Arya FF : Legend Of Secrets Part 2

Maya reaches Shimla only to get the biggest blow of her life. She breakdown seeing her sister’s dead body. The constable ladies control her and brings inside the inquiry room.

Constable : Sir, that girl is here

Ranvir : which girl?

Constable : victims’s sister, Maya Mehrothra

Ranvir : okay send her inside

Maya comes in the office with tears

Ranvir : are you okay? (gives her tissue) I am very sorry for whatever happened

Maya : thats fine, what do you want to ask from me

Ranvir : Ms Maya, I am sorry in advance because the question I am going to ask is bit personal

Maya : go ahead, I am ready to cooperate (wipes her tears)

Ranvir : did your sister had any enmity, any kind of problem with you or some outsider

Maya : my sister was very ambitious and sophisticated, she was bit short tempered but never had problem with anybody due to her nature

Ranvir : I had talk with her friends earlier, they said she has been upset from couple days and not talking with anybody

Maya remains silence for a moment but denies saying she is not aware of anything.

Ranvir : thank you very much Ms Maya for your cooperation, take care of yourself (shakes her hand)

Maya : thank you, let me know if you need anymore help (leaves the cabin sadly)

Later Maya goes back to her house and closes the curtains in the room sitting in dark. She lays straightly on the bed closing her eyes with tear


“Happy, Happy birthday to my dear sister” voice echoes in the house by Maya

Ruhi : thank you sweetheart, and where is my gift, I am waiting

“Here it is” Maya hands her squash racket

Ruhi : wow, this is awesome

Maya : this is for my champion sister, now just see nobody will be able to defat my sister right mom

Nandini : happy birthday my princess, may god bless you

Maya : I can’t believe this is your last year in college and then my sister will big novel writer

Ruhi : and you will this writer’s dear sister (hugs her happily)

Maya : I am going to Mumbai for research project, and when I come back we will celebrate your success on wining state champion in squash game

Flashback ends


The scene shifts to a young girl jogging in the park listening to her music. She does the aerobics when somebody calls her. The girl is none other than Saanjh who receives call from her dad from US

Saanjh ; yes dad

Prem : how is my princess? did you forgot your dad

Saanjh ; can I even dare to do that, my dearest dad, don’t be so emotional, tell me how are you

Prem : I am fine, I was just missing you dear, tell me how is your life going

Saanjh ; dad I got admission in the Mumbai college, my first step towards the dream, you see dad I will become the best photographer and will make big documentary

Prem : you know I don’t have anybody else now except you, I don’t know what will I do when you get married

Saanjh ; dad, I will not go away from you so easily so stop worrying alright

Prem : Wish you all the best my child, and don’t be afraid of anything, call me when you reach

Saanjh : okay dad, I have to go, I am getting late  you take care of yourself, love you dad (hangs up cheerfully)

Maya’s mom Nandini consoles her and tells to shift at Mumbai

Nandini : I have made all arrangements, go start your new life dear, don’t look at past, I will come there after few weeks

“Mom, first dad left us and now sis, why is this all happening to us” cries putting lap on her mom’s lap

Nandini ; its life, dear we have to learn to move on, you see your going to Mumbai will be beneficial, everything will be fine

Maya : sis was my strength, how will I face everything without alone

Nandini : thats why god is telling you, till today you were dependent on your sister that now you will have to learn managing by yourself

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