Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 17


Hello buddies, I am back with another episode, hope you all will like this one as much as you loved the previous one.
Replies for the comments of previous episode:
Hey, Disha(Riansh_fan) , I am glad you liked the episode. Thank you for those amazing words. I am happy that my episode made your day. Thank you dear, Love you….
Hey Kaivalya, I am glad that you liked my ff. I am happy to know that you eagerly follow my updates. Keep supporting dear…. Thank you for your wishes…
Aww KV2711, dear I want to know your name so that I can address you with it. I am happy to read your review asusually. Yeah, dear we can chat in personal if you want as I am ready for it and I already made you my buddy. I will try to make this jealousy track a bit interesting…..Love you….
Aww Naira U Singh, I can clearly understand your emotions after reading the episode in your comment. The way you have written your comment tells me how much you have enjoyed the episode. Yes dear, even I wish that these scenes were part of original show. Keep loving….
Hey Sumisha, I will definitely try to write a novel dear because you have given such a beautiful comment so I will definitely write it. Keep supporting dear…
Oh! Riya, I enjoyed your comment. After reading it I was thinking” Did I really became an expert in writing Riansh momemnts?” Keep supporting dear…
Aww Abhipsha Banerjee, Love you too dear. I am very happy that you really love my ff’s. Keep supporting dear…
Hey Seanna, finally I am relaxed because I wanted people to feel my story to be real and you felt the same. Yes dear, Riansh scenes on Tv are way too small than we expect because the show is all about deceit in love and finding evidence against each other.I am happy to potray all the characters in a positive way dear…
Hey Diha, How was your day? I hope it went well dear, Keep smiling. Your words mean a lot to me dear. Keep supporting dear…
Aww Priya, you said you don’t know how to comment the episode but wrote such a big one dear(Just kidding). Your comment is something which I wait for dear. Your review is just amazing. Thank you dear for your support and I am glad to know that you will always be on my side and support me as a well wisher…Love you Sweetheart…
Hey Annie, thank you for your support. Keep loving…
Hey Booklover, I am happy that you liked my ff. Keep supporting….
Hey Ravi, thank you for your support….
Hey Den, such an affection that you called me di, I am very happy dear. To know about Kabir’s character keep reading my ff’s dear. Keep dupporting me bro/sis?…Love you…
Hey Suhani Saluja, thank you for your support. Keep supporting…
Hey Xyz, I am glad that you liked my episode. Oh, you want a hug scene? I will try to do it. Yes, even Iwanted to know how would Rrahul have said that dialogue in real. Keep supporting…
Hey Lover Of RiAnsh, I am happy that you liked my episode. I am very happy seeing your exitement to know what will happen after another woman’s entry dear. Keep supporting…
Hey Poojitha, yes dear I feel I am having a nice storyline and I am trying my best to potray the best for that. I am glad to recieve such love from you all. Keep loving…
Hey M, nee comment chadavadaniki entha anandamga undo, enthaina telugu lo rasavu kada adi kuda oka dialogue tho “matal lev matladukovadal lev” . A ammayi twaragane vastadi. Opika pattali. Mana vallu kuda e serial choostunnaru ani chala surprising ga undi….
Aww Bhuvaneshwari, such a sweet comment dear. Wow, dear your way of linking the theories is just amazing. I get many ideas about my story by just reading your comment. I propose you to write a story as well. Love you…
Hey RiAnshBir, one name to dedicate the entire main cast of immj2. I am glad to know that you liked the episode. keep supporting…
Oh! Helly Shah, thank you for your support. I will try my best to keep up to your expectations. I am glad that you liked my ff. Keep supporting….
Hey Kriti.U.Kotian( Are you Kriti Poojary?), I am glad you like the episode dear. Your comment means a lot dear. i am happy to read your review. Keep loving….
Aww Sandhya Shah, thank you for your genuine words dear. Actually while expanding the previous episode I have written a lenghty so I had to shift that scene. Keep supporting…
Hey Preeti Priyanka, I am happy that you like my episode. I am glad that you are waiting for my episodes very eagerly. So here is your episode….

Episode starts with…..
Vansh gets angry and shouts” Why did you come to my room, Mrs. Anupriya?” Anupriya gets shocked. Anupriya stammers and says” I came to meet my bahu, I taught you were not there Vansh beta.” Vansh rages in anger and shouts” I have told you that I don’t have any relation with you. You are not my mother and I am not your son.” Anupriya says” Vansh, why are you behaving like this? I know I have done many mistakes but still I am your mother.” Vansh says” Oh! I think you remembered so soon that you have children. If you were really our mother then you wouldn’t have left us then. You didn’t even think about us in these years. Suddenly you came to my house and want me to treat you like my mother. If this is what you want then remember Mrs. Anupriya, I will never accept you as my mother.” Anupriya cries and says” Don’t say that Vansh, it hurts me.” Vansh holds her arms and says” Oh! you are getting hurt because of my words then what about us. I and my sisters always longed for mother’s love. We were hurt to know that our mother left us. We have beared lot of problems. We suffered a lot. What about it?” Anupriya says” Vansh, leave me. It is paining.” Vansh moves back and says” Even we felt this pain when you left us.” Ridhima feels Vansh’s pain and tries to console him.

Vansh looks at Anupriya and says” Whenever I see you around me I feel suffocated. I don’t want you to come near me. If you ever come come to my room, you will not even know the consequences.” Ridhima feels bad for Anupriya and says” Vansh, she is your mother.” Vansh shouts at her and says” Shut up, Ridhima. I have told you I don’t have any relation with her. Don’t involve in my personal matters.” He shroves her and leaves. Anupriya breaks down crying. Ridhima goes to her and tries to console her. Anupriya says” I didn’t knew my one mistake will break my relation with my son. I didn’t knew that one night made my son hate me.” Ridhima hugs her and says” Don’t worry Maa, I don’t know what happened between you both. But I am sure that he will soon accept you as his mother. He still cares for you alot.” Anupriya wonders when will that day come.

Vansh comes to the lawn and recalls what happened. He feels bad for shouting on his mother. He says” Why Maa? Why did you leave Papa and us when we needed you a lot?” He recalls that day when she left them. Ishani comes back home and looks upset. Vansh goes to her and asks ” Why are you upset?” Ishani says” Bhaiya, today Aryan and I planned to go to shopping. Now, he is telling that he is having some work and refused to come. When I insisted him to come, he got angry and shouted on me. I felt bad.” Vansh makes her sit and says” Ishani, I know you must felt bad that he shouted on you but try to understand his situation. May be he has some important work.” Ishani says” Bhaiya, What is that work which is more important than me?” Vansh says” Ishani, the one who always respects his work will get respected by others. I am glad that Aryan respects his work. You must try to understand his situation and respect his work as well.” Ishani agrees and says” I know Bhaiya, he respects his work a lot. I am upset because he shouted on me. He might have told me calmly too. We are sensitive Bhaiya, if our loved one’s scold us then we will be hurt.” Vansh recalls how he shouted on Ridhima and thinks “Even I shouted on Ridhima, I think she must have felt bad. I shouldn’t have shouted on her, she had not done any mistake after all.” Ishani looks at him lost and calls out him. Vansh says” Ishani, now what should Aryan do to make your mood up?” Ishani says” Bhaiya, obviously he should pacify me or surprise me.” She suddenly gets Aryan’s call and gets happy. Vansh takes her phone and answers her call keeping it on speaker. Aryan says” I am sorry Ishu, I was busy in my work and shouted on you. I felt that I should have told you calmly. I am very sorry , I promise I will never talk to you like that. Shall we plan a dinner outing tomorrow?” Ishani feels awkward and takes her phone back. She leaves from there. Vansh recalls Ridhima and thinks ” Now it’s my turn to pacify my sweetheart. God, please help me in this.” He gets an idea and leaves from there.

Ridhima is in her room thinking about how Vansh shouted on her. She feels bad about Vansh’s words. She gets a call from Vansh and thinks “Why he is calling?” Vansh says” Ridhima, today I am having a party with some foreign investors. Everyone are coming with their wifes. I want you to come as well. I have sent your dress with Mr. D’Souza. Get ready. My driver will come and pick you at sharp 7pm.” Ridhima tries to speak something but Vansh cuts the call. Ridhima thinks Vansh is not sorry for shouting on me. Mr. D’Souza comes in and gives the dress to her. She likes the dress and thinks Vansh has a good taste in selecting the dress. She gets ready and comes down. Ishani looks at her and says” Bhabhi, you are looking very cute. Are you going somewhere?” Ridhima nods and says” Vansh called me for a party.” Ishnai teases her and says” Oh! you both are going on a date.” Ridhima smiles and leaves.

Ridhima gets into the car and asks the driver to start the car. They leave from there. Ridhima comes to the venue but dosen’t find anyone. She gets down the car and the driver leaves. She worries as there was no light. She finds the driver left and walks ahead. She calls out Vansh. She lights her phone’s torch and looks around. She finds a path filled with flowers. She follows the path. With her each step, the lights get on. She wonders What is happening? At the end of that flower path she finds a table which is decorated with flowers and with two chaira opposite to each other. She goes to the table and finds a card over it which says the table is reserved for Mr and Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania. Ridhima calls Vansh but he doesn’t pick the call. She thinks “Where is Vansh?”
Vansh comes behind her and says” I am here.” Ridhima turns back and gets surprised seeing him. She asks” Vansh, where were you? I was so scared. Where are others?” Vansh says” There is no party. It is just we both here.” Ridhima gets surprised and says” But, Vansh… Vansh stops her and says” I want to spend time with you Ridhima, so I called you here. I want to tell you something.” He bends on his knees and takes a rose flower from his back. Ridhima wonders whether he is proposing her. Vansh says” Ridhima, I am sorry for what happened in the morning. I shouldn’t have shouted on you. I hope you will forgive me.” Ridhima gets surprised and recalls everything. She thinks ” So Vansh wants me to forgive him. Let me play with him for a while.” She gets serious and says” Vansh, you want me to forgive you just because you said a sorry. Do you know how much you have hurt me? You have shouted on me a lot. By telling just a sorry you want me to forgive you?” Vansh worries and says” Ridhima, I know how much I have hurt you. I know that just by telling a sorry you will not forgive me. Please, try to understand my situation. I was angry and shouted on you.” Ridhima tries to control her laugh and turns back. She acts to be crying. Vansh says” Please Ridhima, don’t cry. I didn’t intentionally shouted on you. I can’t see you crying.” Ridhima turns back and says” Then see me laughing only.” Vansh finds her laughing and gets surprised. He says” You were laughing until now?” Ridhima tries to control her laugh but couldn’t. Vansh says” I taught you were angry on me and felt bad. I had never said sorry to anyone. You were playing with my emotions now.” He gets upset and turns to leave.

Ridhima holds his hand and stops him. She says” I am sorry Vansh, I didn’t wanted to hurt your emotions. I just wanted to have fun.” Vansh laughs at her and says” You taught I was upset. Even I know how to play with others. I was just acting to be upset so that you will apologize to me.” Ridhima also laughs seeing Vansh’s laugh. Vansh holds her hand and says” I want to tell you something, Ridhima.”

PRECAP: Vansh and Ridhima dance with each other. A girl comes to VR Mansion and hugs Vansh. Ridhima looks at them.

  1. These incidents and characters are just too ❤️. The story till now is going great and good. Wonder what would happen now with the entry of the girl!

  2. Will this happen in the serial….

    1. No dear it’s a ff means a fan fiction here what ever we read is a different story with same character different emotion.But I would suggest you to read it also it’s too interesting and if you are a fan of riansh then it’s for you.

  3. Kaivalya

    just loving this.. waiting for the girl entry and for your next episode too.

  4. Today’s episode was just amazing. Was waiting for such lovely moments.

  5. Telugu vallu Hindi serials choosthunnaru ani nuvvu entha suprise ayyavo, fan fiction rasaedhi Telugu vallu ani thaelisina tharvatha Nenu Inka entho surprise ayyanu.
    Ok coming to the story, today’s episode is suuuuuuper. I am falling for you and the way you expressing your thoughts, it’s really excellent.
    I really love you sooo much.

    1. Lover of RiAnsh

      Avuna, fan fictions rasedi telugu valla, I never expected…I thought am I the only telugu person reading these fanfictions and this serial…although I made my friends go addicted for this serial specially riansh…meeku telisina telugu fanfictions rase vallavi suggest cheyra nenu avi chadavatanu.

  6. Preeti Priyanka

    I’m seriously so much excited for the next episode….for some riansh moments and also to know what the new entry is bringing with her for riansh….waiting for the next episode to be posted…

  7. Waiting for the romantic scenes of riansh

  8. Amazing and very romantic… Waiting for the new twist

  9. Nice episode…👌😍

  10. Omg🙈🙈😊🤭🤭😆😆😄 day by day as the story progresses it gives even bigger smile 🥰❤️it’s amazing ☺️☺️ don’t know how much I love your FFs and love you to geethu you are the fantastically perfect writter. keep writing be safe 😉 can’t wait for your next FF but sabr ka phal meetha hota hai…🤭🤭
    But I wanted to ask ki Kabir ka part forever ke liye khatam ho gaya ya phir he wil be back with something interesting!?
    And yeah love you too 🤩 Geethu thankyou for making my day beautiful 😇😇

  11. Awww…I bet if u were not from South u would hv been from Bengal..Sweetness loaded all over..Ha ha..Such a sweet episode..But I seriously wanna thank u for Riansh scenes coz the serial is running on opp was literally needed from somewhere..So thanks for that & u do detail evry bit so nycely…I wish u keep up that…Loads of luvvv
    PS- I remembered that u said that once that u are from Andhra Pradesh(C my memory) but to confirm rechecked all ur comments..That’s y I m late in commenting..So pardon me for that(commenting sometimes too requires revision xD)

  12. Hi Geetha today update is fantastic Thank you so much for bringing jealousy track surely I will tell my name in our personal chat tell me how can i catch you in our chat eagerly waiting for it explores our ideas together dear have patience take care of yourself good luck yaar for your upcoming update

  13. Thank you sister for accepting my request
    Today’s episode was just amazing 😘😘
    Precap is making us to long for next episode
    Well wishing for your upcoming episodes
    With lots of love a fan of yours from
    Tamil Nadu 😜😜

  14. The whole Surprise Date scene is so amazing,, I could clearly imagine myself seeing those two sweethearts on screen in this scene and laughed too,, You’ve got an exceptional talent of writing where we can actually connect with each and every part of the story,,
    Also, a small correction out there: The word ‘thought’ is being misspelled as ‘taught’ for a while now,, hope you get that corrected next time ❤️

  15. Naira U Singh

    Nice episode. I really liked the episode bcs of riansh romantic moment.
    I hope next time u will put a jealousy track and you know love confession between our two lovers. Hope u post soon. Love

  16. Abhipsha Banerjee

    Such a lovely episode🥰🥰 Eagerly waiting for next episode.Keep posting. Best of Luck👍👍

  17. Lover of RiAnsh

    Hey Greeshnma, episode was really cool, want to read more on riansh moments I really love them a lot and your ff is
    making my heart skip a beat…..I am very much excited for your next episode

  18. Lover of RiAnsh

    Greeshma nuvvu wattpad lo kuda unnara? If you are, share your id, I’ll follow you…naku mari anta exact ga telugu sentence frame don’t mind

  19. Bhuvaneshwari

    Aww…. Tq Geetha ❤️💕… It was just an awesome episode and Riansh 😍🥰🤣🤣🤣… Lots of love❤️💕☺️😍❣️

    1. Bhuvaneshwari

      Carry on with ur great work akka ❤️ kalakkunga

  20. Yup!! Today was really wonderful day! Thanks 😊
    Previously Vansh was getting jealous of ridhbir, so excited to see her side too🤭
    Your ff’s are totally opposite to the real story that’s the reason we love it and really enjoying it, hope you will update us soon😊
    By the way! Where is kabir? Will he’s not gonna be in your fiction anymore 🤔

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