Arya FF : Legend Of Secrets Part 1

10:00 pm at BSS college Shimla

A young girl named Ruhi is coming out after finishing her squash game in the fitness area at campus

Ruhi : Hi my princess (talks with her sister Maya) yes don’t worry

Maya : I am coming tomorrow morning, can’t wait to see you

Ruhi : bye see you tomorrow (hangs up happily)

She wears her jacket and starts heading out of the locker room. There is silence in the club and fully isolated. She gets scared hearing dog’s bark from outside . Somebody is watching from behind very scarily.  Her eyes gets filled with terror when she sees shadow behind her. She tries to call the security but could not get connection. Ruhi starts running in the building only to find the door closed closed . She kneels nears an exit door when a white mask person wearing black hooded with knife walks slowly behind her. She turns around to see the killer and kicks him. The killer chases her who is hiding under the table in office. Killer walks around and hears noise under table but finds nobody over there. Ruhi reaches the locker room of girls trying to find the keys of exit door. She reaches at the swimming pool and finds the way from there but the killer slashes her neck throwing the dead body into the pool which gets full of blood. The killer walks from the places leaving his mask design behind. Next day the watchman is horrified to see all the blood in the pool. Police reaches the campus to investigate. The case is given to very experience officer named Ranvir Singh

Ranvir : Shinde, I want each and every detail of this girl, send her body to forensic

Shinde : Sir, the killer did not leave clues behind except this white mask and his footprints

Ranvir : what is the fun when case is not complicated, I will also see for how long he would run away from me

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