1 day is enough :(swaragini os)………by Jessi and Jenny(the andrew twins)

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Hey guys I am really sorry for negleting all my ffs for a long time but dont worry . I’m going to post all the episodes very soon.

For now I am giving you this one shot. Guys this is mu 1st time so pls take time and comment.

And pls don’t bash cause that really demoralises the writers and also others who write similarly.If you don’t like it please ignore rather than bashing .I had initially thought to write this about swasan but most of my ffs are centeralizing swasan so raglak fans pls enjoy.
And swasan fans imaginition mei naam aur chehra badalna kitna aasan hai.
-jessie and jenny
A mandap is shown a boy is sitting there in the groom’s costume. Suddenly all eyes goes from towards the staircase as a girl in the bridal getup descends from it.
After all the rituals are over.
A lady says: ragini,laksh now go and take blessings from everyone.
After the function ragini and laksh go to their honeymoon resort while.
While others head to the airport to go back to Kolkata.(Raglak had a destination wedding in jaipur and are going to fly to paris the day after tomorrow for their honeymoon)

In the room ragini is waiting on the bed when suddenly laksh enters while talking on phone.
She has removed her jewllery and now is just wearing the bridal lehenga.
Lak:yes baby,i will be there don’t worry.bye.
He cuts the call.
Rags:why did you make my life hell.Why did you marry me when you did not want to accept me as your wife.
Laksh:you had the option of backing out.I did not force you to say yes.
Rag:you may be heartless but not me ,you know very well why I said yes.
Lak:do not worry you only have to pretend in front of maa.
Rag:The day you hear the voice of your heart which will tell you that what you are doing is wrong that day you will regret this.
He rolled his eyes and said we will see.
Saying so he went to the washroom.
While ragini sat on the sofa crying and reminiscing how her life turned upside down.

Ragini was waiting for the maheshwaris to come. The families had been introduced through a common friend.Ragini had formed a good bond with Ap and uttara in the 2 previous meetings .today was the first time she was going to meet laksh and the elders were going to fix the marriage. The moment she saw him she fell in love woth his caring personality as he talked with her parents and little brother Rihaan.
But when they were left alone she was exposed to his other side.
He quite openly told her about his affair with Kavya and that he was going to continue it after marriage.And their marriage would be just a pretend for his family.But was shocked her more was his last lines
Lak:I suggest U say yes as I don’t want to waste my time in this dekha dikhai thing.
With that he went out and told he had no prblm with the marriage.

Ragini came out and was about to refuse but Ap asked her to come with her.
In the room Ap told her that she was a heart patient and next moth she had to undergo her last surgery of which survival chances were only 5 percent. And that she wanted her son to get settled before her death.
Under the emotional pressure Ragini agrees for the marriage.
Raglak only met during the functions as Lucky always sneaked out to meet Kavya on the dates fixed by uttara.
Fb ends
She wears the duppata like a half saree and goes to sleep on the sofa itself.Tear marks are visible on her face.
Lucky comes out and sees her sleeping on the sofa.
Lak:thank god at least she has some brains ,otherwise we would have ended up fighting the whole night.
In the morning ragini gets up and gets sad remembering the last night.
But then she brushes of her thoughts and goes to get ready for their sight seeing prgrm.
She comes out of the washroom in a pink and white anarkali set.
She keeps the duppata on the sofa and goes to dry her hair in front of the dressing table.While doing so some drops of water fall on laksh.He wakes up and gets mesmerized seeing her wet dripping hair and her angelic face in the mirror. He sees that her dori is open.She sees his reflection in the mirror and turns to hide her bare back.
R:what are you staring at

His trance is broken .
He gets out of the bed and moves towards her.
She moves back and soon hits the dressing tables legs .
She is about to fall but he holds her.
He ties her dori and leaves.
After getting out of the hotel both roam the city together.
Laksh starts enjoying raginis actions.
Her stubbornness to go for a camel right.
Her demands to eat streat food.
Her childish acts.
Soon it is evening and both are walking on the sidewalk of the market.Ragini is about to buy her 32nd item when laksh says
L:madame whom have you hired to carry all your luggage in paris.you won’t get a coolie there
R:you are there na
L:actually i won’t be there I will be going to Switzerland as kavya is waiting there.
R:what, don’t you have any shame.(gets angry)
Can’t you for once respect this relation.Can’t you see this mangal sutra and sindoor which I have worn by your name.
L:no I can’t (gets angry too).I don’t respect this relation as it does not mean anything to me .

He goes but somewhere in his heart he knows he is lying.
Ragini sees him going and drops the bags .But what she sees after that urges her to run
A truck was approaching towards laksh.She managed to save him and herself at the nick of time

Nut her leg slipped and she fell on a stall in front and its iron rod support hit her head.She immediately blacked out.
Laksh did not waste a second before running towards her.he took her head in his lap and tried to wake her up but in vain.
He quickly carried her in his arms and took a taxi to the hospital.
After an hour. The doc comes to laksh
D:she is fine just a little weakness You can go meet her she has regained consciousness.
Laksh goes inside
His face shows his guilt. Which he feels that it was because of him that she hurt herself.
She was looking towards the window

She saw him coming but did not look at him.
He sensed she did not want to speak and went out.
After 2 hrs(,it was a minor wound so only dressing was needed)
Raglak went back to their hotel.
In lift
Rag: lets go fast we need to pack for my trip and your honeymoon with kavya .her voice crackes during the last part
The lift door opens.
That is it for laksh.
He cannot handle the battle of feelings inside him and drags ragini to their room.
Inside the room.
After locking the room he blocks her between his arms and the wall.
L:you were right I regret everything I said to you I regret hurting you by telling you about kavya.I regret every thing which caused me to hurt you.I heard my heart’s voice today and it tells me that it loves you .Loves you like romeo loved Juliette, like manu loved laila. Like Ranjha loved heer.
It is incomplete without you like the ring is incomplete without its gem ,like the moon is incomplete without the stars ,like the day is incomplete without the sun.I love you ragini I love you.
R:are you mad you hardly know me you never even spent more than a day with me then how.
L:1 day is enough for me to fall for you.

Rahini hugs him
L(without breaking hug):do you also ..
R:stupid ,i wouldn’t have risked my life to save you if I did not love you.
Both are lost in each others embrace.
Laksh suddenly smiles naughtily
L:waise,we are a couple
L:we our on our honeymoon.
R:hmm so(sensing his thoughts)
L:don’t you think we have work to do.

Ragini buries her face deeper into his chest while he smiles.
She goes away after pulling away from the hug.
He holds her hand
L:not so soon.
He pulled her close and encircled her waist in his arms
That night they celebrated their new found love.
After that ap’s operation was successful and after 2 years raglak were blessed with a son, Aksh and 3 years later a daughter,
So guys hope I didn’t bore you much as this is quite long
So love can happen to anyone, anywhere,anytime,in any amount of time,and with anyone.
So guys bye for now .
Will write soon.
-Andrew twins.

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