Do Pal – Can Change Everything By AngelAshu (Part-4)

Do Pal Can Change Everything

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Recap: Swasan dosti.. Sanskar introduce Swara to Ashu..

Swalak fight.. Smalak love.. Swasan love..

So, lets starts Part-4 of # Do_Pal___Can_Change_Everything

Both lost in each other eyes..

Song ends..

All start clapping..

Swasan embarrassed..

The next day..

Smara and Smara Lost in Sanskar and laksh dreams..

Laksh and Sanskar also lost in Smara and Swara dreams..

Sanskar calls Swara..

Swara picks call..

Swara: hello Sanskaar

Sanskar: hello my princess.. whatsup..?

Swara: (blushed) nothing..

Sanskar: can I take my princess for some time out..

Swara: where..

Sanskar: first tell me.. u coming or not..??

Swara: haha Sanskar.. am urs only na.. is it needs to ask permission..??

Sanskar: very nice.. but u always busy busy.. u dont have at least Do Pal for ur Love..

Swara: Awwww my Prince..

Sanskar: I always wants to spend my time with u..

Swara: I will be with u life long Sanskar.. coz I Love U

Sanskar: I Love U Too..

Swara: tell me.. where u wants to take me..

Sanskar: thats surprise my Janeman..

Swara: Achaa

Sanskar: evening 5PM.. rainbow park (which is near to her home).. I will pickup u..

Swara: okk.. I will come there.. (smiles)

Both talking..

BG plays..

Do pal ruka quaboon ka karvan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

Do Pal ki ti ye dilon ka daastaan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

At evening

Sanskar pickups his princess at park..

Both went some place.. its near to beach place..

He decorate a tent for her..

He stops car.. she is very exited to know surprise

He comes out and opens car door..

She smiles..

He passed his hand to her..

She holds his hand and came out..

Wind going little fastly..

She wore a long frock which as designed by red and white combination..

With simple diamond jewellery..

She kept her long straight hairs with little curves at edges…

He wore red shirt with white jeens and white blazer..

He looking dashing today..

When he smiles.. its cant explainable.. hahah

(u know na guyzz.. when sanky smiles.. kitna cute lagta hai)

Both start stepping ahead..

She smiled to see tent..

He hold her hand..

BG plays..

tere dar pe aake tham gaye..

naina namaazi ban gaye..

ek dooje mein yun dhul ke..

aashiqana aayat ban gaye..

main aur tumm.

Kaise dil lagaayi kar gaye..

Rooh ki rubaai ban gaye..

Khaali khaali dono thhe jo..

Thoda sa dono bhar gaye..

Main aur tum

Chaloji aaj saaf saaf kehta hu

Itni si baat hai..

Mujhe tum se pyaar hai..

Yuhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hu..

Itni si baat hai..

Mujhe tum se pyaar hai..

He leaves hand and said her to go ahead..

She stepping while watching all decoration..

She reach tent.. she turns and smiles..

But he didnt stood there..

She tensioned little bit.. but he patted her shoulder from her back

He ups his eyebrows like asking.. what happened..

She felt happy.. and doesnt waste a moment..

She hugs him.. he hugs back..

BG plays.. (continue)

Ek tum ek main.. teeja maangu kya kudha se..

Dil doon jaan doon kya doon itna bata de..

Tera mera rishta hai..

Sanson se bhi nazukk..

Tum sa ham sa koi duja na hoga na hua re..

Dol dil sa ik seene me hai..

Jaise main aur tum..

Ab dono ham ek jeene me hai..

Jaise main aur tum

He broke hug and.. peaks her fore head..

She smiles..

He hairs flying in air..

Some hairs falls on her face.. he kept that behind her ear..

Some hairs touching his face

Both start laugh..

Swara: I think my hairs also love u.. hahaha

Sanskar: u r crazy swara haha..

He coming close to kiss her..

She turns back and blushes..

Sanskar hugs her from back..

Touching her right side face with his left side face..

Sanskar: what happen my princess..

Swara: my prince.. we have to wait till our marriage for this..

Sanskar: achaaa.

Swara: hmm

Sanskar: u know what Swara.. I always likes to spend my time with u..

Swara: me too Sanskaaaarrr

Sanskar: fir bhi.. u dont have time for ur prince.. (pouted)
Swara: (turns to him) sanskaar.. am urs na.. and I will be with u life long..

Sanskar: but what about present..??

Swara: am student Sanskar.. I want to reach my aim too na..

Sanskar: hmm.. but take Do Pal from ur busy life for ur prince too..

Swara: (smiles) okk baba.. I will..

Sanskar: I have another surprise for u..

Swara: waoo..

Sanskar: (pointing table which is little far from them) see there.. ur surprise waiting for u..

Swara and Sanskar goes to table..

He offered chair for her..

She smiles and seated..

He opens some box..

Vanilla icecream present there..

Swara: Sanskar.. now.. icecream.. its cool weather na.. (she teasing him)

Sanskar: hmm.. wo to hai.. but once open that box.. which is near to ur hand..

She did..

Swara: waooooooooooo Sanskar.. Gulaab Jamun my favvv

Sansakr: awww mine too

Swara: waise.. u know.. Gulab Jamun with Vannila Icecream my fav

Sanskar: thats y I bring na my princess

Swara hugs Sanskar..

Swara: how sweet

He took gulab jamun with spoon..

And he took icecream with another spoon..

He leaves ice cream on gulab jamun..

And feeds swara

Swara: its delicious

Swara also feeds him..

He gave a gift box to her..

She happily took and opens box..

Heart shaped SS platinum pendant present their with platinum chain..

She became more happy..

He makes wear her chain..

Both spend such a quality time with each other..

6 months passed..

Swasan became more close to each other..

Smalak too..

Swara and Smara dont know about each other lovers..

And Swasan still unware about each other families..

And Sanskar dont know about Smara..

One day..

Swara calls Sansakr..

In call..

Sanskar: hello my princess..

Swara: hii Sanskar..

He noticed some sadness in her voice..

Sanskar: what happened Swara.. is everything fine..??

Swara: yes Sanskar.. but..

Sanskar: what Swara..

Swara: (start crying) Sanskar.. I donno y.. mujhe kuch acha nahi lag rahi hai..

Sanskar: swaaaraaa dont cry my princess.. what happened.. tell me na..

Swara: I want u meet u once

Sanskar: haa sure.. but dont feel bad for anything.. am with u.. okk

Swara: hmm..

After some time they meet at park..

Swara reached park.. she saw.. Sanskar waiting for her..

She ran to him and hugs him..

He hugs back..

She start crying..

He asks reason.. she not telling anything..

Sanskar: swara.. I cant c ur tears.. please tell na what happen..

Swara: sanskaaarr (weeping) am not feeling good.. donno y..

From 2-3 days am not able to manage my self..

Sanskar: aisa kya hua Swara.. tell me..

Swara: my heart telling something bad will come in our life Sanskar..

If I loose u.. I will die (crying)

Sanskar: (placed his index finger on her lips) ssshhhhh aisa kuch nahi hoga.. dont tell like this words

Swara: but Sanskar.. y these all happening with me..

Sanskar: nothing swara.. u r in stress.. thats y these all.. dont take it serious.. am with u na.. now and always..

Swara: dont go away from me Sanskar.. I cant live with out u.. Do Pal ke liye bhi mujhe chodkar mat jao Sansakr.. Mat jao.. (crying more)

Sanskar hugs her.. tears falling from her eyes..

Sanskar: (monologue) how can I share my feeling to u swara.. am also feeling the same from few days.. but I cant tell u about this now.. am sorry.. if I tell.. u will be more worry.. I cant bear that..

After two days..

Sanskar went delhi for office work..

Swara goes to airport to send off Sanskar..

She hugs him..

Swara: come fast Sanskar.. do phone daily..

He broke hugs and leaves a peak on her fore head..

Sanskar: take care of urs.. am going just for 4 days..

Swara: hmm.. am waiting for u..

Sanskar: and u remember na.. my ane ke baad.. we will tell to our family members about our love..

Swara: hmm.. then we dont have any chance to meet secretly..

Sanskar: not need na.. we always together

Both smiles and hugs each other emotionally..

Sanskar went..

Swara going to home.. through her scotty..

Suddenly she got accident and falls down..

At the another hand Sanskar closed his eyes and remembering Swasan moments..

Suddenly he shout

Sanskar: Swwwwwwaaarrrrrraaaaaa.

All passengers askes.. what happened..

Sanskar managed them..

Sanskar prying god to take care of his swara..

He hardly managed him self..

But still feeling something bad..

Sanskar: after I reach I will call swara.. Sanskar.. relax.. everything will be fine..

And here..

Swara falls down and her head bleeding heavily..

Some people took her to hospital..

And some one gave information to Gadodia house..

All family rushed to hospital..

All crying much

Shekhar: Doctor.. how is my daughter.. everything fine na..?

Doctor: who is Shoru here.. she calling her..

Smara went inside..

Swara lied on bed like unconscious.. just chanting Shoru.. Shoru..

Smara rushed to her

Swara opens her eyes..

Swara: (teary eyes) shoru..

Smara: (crying) haa shona.. I came.. nothing will happen with u.. ham sab hai na..

Swara: shoru.. I donno I will be alive or not..

Smara: shonaaaa.. dont tell like this..

Swara: shoru.. plesse do help for me..

Smara: haa sure.. bolo na.. (teary eyes)

Swara Smiles Little and kept some recorder DVD in smaras Unconscious..

Smara: Shona Shona.. kya hua.. ye kya hai.. Shona.. Shona.. tell Something.. Shonaaaa

Doctor came and askes smara to go out..

Smara came out..

All askes to Shoru about Shona..

She hides DVD and tells Shona got Unconscious..

All waiting for doctor..

Smara: mom.. I just come..

Shomi: but where are u going..

Smara: mom.. am going to bring medicine..

Shomi: okk..

She went medical shop to buy medi..

She noticed.. there some cyber cafe presented..

She went to there..

She plays that DVD..

She shock..

Shona lies on bed with injured..

She telling something..

Swara: shoru.. I need ur help..

I never ask anything from u.. but today am asking.. promise me.. u will do for ur shona na..

Tears falling from Smaras eyes..

Swara explains all about Sanskar to Smara..

Swara: he cant live with out me.. dont tell about my accident to Sanskar.. and till I will be fine.. u act like me I listened doctor words.. they saves my life but I have many chances to go coma.. jab tak my teek hongi.. please do this for me..

Smara shock..

Smara: shonaaaaaaa..

She again start watching..

Swara: please dont tell no Shoru.. he cant bear this news.. I never asked anything from u.. now plese dont ignore please take care of my Sanskar.. i.. i I love u sansakr

She got unconscious..

DVD ends..

Smara: what Shona.. is it possible for me.. how can I act like u.. Shona.. but I can do anything for u.. get well soon.. and am promising u.. I will follow ur words..

She reach hospital..

After some time doctor came out..

Shekhar askes..

Shekhar: doctor.. is everything fine na.. can we meet my daughter..

Doctor looking all family members..

All crying.

Doctor: am sorry. Hamne bahut try kia.. but she went in coma

All shock. And crying more and more..

Smara calls Laksh and tell everything about shona..

Laksh: Smara.. please dont cry.. Swara will be fine soon..

Smara: but laksh my Shonaaa. (crying)

Laksh: I know.. my Smara is very strong.. she will manage situation.. and I have full trust on u.. in present situation.. u have to help ur sister.. am with u smara..

Smara: I love u laksh

Laksh: I love u too and u know what.. Sanskar is non other.. he is my cousin..

Smara: whattttt.

Laksh: yes.. I just saw pic.. which u sent.. he is my chachis beta..

Smara: its very difficult for me laksh.. how can i.. butttt

Laksh: but u have to do for ur sister.. for only few days na.. am with u Smara.. Am with u always..

Smara cuts call..

Sanskar calls Swara..

Smara: ohh god.. please help me.. I have to do this..

Smara received..

Sansakr: swara tum teek ho na.. iam feeling very much bad swara.. am missing u lot..

Smara: (acting like Swara..) am fine Sanskar..

Tears falling from her eyes..

Sanskar: I saw a bad dream in flight.. I scared.. thank god u fine..

Smara: am fine na.. relax.. I will call u later.. bye..

She cuts call and cries

Sanskar: what happened with her.. y she behaving like this.. I think she id busy.. its okk.. she is fine na.. enough..

After 4 days.. Sansakar came..

Smara calls Laskh..

Samra: my heart not accepting these all laksh.. this cheating mjse nahi hogi

Laksh: Smara.. its not cheating.. its only for ur sister.. and am proud of u ur saving someones life.. and I know.. in ur pure heart.. only have place for laksh..

Smara headly controlled her self and went to meet sanskaar..

She gets ready like swara for Sanskar..

Smara came to near Sanskar..

Sanskar hugs Smara..

Sanskar thought Smara is Swara..

Smara felt much embarrassed..

But hugs back..

Sanskar: u know swara.. I missed u a lot..

She leave a fake smile..

Smara: (monologue) Shona is very lucky to got u Sanskar.. u loves her a lot.. but am soooo sorry.. I have to do these all with u for Shona..

Sanskar: what happened Swara.. r u okk..

Smara: yeah.. am fine Sanskar.. how was ur Work at delhi..

Sanskar: all fine.. and remember na..

Smara: what..

Sanskar: wahi yaar.. we decided to tell us about our families na..

Smara: but Sanskar..

Sanskar: what but but Swara..

Smara: (turns back) Sanskar.. I want some time more..

Sanskar: but why

Smara: I will tell u later na..

Sanskar: as ur wish.. I will never force u.. (smiles)

Smara: I have to go now..

Sanskar: areyy Swara.. after 4 days we meet na.. spend some time with me..

Smara: I have some work Sanskar..

Sanskar: work is imp than me na.. (Sad face)

Smara: Sanskar. Sad naa ho..

Sanskar: then what Swara always busy busy..

Smara: after our marriage my full time only for u..

Sanskar: promise..?

Smara: haa promise..

Sanskar: chalo.. I will drop u..

Swara: no no.. I will manage.. bye..

She leaves..

Sanskar: kya hogayi is ladki ko.. something is going wrong.. but am not able to catch point.. kuch to gadbad hai

The episode ends with Sanskars thinking face..

Precap: Sanskar watches Smara with laksh on road.. thinks wrong and broken..

So, friends.. how was the episode..

Hope u all will like..

The next part have some surprise.. dont miss..

Stay turned

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