8. There is nothing like love or romance in KKB right now, not from Abhi-Pragya and definitely not from Ranbir-Prachi.

  9. Cher Lijkwan

    I don’t like it how everyone time Prayga is target of jealousy, mean tricks and insultes.. I thought that it would Get better, but every time someone is hurting and done so much injustice! I think I will skip some episodes… one can handle online as much

  10. I think that again a leap is going to come in Pranbir life as Rhea asks Prachi to leave the house. But one thing I am sure that Ranbir is not going to marry Rhea the marriage will be stopped it the marriage will be postponded but it is not going to happen as if Rhea and Ranbir will get married then Pranbir story will be finished…I am waiting for the marriage I think Ranbir would came to know about the deal or Prachi will came to know about the truth tha Rhea does not stop the marriage and she will go to mandap and stop the marriage in the same way like Ranbir told in his story….

    1. What leap
      Rhea asking Prachi to leave the house is not big an event to cause a leap , also , just because Rhea asked Prachi to leave doesn’t mean she will actually leave. What reason can she give for leaving ??

      She can’t leave the house just like that. Abhi and Pragya will question why is leaving when her sister is getting married , what’s more important than attending her sister’s marriage ?? What will she reply ?? She definitely won’t tell the truth , neither can she give convincing enough reason to skip Rhea’s wedding. Only way she can leave is without informing anyone and that will alert Pragya that something is wrong , which Prachi won’t want.

      Prachi is not leaving anywhere.

      Also , the angle by which the shot is shown , it seems as if someone is watching the interaction between the two. If that’s the case and if the person watching is not Aliya or Mitali then it’s a strong proof againt Rhea

    2. Yaa you are also having a point but as I saw the episode I thought that there are chances of leap as leap is a very common thing in this serial…and Rhea asked Prachi to leave the house after her wedding….not before wedding…..but hope that Aryan, Ranbir or Abhi any one of them hear their conversation…..

    3. Rhea asked Prachi to leave the house after her marriage ??
      Well Rhea herself would be leaving Mehra house and move into Kohli section of the mansion , she won’t even be a Mehra anymore , so by what right did she ask Prachi to leave the house ??

      I thought Rhea asked her to leave the house till the wedding doesn’t happen as she is insecure about Prachi

      Be it as may , I strongly doubt that Prachi will actually leave. She can’t provide strong enough reason

    4. Why wont Rhea have any right on the house just bcz of her marriage. I mean a girl has full right on her house inspite of being married. I even believe that girls should not even change their surnames neither should they go to other person’s house. Their spouse can also come nd live with them. But sadly every1 is stupid so nothing will change. All I can do is refuse such things in my life and educate others. That’s it.

    5. I didn’t make the rules *shrugs*
      I said so cuz this is the logic by which these Hindi shows work. Once a girl gets married her “maika” becomes “paraya” to her so she doesn’t have any say in workings in her older household. I doubt any brother or any family member will tolerate if a married daughter of their family issues verdict that a certain family member can’t live in the house / must leave. Their response would be ” you are married now , it’s none of your business who lives here and who goes ”

      And I didn’t say that Rhea doesn’t have any right on Mehra house after her marriage , my meaning was , she doesn’t have any right to oust Prachi from Mehra house since Prachi is also the daughter of the family and being unmarried yet , she has certainly more right than Rhea who now has own family and house to live in , so she should not ask Prachi to leave

  11. Did u guys hear the news abt Rhea and Ranbir getting married and Prachi moving on this truly did turn into Pavitra Rishta it’s all over so many websites

    1. I don’t think Prachi will go away……..she has no reason to provide in support of that act , assuming , of course , that Ranbir and Rhea will even get married , of which I am strongly doubtful.

      Arjun and Purvi as a couple in Pavitra Rishta were never as popular PRANBIR , neither did they have as much build up towards their relationship. PRANBIR has been hinted at since first encounter of Ranbir and Prachi and to just abandon it and get Ranbir married to Rhea , even temporarily will undo all that work and seriously jeopardize the show’s popularity and credibility in my opinion,

      The fans were already upset at constant reunion and separation of ABHIGYA and if the show makers broke PRANBIR as well , just for some drama then I guess KKB’s TRP will plummet like a falling stone.

      So I don’t believe Rhea will be successful in getting married to Ranbir. It may stretch till last pheras but at the end Prachi will be the one to have Ranbir’s kumkum in her Bhagya

  12. Abhi has brought all members of the family to his house but he has not instructed any orientation to them. Especially to the twins who need at least one semester orientation course :))). He thinks the tension between Prachi and Rhea is some sourth of childish jeleousity and the reasonable Prachi can manage the case. Rhea always gives signals of her bad personality but The Stupid can’t analyses them.
    Now Rhea is acting as the ownear of every thing including Abhi and she treats Prachi even Pragya as refugies that take in home by her permission. At the same time it seems that Abhi didn’t give confidence to Prachi being accepted as a daughter with full rights like Rhea

    1. I said it once and I’ll say it again, abhi is a useless male lead, horrible husband and even worse father, point blank peroidttt

    2. True

    3. You are right Esie. I don’t know why but in general he was considered as a perfect role model for a good father, husband so on. No one wishes to have a husband who let you to go away with an infant while you are suffering the worst times of your life with crushed psychology. Along the 20 years he will not attempt to find you

  13. Sweet_Shadow

    i mean, whadya expect, im 101% sure that this shit was bound to happen

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