Asking You to Rule Me – Chapter 1

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Hello Readers! This is Roshni back with a new plot that you might find enjoyable.
This is a whole new start. Before you ask about my previous works, I’d be updating in two weeks, probably.
I am really sorry for being the ‘lostGrl’.
Hope you like this one.

The streets of London were covered with heavy fog this morning. Her yellow cotton skirt flared and her skin under the full sleeved top chilled. She had a piece of envelope in her left hand over which she looked again, the address specifically and matched it with the house address infront.

“No, This is not the one.”

She checked some more and calculated where the house should be located and took a turn to left. The houses here were different. Different in the sense,that they were more beautiful, bigger and spacious than the others.

She stopped when the address matched with the one in the envelope. Her jaw-dropped at the sight.
In front of her, was a mansion surrounded by an enchanting garden. The view was wonderful. Butterflies and bees were buzzing over the blossoming red roses. It looked so attractive.

She was gawking until the The watchman thought to interrogate her. He let her enter after asking few questions and calling the owner for permission. She waited patiently then walked across the flowers and inhaled the essence.

She was so busy, that she didnt heard the complaining voice of the aged lady aside her until her voice box was about to explode.

“Hey? Move fast lady!”
That was a bit rude, she thought.
Leah noticed the gardener of the mansion, who had a hoe in her hand for digging and seeding. Her apron had brown spots of muddy soil all over. When the lady didn’t took her accusing eyes off her, Leah realised, she was going to press the plants. Oops!

Leah bit her lip and silently took a step aside. Embarrassment made her lip uptight.

Leah had been stubborn to her mom and decided to hand the letter to the owner by herself. She didn’t wanted her mother to get tired for a small thing. As the college was in her way to college, it was okay for her.
She walked inside the house when no one opened the door for few minutes. If the view from outside was wonderful, than inside was more than wonderful. Her mouth gaped open in awe.
It was grand and jubilant.

The entrance was large with big heavy wooden door. The craft works hanging in the lavender wall were the first thing where her eyes fell. She took small unsure steps. The fireplace was lit and warming up the hall. She passed the set of glass table between the well cushioned sofa and stoodstill waiting for someone to be seen.There was an awkward silence all around.The eyes from the portraits felt like staring her through the frames. Her eyes reached every corner and observed every single thing whether big or small. There was no sign of any living.
She needed to give the letter that was delivered in her home address by mistake which were few lanes behind.

The serenely calm hall kept her distracting. It was a pin drop silence. She was alarmed, for, any moment she felt like a lion will pounce on her back. She turned every second to check and slided her luminous hazel eyes and the lids remained open every second. She looked around once more and finally decided to climb the sumptuous stair when no one was seen. Everything was so smooth inside. She kept her palm at the railing and the cold silvery coated irons passed tremors to her delicate body making her feel as an electric shock. She gulped at her actions and took firm steps. Now, where should she go? The mansion seemed to be a living for hundreds of people but not a single life was in view. She walked at the corridor looking for an open door but all were closed. The wooden doors seemed to show her an invisible ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ board.

Suddenly she heard someone screaming and she ran backwards too without thinking and came to an abrupt halt . Searching for the source of that shriek when her back hit the wall, her eyes widen when the wall tightly wrapped her arms.

She turned and saw a narrowed pair of eyes completely locking hers. The wall had not only hands but eyes as well. Not to mention, very attractive one at that. Blue orbs deeeply and purely concentrated on her. So beautiful.She blinked for once letting him see her beautiful lashes and THEN, her eyes remained wide open checking it out.

“Who are you?” a husky voice asked.
The wall talked? With those beautiful lips.
No! It wasn’t a wall.
That hand, that beautiful eyes, that beautiful lips belonged to a man. A very beautiful man. An adonis.
‘What are you thinking Leah?’ she menatlly scolded herself.
She didn’t have any idea what was happening to her at the moment.

He was still holding her upper arm firmly. When realisation hit, a wave of embarrassment flowed in her blood. A man was too close for her likeness and she was enjoying that shamelessly.
She quickly made an eye contact and didnt failed to notice that playful look and smirk on his face.


Her mind taunted her internally making her cringe.
To end it as soon as possible, she lifted her hand slowly to show him the envelope she had held and blinked once.

He observed it for few seconds and understood the situation but he didn’t let her go yet.
“I..It was posted in our address by mistake.” Leah informed.
Hearing her natural innocent sweet voice, which was so addictive, his eyes travelled from the card she held to her lascivious red lips.

For so long, she was not feeling comfortable buried in his chest but now, she felt more than that, more than terrible. Her body shook a little to bring him his consciousness.
But no use, he was shamelessly staring her, all through her face as if memorizing .

Meanwhile, he drew the letter swiftly from her hand making her fell electric sparks when his fingers touched hers.
She shivered a little, that could’ ve gotten unnoticed, if not him.

Before anyone could say something, a loud scream echoed.
” NICK!”

“my foot..ohmygod… LIZARD! Nick!”
It was a girl.

The sound hit so harshly that could bleed ears.His fingers of his free hand rubbed his left ear slightly.
He, for the first time, removed his eyes from her just to close it and cursed under his breath. When he opened those beautiful pairs, it was replaced with new emotions. Anger.
Just after few moments, the clicking of heels were heard, she appeared.

“Niii…”His name was left incomplete as her feet stopped abruptly, a few feet away from them.

“Who are you?” her voice was accusing.Her eyes suddenly became dominating from vulnerable.
The scared ones replaced with anger.Seeing Nicklaus with another girl was burning her. Leah could see it. She could feel it.

Yeah! That man’s girlfriend was glaring daggers to her like a predator to prey. Leah then realised the awkward position she was in. His hand on her arms. Faces an inch away. Just her hand with the letter helping to maintain some distance.


he girl took steps toward her and stopped just a feet away now. Her body stood straight almost due to the sight infront and her eyes demanded reason.
The girl was beautiful. She was taller than Leah around 5’9 with long legs and had that s*xy, slim body which for sure, caught every man’s attention. The tight red dress on her body looked like a second skin showing her perfect curves.
“um.. Sorry. I came here to give this.. letter.”
Ugh-why this stuttering ?

“Leave her Sara.”
He stated over her shoulder so non-chalantly but still staring at her doe like hazel eyes. He released Leah from his grip.She suddenly felt cold hit her body. She would have stumbled if not stilled by those large brawny hand before leaving.

“What is that letter?” that lady asked Leah, not satisfied being unanswered.
“Sara!” His voice was demanding attention and warning her not to speak more.
She turned her eyes towards him and it seemed unhappy and complaining. And then she glared at Leah.

“That…” he showed the letter that he was holding “is not of your concern. So get to the car right now if you don’t want to walk all the way to office.” His voice was cold and authoritative.It made her scrunch her face.

“Leave Sara.” his voice was low, scaring her more. Not only her, but both Sara and Leah.
“Its over.” he said so casually.

Her eyes had turned glassy by the time. One drop, two, three…and it continued. She didn’t spoke anymore and ran away. This made her feel so guilty. It hurts to see someone crying out because of a wrong assumption. And what was with the man? Why couldn’t he explain the situation to her nicely when she was his girl friend?

‘For god’s sake, why am I still standing here?’ Leah internally cringed at the thought.

“I should take the leave.” she was about to take a step aside when he spoke,
“Thank You for delivering my friend’s letter Miss?” his eyes were fixed on her while acknowledging. It was softer now and Leah wasn’t able to pinpoint what was that glint in his eyes.

Leah replied ” Payne, you can call me Miss Payne.”
His right eyebrow cocked up and lips curved upward in a smirk.
“Your full name?”

That was not necessary to tell in the first meeting. But, she choose to reply.
“Leah Payne.”

His lips curled up, a slight smile forming. And it was so contagious. She forgot for a moment that he was the same man who made a girl cry , who didn’t respected them. He was about to take a step forward but Leah chose to walk away.

Without waiting for a reply,she turned and strode towards the stairs fast. She could feel him staring. That man is crack. And He just owns a beautiful body, captivating eyes, kissable lips, nothing more.

Wait, What am I thinking?

Kissable lips??? Seriously Leah?

Her body was feeling uneasy. Every cell seemed relaxed and then bombarding suddenly causing havoc to her. Her heart rate was not normal.

Reaching the ground floor, she did what she wanted ro do from the moment she laid her eyes on him. Putting a palm on her left chest, she rubbed it to ease.
“God!” she sighed. Something is so wrong.

She could feel it beating erratically under her chest. What is happening? Her breathing could be heard easily from feet distance.
Am I suffering from asthma? She questioned herself as she kept rubbing the place to ease.

Suddenly, she felt being watched.
Her senses told a pair of eyes were no doubt, fixed on her back. On reflex, she lifted her head and met those blue eyes, again.

He had that smirk plastered on his face, that made her realise how her little asthma thing or not was watched all the time by those pair of cameras.
How many EmbarrassmentS left to face?

It was better to get hit by tomatoes and turn this beet root red than self-Realisation and self-Consciousness hitting constantly.
She choose to ignore the happenings and walked out of the door speedily.


Good Morning!
Have a sweet day.
Be Kind. Stay Healthy and Spread Love!


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    1. RoshniY

      Hi there! Thank you.
      I’ve written you are only mine. If, that’s the one you are missing, I’ll try updating in two weeks as mentioned above.

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