Arshi Khan feels blessed to have a teacher like The Great Khali

Arshi Khan, who is currently learning wrestling from The Great Khali, feels blessed to be his student. In a recent interview, she talked about how Khali also teaches how to cope up with the challenges of life along with wrestling.

Arshi, who has acted in movies like ‘The Last Emperor’ became a household name with her stint in the reality show Bigg Boss.

Talking about her decision to learn wrestling she says: “People were urging me to take back my decision to learn wrestling at this point in life. But Khali has made me strong enough to live a life of dreams. He made me trust myself and I feel blessed to find a new teacher in life. Apart from wrestling, there is a lot more to learn from The Great Khali.”

Talking about Khali and how dedicated he is to the country and its culture, Arshi says “The Great Khali is very much dedicated to India and its culture. I am getting to learn so many things with him,” she adds.

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