Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh dies

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh thinking Riddhima’s love was a cheat. He thinks of Vansh. He thinks it was my mistake to give her a chance to cheat me, Kabir has set everything with her help. Kabir says you were my big headache since years, finally the game is over, checkmate Vansh, you lost and I won, you are under arrest. Anupriya says my Vansh is innocent. Kabir says I know you are a mum, get out of my way. Vansh says don’t you dare harm my mum, none will be worse than me. Kabir says I don’t like it, but coming in between law is a crime.

Vansh says let him do what he wants. Kabir thinks he got handcuffed, and still showing attitude. He says nothing will get fine for you now, I have to settle scores with you. Riddhima thinks nothing will happen to Vansh, I m coming Vansh, we will make everything fine. Vansh sits in the van. Anupriya says please leave him inspector, you will regret. Kabir says wish him good luck. She says punish me, but leave him. Vansh says don’t worry, nothing will happen, I will come back soon. Kabir says don’t give false hopes to her, its murder case, you will be in the jail all life. He also sits in the van. Anupriya cries. Vansh leaves with Kabir. She starts laughing. She says Vansh your destruction starts, Kabir will not leave you. Riddhima comes home and sees Vansh in the police van. She says no, police has taken Vansh. Mishra drives.

Kabir asks him to take left. Mishra says police station is on the right. Kabir says just do as I said. He asks Vansh to get ready for life’s adventure. He blindfolds Vansh. Vansh says my life is itself an adventure, at least threaten well. Kabir says life, but not death, you don’t know I was waiting for this day, its a big day of my life. Anupriya sees Riddhima and shoots at her. Riddhima drives off. Anupriya calls Kabir and can’t get through. She says Riddhima shouldn’t reach there. Kabir takes Vansh to some place. He opens the blindfolds. Vansh says one who doesn’t know their enemies’ limits get a shock, I knew you will do such kiddish thing. Kabir smiles. He asks really, why do you think I got you here. Vansh says I m sure you didn’t get me here to get cool breeze, you will try to kill me. Kabir says no Vansh, its kiddish like you said, its no fun to kill you, I got you here to free you, you can go, your lawyers will save you, I arrested you to ruin your ego, that was my motive, I did that, you are not so good, and I m not so bad, you are free, go. Vansh turns to go. Kabir thinks Vansh couldn’t catch my cheat, good bye Vansh, I have to free you from life. He shoots Vansh. Vansh moves and gets saved. He says I knew you want to do this, you want to encounter me, you can’t see me alive, your job would be in risk if you shot at me on my face, you wanted to shoot on my back so you lied, shoot me if you have courage, be a man, don’t be a coward. Kabir says okay. Vansh beats him. They fight. Vansh twists his hand and overpowers him. Kabir catches him and says whatever happens, I won’t let you go alive. Riddhima says I know Vansh’s life is in danger, I had put a tracker in his phone, I will find his location. She prays and says I m coming Vansh.

Kabir throws soil in Vansh’s eyes. Kabir gets the gun. He says I will fulfill your wish and shoot on your heart. Vansh says I m ahead of you, but you have come close to handcuff me, enemy can’t harm, that was family who cheated me, punished me, you and I are here because of my dear one’s cheat, I m still Vansh, my death asks me and comes to me, any cheap man’s bullet doesn’t have the permission to kill me, I have made my life, you and this pistol won’t decide it, the choice is mine. Kabir says okay then. Vansh moves back. Riddhima comes and shouts Vansh. Vansh thinks of her. She asks Vansh what is he doing. She asks Vansh to listen. Vansh says there is nothing to talk now, someone told right, love isn’t easy, its a river of fire and one has to sink to cross it. Riddhima says no. Her dupatta flies and falls on Vansh’s face. Vansh says your love killed me. Kabir thinks Vansh’s pain is helping me, people go mad in love, I have seen it today, now their love story will end. Vansh says I will die in your love. Riddhima says no. Vansh smiles. Riddhima runs to him and gets his muffler in hand. Vansh steps back and falls. Riddhima shouts Vansh. Ishq mein marjawan…plays…. Kabir smiles. He stops Riddhima. She thinks of Vansh. She says this can’t happen. She cries and shouts.

Dadi shouts Vansh… Anupriya why did you keep darkness in the house. Everyone sees garlands on Vansh’s pic. Kabir says we didn’t get Vansh’s body there. He smiles and thinks Vansh, I ended your game. Riddhima takes him out of the house and says I will never forgive you, you killed my Vansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Makers are spoiling the story thats it

    1. yeah true! now I don’t find this story interesting anymore

  2. Vansh is the most interesting character in the whole story n makers are killing him only

  3. Now Vansh will be back with a bang

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      May be he’ll be back,but what I feel is they’ll create Memory loss ka drama. And before he would come, Riddhima is gonna suffer alot. The family is gonna tpture her for Vansh and Siya. And if Vansh returns too, then we cant deny the fact ki he thinks Riddhima betrayed him so may be he’ll not trust her anymore and may be he wont even give a chance for her to explain 🙁

  4. Precap wow finally Riddhima threw Kabir out. We all know Vansh won’t die. He will be back with revenge only. Waiting to see what happens.

  5. 😱😱😱😰😰😰…im in pain now…i didn’t watch it on tv because im scared to…..its too painful…

    Dadi is going to hate riddhima ….i heard that everyone is going to change
    But vansh didnt die 🙏😭
    Thank you god

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Acha huwa vansh didnt die but riddhima is gonna suffer. Family will go against her and after vansh returns he’ll doubt Riddhima and wont give chance for ehr to explain herself

  6. Vansh has definetly predicted this. It’s not so simple. Obviously he isn’t dead🙄Such misunderstandings are necessary. Just want it to be cleared up so Vansh sees who’s really evil around him❗What about Sia baby?

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Story is getting spoiled slowly slowy🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    Now vansh will be back with new identity and will hurt Riddhima to take revenge…
    Why can’t writers write normal story…

  8. Just when I thought this serial was meant to be different from the others, the makers proved me wrong with the same old ‘Comeback’ track that had been portrayed in Indian dramas for ages,, It may be too early to say, But Completely Disappointed with thie story track,,, Hope they bring in a satisfactory explanation for this letdown

  9. Waiting for the return of Vansh. Don’t know when it’ll happen.
    It pains to see such a stupid scripting of the story.
    The whole thing would’ve been way better if it was a pre plan of Vansh to expose Kabir and Anupriya but that’s not it.
    Vansh will definitely return only for his vengeance on Riddhima. That’s the only ridiculous part.
    The story makers of the serials keep the audience and TRP both high with special segments in occassions.
    IMMJ 2 is a thriller that’s why they needed to do something exceptional. But instead of making the exceptional interesting, they pissed us off with this storyline.
    I mean who sees a suicide, separation track in an occassion (Diwali) between a romantic couple?
    This is so annoying.

    Helly, Vishal, Rrahul promised there’s gonna be something sooooooo big in diwali that it’ll pop out our eyes, it’ll make us shocked but seriously it didn’t pop my eyes out and instead of being shocked at the twist, I’m pissed.

    Many of you may say that new story is coming have patience. Of course I’ll have patience!! But there were better ways to get new storyline rather than Vansh’s suicide.

    After all the time of waiting and expecting,only Riddhima is exposed but that is too in a wrong way and Anupriya-Kabir just board the safe side. How typical and pathetic!

    1. This is so damn true,, A complete Disappointment for all the fans..

    2. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Harsh truth!!! ISntead of this track they could have created a track where Riddhima and Vansh stood against Anupriya and Kabir and how they tackle the, IT would have been interesting and very interesting but this is just so disgusting

    3. You’ve said it all Tonni- PATHETIC !!!
      The makers could have done better with the storyline. PLEASE Thriller movies are not all about death and death.
      There’s no continuity in the storyline.

      I would have loved to see Ragini making her way to Vansh’s life and sparking some jealousy scene.
      or Vansh hopelessly in love with Riddima and to see her steal his money or betray him in a cruel way.

      I wanted to see Jealousy, Real Danger (not the stupid plots created by Ishani or Aryan), Tension, Love, Doubt, Set-up, Frustrations, Action etc A story you can relate with our everyday life.

      I guess i will have to go back to watching Mexican soaps. At least they create a win-win situation for both protagonist and antagonist.
      By the way, I like reading your comments Tonni.

  10. How cum vansh jump from top like dis, he used to be super smart always

    1. Its a part of vansh’s game plan…

    2. I wish it to be true

  11. I don’t know what to say…….. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Any way TQ for the update

  12. Oh guys just chill
    They are trying to give a new change as the previous story was becoming a saas bahuu drama slowly.So they need to have a U turn.I think we should have patience as it will be more better than typical riddima and vansh.Maybe we will see a new portrait with so many adventures.I think this is the best episode after 3 or 4 months.I was bored last months as anyone can predict the story before it casts.But now its thrilling.We will see what are they guys up to??Maybe VERY INTERESTING😉😉😉

    1. Sanuvi, hum Saab ko saburi Hai isliyae Ragini Kae saach Kae liyae ithnae months sae inthajaar kar rahaehai.what we were saying is episode is really fantastic but the last part is heartbreaking bcz every one connected very emotionally. that’s it

  13. They will have same old story of coming back. Plagiarism is everywhere now. It is pissing us off

  14. Again precap made me to keep thinking abt wat will happn nxt….
    Cant wait yaarr….
    Surely vansh will be back with a bang.

  15. Denza

    Guys why you are bad mouthing the show???
    this drastic turn was essential in the series to show relevance to the title.
    And Vansh Raisinghania fans……….. he is not dead. He is one of the trio main lead.
    If it was showing the lovey- dovey scenes then title wouldn’t be apt to the show. Be patient it will go pretty after a small span. In fact its on right track.
    So please make up your brain……its an art!

    we should praise the whole crew for presenting such a breathtaking episode. The show had that element to capture our emotions. l must say these episodes are most splendid among all episodes.

    I wish you all understand and perceive the fact

    1. But then isn’t this storyline already been shown in so many Indian Dramas before,, There could’ve been many other ways to justify the title,, but letting down fans for the same is not right, as they are the ones who ultimately decide the fate of a show

    2. yeah it truly justify the title but then I don’t find this story different from other serials as I expected in the beginning ….. I thought this show to be a different one but now it’s heartbreaking and annoying ….
      secondly, this title could have been justified in other ways too like why to die after misunderstanding love , it could have been like dying for love (to save the lover) and there are many other ways to justify the title…
      truly this story is not interesting anymore

    3. Denza

      I know guys. Even I’m pissed off with this
      But bad mouthing the show is not good at all.

      And yaar Title is having a inner meaning which indicates Betrayal. That’s the theme of show. How it could relate if one dies in saving others??

      Kabir cheated Ridhima. For Vansh Ridhima cheated him and he suicides. Devasted Ridhima is dieing in her love for Vansh. I guess this is what makers are trying to show

  16. Iam tired of this misunderstanding now vansh will combeback and take his revenge on ridhima but ridhima did not do anything instead of taking revenge on his enemies he will hurt his ridhima it will look like usual serial story iam expecting better from vansh iam so bored

  17. Don’t know why i felt like Ridhima pushed vansh off the cliff and i think ridhima and vansh are up to something

    1. I think story will take a short leap.
      Riddhima will lead a life of vansh’ widow and take over raisinghania empire.
      Riddhima turns into powerful business women where as kabir and anupriya are pissed off with riddhima.

    2. @abc may b its a part of vansh game plan.

    3. Denza

      No…. that’s not possible bcuz Vansh and Ridhima hadn’t got any time to discuss.

      It’s possible that Ridhima lives her life as widow of Vansh. But it’s not possible that Ridhima owns the Raisinghania empire’s. Bcuz Anupriya and all kicks her out of the mansion claiming she is responsible for Vansh and Sia.

  18. Iam tired of this misunderstanding ridhima did not do anything instead of taking revenge on his enemies vansh will hurt his ridhima it will look like usual serial story iam expecting better from vansh iam so bored

  19. Evil forces prevailed

  20. I really enjoyed today’s plot. Vansh is surely going to come back with a bang. I think the separation between Vansh and Riddhima is necessary as both can discover the other better and Kabir’s truth is now revealed to Riddhima, at least to an extent. As always truly appreciate the character portrayed by each of the artists. Just hoping that Siya is not dead but that’s just my wishlist. Thanks to the IMM2 Team for such wonderful script with loads of thrill and suspense.

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