Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 33

Precap: mahendra went missing , ashok declares that he will punish the culprit. Kaurvaki ends up finding him, and was arrested. Lets see what happens next.

Chapter 33

The soldiers drag Kaurvaki away while mahendra cries. When they reach the clearing, ashok arrive with his horse. He look at the soldiers who nod at him. He asks if that was the person, they nod. They gave mahendra to him before looking at Kaurvaki, whose head was still down. He told them to meet him at the palace , before turning around.

while they we’re walking Kaurvaki looks at ashok. She smile just watching him. Ashok feeling a familiar presence look at the corner of his eyes, but Kaurvaki was already looking down. He turn back, wondering why he felt his soul calling him. He thought, I must be missing Kaurvaki a lot. I hope she’s doing well. When they reach the palace, they took Kaurvaki in, following ashok.

Devi seeing them ran to ashok. Soon follow by the family, ” did you find him ashok” she says, ashok nod before handing Devi mahendra ” our son is safe now. Didn’t I tell you earlier, that I would find the culprit. ” he says pointing at kaurvaki ” now see how I deal with this traitor ”

Kaurvaki hearing ashok words fell to the floor. Ashok is married?…he has a son?… when… how?…why did he lie to me. All of this was running inside her head , she suddenly recall her words to him when they were in kalinga. ” am i the only one in your life”, she remember when ashok didnt reply back.

Sad, the guards took her to the cell. Where they tied her and lock her up. Kaurvaki was still recalling ashok words. It wasnt long before ashok arrives, he asked her about her intention , but she staid quiet . Her mind was somewhere else. Ashok on the other hand took it the wrong way. He told the guards to hit her, which they did. When they whipped her, she came back to her sense, and cried.

Ashok told them again all over. Saying she will talk, Kaurvaki told ashok, she didn’t do anything. Ashok told her, how did she get mahendra and who was she working for?, Kaurvaki, whole body starts to ache. ” I-I ‘m telling the truth. I found him in the forest”

Ashok squints. His eyes, he didn’t know how he knew, but he realize she was lying. ” since she won’t confess, whipp her until the next day. Maybe she will confess then” , when he said this Kaurvaki gasp. She said no, he can’t do this to her. She said she didn’t do anything, he has to believe her. Ashok ignores her, and turn when he saw Devi.

” what are you doing down here? ”

Devi looks at Kaurvaki back, her hoodie finally came off. The soldiers looking at her gasp. One whispered she’s pretty, but the other soldier nudge him to stay quiet. Devi could see her shirt torn from all the whipping. She turn away ” ashok let her go”

” and why should I, are you forgetting she kidnapped our son”

” she’s a women ashok, you can’t punish her this way”

” it doesn’t matter to me, especially if their danger to my family. ”

Devi was about to protest , but ashok told her to turn back. She sadly left. Ashok asks the guards why their just standing there, and to continue. They hesitate before whipping her. He turn to leave when Kaurvaki screamed his name. Ashok froze, why does it sound like my Kaurvaki. It couldn’t be… right, he thought, ashok was ready to turn back when Devi came running.

” ashok, it’s mahendra… his in danger” she says

Surprise, ashok quickly left the area. When they reached the room, they saw the snake wrapped around the baby crib, while hissing. ” what do we do ashok? Mahendra Could die”

Ashok calmly walk to the snake, eyeing it. The snake hiss, seeing ashok. It looks at mahendra before it bit him in the arm, causing him to cry. When that happend, Devi fainted. Ashok quickly kills the snake, and throw him out the window. He walk to Devi, telling her to wake up, before grabbing mahendra.

Quickly he cuts the area where mahendra was bittin and sucks the poision out. He spits it out, before doing it one last time, ignoring mahendra cry. When all was well, and Devi was awake. Ashok told her, they have to leave. He says someone is trying to kill their son. Devi nods, she grab mahendra and tried calming him. Afterwards, she left.

Ashok says ” it must be someone in the palace, how else are they able to get access in mahendra room. ”

Charu seeing devi walk out with mahendra cursed. She was upset that their plan failed, but have another idea. She silently walk to the cell, Helen asks if she was skimming again. Charu told her, this time her plan won’t fail, now that Dharma is dead, bindu will be next, with ashok. Helen told her not to hurt her son. If she does, she will become an enemy to her. Charu laughs, ” now you care, you we’re so adamant to take the throne, but now your switching sides.”

Helen staid quiet. ” unlike you, I know what I want” charu says before walking further down to open Kaurvaki cell. She smile seeing the guards afraid, before asking for the key. They gave it to her, and she set Kaurvaki free, she told Kaurvaki, ashok won’t stop until she’s dead,and for her to run. Kaurvaki shaking, left the cell. Her whole body aches, but she was determine to leave.

” perfect” Charu says, she told some guards to inform ashok about Kaurvaki leaving, this surprised them. She told them they can’t tell him she was here, or they will die by sushim blade.

They nod out of fear, before Charu turn ” let the hunt began”

Meanwhile, ashok puts Devi on the horse with mahendra in her arm. Acharya told ashok, he will guide them back safely. Ashok thank him, Devi says ” what about you, will you come back”

Ashok smile ” once I find out whose behind this, I will come back. He tap the horse, and it starts to move. He told some soldiers to follow them, before going back in. He walk to the cell to find Kaurvaki gone, he asks who set her free. And they said, she manage to ascape. Ashok told them to find her and if she resist, kill her. They quickly nod, before leaving. Ashok walk up the steps, when he reach a corner, he hits the wall out of anger.

Suddenly he was pull to the side. surprise ashok look at the women. The women showed herself ” ahankara, …what are you doing here? How long has it been”

” it’s been far to long ashok. I came to warn you”

Ashok was alert now. Ahankara hesitate before saying ” sushim and the prince plotted to kill your son, and I believe they we’re behind Dharma death”

Ashok wasn’t surprise, he had a hunch it was sushim, but he wasn’t expecting the other prince’s. He was furious, ashok shouts sushim name. He left Ahankara and walk to where sushim was. Which of course was his room. He broke the door open and March to sushim holding his throat. ” you have deseve me once again. And you dare to SHOW!! Your face, at mothers funeral ” he says slamming sushim to the wall.

Sushim smirk ” deseve? I didn’t do anything. If anyone should be angry, it should be the women you torchered in the cell.

Ashok squeeze his neck tighter ” what are you talking about?”

” you don’t know, I found out from somewhere that the women who you claimed as a kidnapper, was non other then your precious friend Kaurvaki”, ashok hands fell.

He was beyond shock. He remembered her scream, and her words. Telling him she didn’t kidnap her son. He fell to the floor, sushim seeing this was loving this. Suddenly the guard ashok sent to protect Devi came, bleeding. He told ashok, they we’re attacked, and that Devi needs his help. Ashok quickly got up, and was about to step out when sushim says ” your forgetting something ashok, didn’t you tell your guards to find and kill Kaurvaki. Now who will you protect, your wife, or your friend ”

Ashok walk out, ignoring sushim laugh and taunt. He was worried for both of his wife..he didn’t know what he should do, ” mother if your still watching me, please help me.” He says

  1. Oh my god this was your beat episode…
    How do u think of so much suspense..
    Please post daily n never stop…
    I am always reading n enjoying…

    Well I found u in beyhadh tooo ….
    What r u studying now?

    1. Angelk1

      I like that show as well. I might end up writting a story about the leads. Dont know yet, also…im fascinated with history and watch a lot of historical movies. I Just decided to add some what if ideas.

  2. Well I think ASHOK will go to devi 1st as they are 2 n kaurvaki knows fighting skills n she can protect herself to some extent…

    I am just waiting for the confusion between kaurvaki n ASHOK that will lead to kalinga war….

    1. Angelk1

      Lol , i will see how i will play that. But before then i will show how ruthless ashok is and how he kill his brothers.

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