Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 25

Hello friends, as most of you all demanded. I have posted a romantic episode today. It will be worth waiting episode.

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Episode starts with….

Ridhima and Vansh enter the house and follow Pradeep to the hall. Ridhima is still confused about who he was. As soon as Ridhima entered the house she found Vansh’s photos along with Ishani and Siya hung on the wall. She is shocked to see them. She wonders why their photos are there in his house. She looks at Vansh in a puzzled way. Vansh hugs Pradeep again and says “Papa, I got the contract. Now my company will reach to new heights.” Ridhima is shocked to hear this. Pradeep gets happy and says “Vansh beta, I am proud of you.” Ridhima is totally confused about Pradeep’s relation with Vansh. Vansh looks at her and gets shocked thinking she might know about Pradeep being his father. He then cook up a story and says “Ridhima, meet him. He is Pradeep , one of my family’s well wisher. He is very special to me.” Ridhima says “Vansh, you were calling him Papa.” Pradeep gets shocked and says “Shall I bring anything for you both?” Ridhima refuses and says “I will bring something for you both. Uncle, can you show me the kitchen?” Pradeep says “Not uncle, call me papa, Ridhima.” Ridhima gets shocked and looks at Vansh. Vansh says “Yes Ridhima, call him papa. His family left him due to some reasons. So I call him papa to make him happy. Can you also call him the same?” Ridhima gets emotional and goes to Praddep. She effectionately calls him “Papa.” Pradeep gets emotional and weeps. He hugs her in tears. Ridhima also feels his emotion. Vansh gets happy looking at them. Pradeep shows the kitchen to Ridhima. Ridhima thinks to prepare some sweet as she came to their house for the first time.

Vansh and Pradeep sit together. Vansh says “Papa, how is your daughter-in-law?” Pradeep smiles and says “She is my daughter Vansh. She is very humble. I am so happy for you. I think you both are made for each other. I want you both to live together and support each other unlike my life.” Vansh recalls Anupriya and says “Yes Papa, my Ridhima is far better than that lady. She always cares for me and my family. I am feeling suffocated to be with that lady under one roof. But Dadi refused me from ousting her from my house.” Pradeep understands that he is talking about Anupriya and says “Vansh, half known truths are never correct. You don’t know about your mother’s nature. That day was just a misunderstanding between us. Actually what happened that day was …” Just then Ridhima arrives with a tray having two bowls of halwa on it. She serves them to both and keeps the tray aside. Pradeep tastes it and likes it a lot. He thinks to give a gift to her and goes to his room. Vansh tastes the food and likes it a lot but he doesn’t say anything. He makes up his face to be normal. Ridhima is still waiting for his reaction eagerly but gets upset as he keep on eating the halwa without even noticing her. She turns her head and murmurs “Such an egoistic man ever saw. What will be his loss if he praises me?” Looking at the rage in Ridhima’s expression Vansh kept the bowl on the table and went to Ridhima. Ridhima tries to ignore his presence and looks away. Vansh holds her hand but she shrugs him away. He gives an intense look at Ridhima and makes her look into his eyes. Ridhima feels awkward to gaze into his brown and effective eyes. She is totally lost in his gaze. Vansh smirks at her and makes her sit beside him on the sofa. Vansh holds her both hands with his hands and lifts them to his face. Ridhima gets worried thinking about Vansh holding her hands. She is still lost in his intense gaze.

Ridhima’s POV:

What is he doing with my hands? Why can’t I control myself from looking at him? How can he be so dashing that I can’t take my eyes from him?

With much difficulty I said “Vaaannsh…” I couldn’t speak much as he took my hands closer to his pink lips. I could feel his hot breathe on my hands.

Vansh slightly moved his head back and said “I want to kiss them.”

My cheeks turned red after listening to them. I was surprised by this sudden change in his attitude. The one who was very shy to even hold me close is now flirting with me.

I lowered my eyes and says “Vansh, what a…are you saying?” My words stammered as he was staring at me intensely. I felt awkward with his gaze.

Vansh narrowed his eyes after finding me blushing and said “I want to kiss those hands who made the best halwa I had ever ate.”

My heart skipped a beat after listening to his words. His grip on my hands became tight. He slowly bent down and kissed my hands. His moustache poked my hands hardly. This was it, he kissed me. It wasn’t the first kiss we had as we kissed earlier also but this was special as Vansh was willing to do.

He slowly left my hands and I backed off. He came closer to me and lifted my chin. I looked everywhere except him as I was already blushing very hardly. I wanted Vansh to be like this but I can’t control myself from feeling awkward.

I didn’t noticed his face for the next few minutes as I know he would be staring at him. I heard him calling my name so I turned to him.

Vansh took the bowl of halwa back and pointed a spoon towards me. Vansh roamed his eyes to the spoon indicating me to let him feed. I was surprised by his move.

I slowly moved forward to eat it. I was so overwhelmed with his move that I couldn’t stop staring at him. I was staring him so much that I didn’t even know where the spoon was. I opened my mouth and moved my head here and there to find the spoon while my eyes were concentrating on Mr.Raisinghania.

He suddenly burst into laughing. I am into my senses and looked at him. He then stopped his laugh and said “Ridhima, were you lost somewhere?”

I denied saying anything but I knew that he knows where I was lost. He then again put the spoon in front of me. This time I ate it and smiled as it was so tasty. Vansh smiled at me and said “Isn’t it praise worthy wifey?”

My ears were surprised as I heard him calling me his wife for two in the past hour. What happened to him? Is he the real one whom I married? I always wanted this but I was feeling weird.

Pradeep comes back and smiles looking at them. He comes to them. Vansh and Ridhima come to their senses and look at him. Pradeep takes out a box and gives it to Ridhima.

He insists Ridhima to take it. Ridhima looks at Vansh to confirm about it. Vansh nods at her to take it. Ridhima takes the box and finds a silver chain with a diamond at it’s middle. She likes it very much and thanks Pradeep for the gift. Vansh smiles and says “Papa, now I think I should leave. I am having an important meeting.” He takes his blessings and leaves with Ridhima.

Vansh and Ridhima come out of the house. Vansh turns back and finds his father looking at them. Pradeep smiles as they leave.

Vansh’s POV:

Dad is very happy with my choice. Of course! Who will not love Ridhima, such a beautiful soul she is. I hope she remains with me for the rest of my life. I love to be with her. I owe this to Siys that she found my betterhalf.

I found Ridhima walking in front of me. I just stared her back while she was walking. She is a little short, nooo…She is very short when compared to me but she is the most beautiful companion for me. I then rolled my eyes down and smiled within me.

I had reached the car. I recalled how I made Ridhima sit in the car few hours back. I was worried because I taught she would not sit beside me after what happened in the morning. I straightened my eyes and found that she was adjusting in the back seat of the car. The smile on my lips had vanished. I was little upset because she is not sitting beside me. Several thoughts hit my mind just then. I was angry but I couldn’t show.

I simply walked to the car and closed the door of the back seat in which RIdhima was sitting. I then went and sat in the driver seat. I was so angry that I ignored Ridhima when she was calling my name. I didn’t turn back to her as I can’t stay angry when I look at her innocent face.

AH..! Vansh, control yourself. You must be angry with her as she didn’t sat beside you.

I could hear Ridhima calling me but I didn’t reply her. I started driving the car. Just then I felt someone’s hands on my shoulder.

Obviously it was Ridhima’s hand but I shrived her hand. Just then her hand became heavier…. I mean the weight on my shoulder became heavier. I just looked back to find Ridhima getting forward. Yes, she was climbing from the back seat to the front seat which was beside me. I then suddenly applied the break.

Something unexpected happened…Yes, you are right. She fell….Ridhima fell on me. She winced in pain and shouted “Vaaannsh….”

Wait… she shouted my name. Usually we shout the name of our dear one when we get hurt and she shouted my name. But this is not the time to think all this Vansh….

I was worried for her. I lifted her head which was hit with the stearing. I helped her to come to the front seat. I climbed my sea with my knees and bent towards her. I caressed her head to check whether she was fine. I couldn’t see Ridhima in pain.

I stuttered “Rridhiiima a..are you fine?”  She was rubbing her head and suddenly looked at me with anger in her eyes. I was holding her head to reduce the pain. She then pushed my hand away and looked into my eyes. She said “Can’t you see, Vansh?”

I was puzzled “See what Ridhima?” I asked.  She said “Can’t you see that I was coming front.  You just shut the door while I was setting the things in the back seat. I couldn’t get out as it was locked. I was calling you to open the door. I then tried to climb and come front and you applied the break. You hurt me Vansh.” Saying this she made a puppy face….cute puppy.

I was shocked to listen this. She wanted to sit beside me. I started smiling. She noticed this and started crying and said “You are laughing on me Vansh. You are very cruel.” I then tried to control my laugh. She then holded my hand and said  “Vansh, you look good while laughing.”

I then started blushing hard. She noticed me blushing and smiled sweetly. I then remembered the gift dad gave. I took the box out and took the chain from it. She was surprised to see it.

Ridhima’s POV:

He looks very cute while laughing. I hope he always be happy.

He started taking the box which was given by Pradeep dad. I wondered what he was doing.

He then lifted his eyes and sighed me to come forward while he was always bending towards me. I started bending towards him. He came closer to me and placed his hands around my neck along with the chain. He bent close into the crook of my neck and moved my loose hair aside. I could sense his breathe falling on my shoulder and then my neck.

Yes… he was so close to me. My heart skipped a beat again. He tied the chain around my neck. It was a precious moment for us as it was first time that he tied something around my neck. My cheeks turned red but I couldn’t stop it.

He completed tying the chain. He then touched his hands with my bare back as I wore a crop top with a cut at the back. I could feel his touch. My heart was pounding loud. He slowly moved his hand from my back to my shoulders and then to my cheeks.

He came close to me. It was just a distance of inches that he was from me. I could only sense that he was having a tight grip on my face as I had already closed my eyes. I could feel his breathe coming onto me. I had goose bumps over my hands. I placed my hands on his hands which were on the either sides of my cheeks.

PRECAP: Vansh and Ridhima get romantic. Anupriya looks at the chain with Ridhima which pradeep gave and gets shocked.

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