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Anyway I am updating the second part.

Evening time

Raisinghania Industry chairman office

A man in her mid twenties entered in office bit tired and just settled himself on chair and within few minutes another man same of his age entered and was bit worried with somewhat guilty too but trying his best to hide he speak

Man: Boss how was press release hope no one…

Cutting him in between another one speak

Man: Angre don’t worry like every-time no one from the press have seen my face and it was smooth too, by now it’ll be out for people to know I think, but leave all aside tell what is thing you want me to know.

Angre: Boss your mother have called so many time and told me that she have something important to discuss with you and I think this time too it is

Cutting him in between another one spoke

Man: Yeah marriage matter, anyway dial her number put on speaker I’ve few reports to check and sign before we call it a day.

Very next second Angre dailed and very next second person from other side answered

“Vansh why you always keep yourself this busy can’t you spare few minutes to your Mum?”

Before person can continue Vansh spoke

Vansh: Mom it’s launch of my dance studio so today have been one of most hectic day don’t worry tell me what’s the matter?

Uma(Vansh’s Mom): You remember I told you that you have to get married before you turn 27 to some specific girl to get rid of your curse and just like all other time I foreseen everything I’ve image of a girl and I get your father draw the same, I am sending you picture all you’ve to do is search her and get married to her.

Vansh is shocked and surprised beyond limit he is somewhat angry too but maintaining his most possible calm tone (but he was failing and anger is visible in his voice with high tone) he answered

Vansh: Seriously mom, foreseeing of me getting married, you saw girl and get draw her but now you want me to search her, mom let me know if you have eaten anything wrong lately or anything else

But before he can continue further his mom stared

Uma: Why don’t you understand that you can’t marry any random girl and you know I’ve always been true with all my foreseen matters so it will be true too.

Vansh: You’ve been right all the time cause I was hell bent on making it right plus neither of you being my side so all I am focusing is on business so it turn out to be true.

Uma: Whatever but trust me she is the only girl who’ll be helping you in get rid off your curse.

Vansh: Mom seriously just because I didn’t agree you started bringing that and you know that I never make public appearances and I can’t go out in public in search of that girl and

But before he can continue his snapping another male voice from other side spoke

Man: Son, first all of your mom is worried for you all the while you know that and you know that it won’t be normal marriage where we will nag you for child after it, it’s just for you this marriage is required so stop overthinking, and do as your mother say, and you and I both know that you’ve your own way to handle things so try that and don’t try this high tone with her next time I am warning you.

And with that call went off leaving Vansh bit surprised and happy (that his mother have loved a man who can’t take even a single word in front of her) but same time his phone vibrated a bit indicating a message he received and he checked his phone it was from his Mom and it’s a photo of girl whom he have to search looking at photo he spoke

Vansh: So miss who so ever you are right now be ready to become Mrs. Raisinghania. I am coming for you.

And turning to Angre’s side he spoke

“Angre we need to search this girl but try the way to not make sure that no one apart from we two know about this”

Angre: Boss I can start search only after audition of dance studio.

Vansh: It’s okay we’ve one whole year to search her.

And once more he looked at picture before getting indulge in reports.

Dinner time Singh’s Bunglow

Riddhima was running from kitchen to dinning table to bring food and dishes for everyone and after collecting everything she called everyone for dinner after serving plate along with medicine to her grandmother.

once everyone settled on their respective chair she started serving everyone most delicious Oats khichdi and aromatic curry with Roti and aachar. One Ishani saw the things served in her dish she turned to her mom and spoke

Ishani: Mom, didn’t I told you that I want to eat Lasagna in dinner then why I am being served with this bled hospital food.

But before Anupriya can answer Siya spoke

Siya: Ishani it’s not blend, test once and plus things like Lasagna loaded with cheese and butter is not good for heart and health so once in while it is okay to eat this normal food. And you should be thankful that you are getting ready-made food to eat it many people have to work hard to eat while many are there who are not even getting food so stop throwing your tantrums and eat normally.

Ishani: Ohh miss useless I got your point just because you can’t eat all tasty food because of your heart we too have to suffer and get stuck with this food and about tantrums better you not utter a word, anyway Mom I am not eating anything.

Ishan who was waiting for opportunity to get rid of this food he spoke

Ishan: I am too not eating.

And both siblings left from dining table and while leaving Ishan intentionally spill hot bowl of curry on Siya’s leg leaving her screaming in pain.

Very next moment Riddhima run to her but Anupriya stopped her and said

Anupriya: Stop there go and get Lasagna ready I can’t see my children starving.

Riddhima: Can’t you see she is in pain and Papa for god sake at least once take care of us we are your children too (with tears rolling from her eyes)

Amar who was scared bit that if he won’t take her side right now she might back out from alliance so he spoke

Amar: Anupriya let it be I’ll order for them.

And without uttering anything she left from there without touching food followed by Amar leaving both sister crying on table. Once they are out of sight Siya spoke

Siya: Di can’t we live peaceful life? Why it’s just we who have to suffer all the time?

Riddhima who is already broken with morning incidents and now this but she knows that if she broke even a bit no one will be there to handle them so she composed herself and spoke

Riddhima: Leave everything. I’ll clean your leg and then we both sister will have dinner together forget them. Am I not enough for you?

Siya: You’re my world.

And she hugged her and both cry lil, later Riddhima cleaned Siya and fed her ate too. While with Anupriya and Ishani and Ishan’s stubbornness Amar took them out for dinner.

Same time Maheswari’s home

Kabeer was working on his laptop and it been fifth time Sakshi came to him calling for dinner now she is frustrated

Sakshi: Will you please now come for dinner? and leave it now, tomorrow morning we’ve to go Singh’s so sleep early.

Kabeer after few minutes completed his work and closing his laptop he spoke

Kabeer: Mom I was sending my proposal to one investor and trust me if everything work fine then in next quarter we’ll be rich too.

Sakshi: Let’s see your would be woman is lucky for you or not? But now go for dinner.

And nodding to her both mother-son duo left for dinner.

So, done with it hope you all will like and love it. Please drop words of appreciation if you like it. (I’ve not proofread it so please bare with it.)

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  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Poor Sia is screaming with pain because of Aryan and her father is seriously helpless. Surprisingly, Vansh is a directot of Dance Academy. Excited to know which girl’s was shown to him by Uma. It seems like Amar, Anupriya, Ishan, Ishaani would meet Kabir and Sakshi at dinner

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  3. Waiting for riansh’s meet.
    And ff was damn good.

  4. Am really very excited for the first meeting of ridhu and vansh TQ for the fast update and it’s really nice. As a frnd small suggestion for you, pls check the spelling before you post the episode. Don’t mind but if you correct this it will be very helpful for you

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  9. Avi ji I beg to point , if you stop using ‘plus’ and drop ‘also’ instead it will be more nice and cool. And also I’m bit confused, Vansh is having a curse ( according to his mom) thus may be according to his fate, astrology or any kundli type. To get rid of that he might marry someone who suits his star ( whatever it is IDK accurately )But i don’t get it marrying a girl who comes in dreams😶. Smells something ILLOGICAL. Dont be despair🙌 I’m only sharing my opinion NOT FORCING you .☺

  10. Lover of RiAnsh

    Excited for the riansh firat meet & next update. Please make Riddhima bold…even her father is spineless man not less evil than anupriya and their children, It feels like siya & ridz are not his children but someone else and they are using them to get their property telling they are their real father & step mother….not any kind of father would be so mean towards his own children…jaroor dal mei kuch kala hei

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    But who’s pic it was I mean ishani is also in dance academy and ridhima too
    Let’s watch what happen next!!😊
    Well your fiction and your words are really unpredictable really enjoyed a lot 👏👍
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