Art love Riansh fan friction. Chapter 15 – Moved on?

Ha bhai Einstein ke iQ walo vansh ruka ki nhi dekh lo…..

The episode starts with….

After few years…(samajh raho ho kitne sahi thee)

Riddhima was sitting on a chair painting something and was lost after some time she looked at her painting and a lone tear escaped her eyes.

Riddhima: my hands…heart…and me cant forget you….but….my mind is strong so i don’t think it’s of any use to paint you now.

Saying so she trashed that painting and threw it in dustbin.

Riddhima: ohh i forgot yar he must be waiting i need to rush. (Remembering)

She rushed to a cafe and saw a man scrolling his mobile.

Riddhima camed near him and closed his eyes with her hand.

Man: riddhima!

Riddhima: very well guess mr. Jay

Jay: oh come on yar it was not a guess only you can do this. (tapping her nose)

Jay: so what would you like to have miss forgotfull.

Riddhima: ooh so someone is taunting me…sorry yar just slipped my mind.

Jay: still thinking about him. (little serious tone)

Riddhima: are you mad vad why will i think about him. (smiling)

Jay: achha then tell what would you like to have. (trying to understand situation)

Riddhima: hmm cappuccino.

Jay: ok great then same for me.

Scene goes to UsA

A tall man was Sitting on a chair of a company.

He was checking some files.

Girl: vansh!

Vansh looked up and found a girl he slightly smiled and she camed inside.

Girl: so what were you doing.

Vansh: nothing just checking some files.

Girl: are you free tonight?(hopefully)

Vansh: why?(casually)

Girl: if you are then we will go on a dinner.

Vansh: I don’t like all this. (Looking in his files)

Girl: that’s final just be ready.


Jay: get ready tommorow we are going for hiking.

Riddhima: ah why hiking only. (lazily)

Jay: for some fresh air. Don’t be lazy all the time. (acting strictly)

Riddhima: ok baba. (trying to smile)

Precap: glimpse of past…

Sorry for being late maine socha yahi post karu ya nhi.Ok so here was 15th ch. I hope you ek boring ch ke liye maafi milegi iske baad wala paka achha hai. Kya lagta hai jay and riddhima are dating or friends same for vansh and that girl. And finger crossed let’s see riansh will meet each other or they will move on. Chalo i will tell………pagal samjha hai mai kyu btao😂. Story padho samajh jaoge. Aur ha suggest name for the girl majority will win. Ok bye bye. Take care

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