Art love Riansh fan friction. Chapter 16 – Glimpses of past

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The episode starts with…

Riddhima:vansh you left me all alone in this city. I fell in love with someone for first time and you….my first love left me. I hate you. You could have told me not as a friend too anything?? (Crying in her room)

Riddhima: no i want my answer. You will answer and that to face to face vansh just wait riddhima is coming. (determined)

Riddhima packed her bags and dropped rocky (yahi tha na naam) to shruti.

She left for airport. (tension not ticket booked hai)

She sat in the flight and closed her eyes.

After some hours…

Riddhima: i camed in los Angeles (america) thank god i saw the flight in which he camed so that I don’t have to travel whole america. But still how is will find him. First i need a house for rent.

She left in search of a place.

Suddenly some goons camed and started misbehaving with her.

Riddhima: vansh!! (Woked up from her dream)

Riddhima: this dream. (huffing)

Riddhima: what is the time. (she check her alarm ⏰. )

Riddhima: it’s 7 am. (yawing) let’s get ready.

Riddhima got ready and camed near hiking spot.

She started remembering again…

Goon 1: oho mam where come we will drop you.

Riddhima: no..i guess god has gifted me with two legs with whom i can walk.

Goon 2: don’t be smart with us. Speaking to much. (rasing his hand)

Riddhima (holding his hand): i will coz god has giving one mouth also if you don’t want to break you legs or want to go to police better leave from here.

Goon 3: oh let’s see what you can do.

Stepping forward….

Riddhima: fine let’s see.

Goon 3 approched her. She held his hand aggressively and twisted it and then threw him.

She was fighting but they were 3. So she was obviously a little weak in front of them.

Suddenly a goon was about to held her. But a man camed and took his hand. Riddhima turned to see but goon was approaching her so she first thought to handle them.

After some time they left to save their life.

Riddhima turned to see..

Flashback ends….

Jay: thank god you are on time or else i would have to wait for hours.

Riddhima Smacking his stomach.

Riddhima: Don’t lie.

Jay: ouch. Achha achha leave me for sake of god. Let’s go for hiking.

Riddhima: is it necessary.(yawing)

Jay: yes very much. (glaring her)

He dragged her with him….

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