Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 23

Let’s begin…

Sanskar was still in shock.. He couldn’t believe that his wife.. His Ragini can be too fast?

Her cell phone rings… To break this bliss moment

Ragini immediately composes and takes her mobile runs to balcony

Sanskar:what just happened??? He was still in shock(like you ppl??)

Ragini sees the caller id….

Ragini herself:why is laksh calling me now.. Hope he doesn’t runaway..

She picks the call

Ragini:ha laksh…

Laksh:bhabhi 4 din baad uski shaadi hai

Ragini :kya???

She turns and looks around sanskar was in the room and was reading some book

Ragini :u mean the girl you love?

Laksh :bhabhi i don’t know what to do? I love her bhabhi?!

Ragini:ok i will talk with Sanskar

Lak:no no no bhabhi… Please….

Ragini:but why he would help you?

Lak:i know but bhaai won’t go against our family and you know that she is bengali and there was one more thing i have hidden it from you… Bhaai wold pakka won’t accept it..

Ragini:leave all that tell me what you have hidden it from me

Lak:she belongs to a Don’s family.. Means just like don… Don ki beti

Ragini:bas don ki beti utnahi naaaa(now understanding his point) kya Don ki beti?????

Sanskar heard her talking so he came to check her

San:Ragini any problem

Lak;bhabhi please don’t tell bhaiyya anything please

Ragini:i will talk to you tomorrow…

Sanskar looks at her suspiciously

Ragini opens her mouth and acts sleepy :bohoth neend aa rahi hai mein jaake sothi hoon

Sanskar comes to other side and sleeps….

Morning Sanskar wakes up and be sea Ragini isn’t there…

He gets fresh and comes out…

Then moves down… He couldnt see anyone…

He listens some sound

He sees Shambhu(the cook) :arey jamaai ji aap uth gaye

Sanskar smiles :ha… Par ghar mein sab kahan hai?

Shambhu laughs:all are in kitchen… Because Ragini baby’s rasoi na today…

Sanskar smiles…

He moves towards the kitchen

Ragini was making the food and everybody are instructing there

Shekar:who created this rasoi rasam? Mera baccha kitna mehnath karega

Janki:even i did it

Naina:me too..

Raghav:but i didnt force you to do something

Naina:but its a ritual..

Arjun:add chilli powder

Ragini turns to him and glares him:i will mix the chilli powder give it to you..

Arjun:i just told your kheer would be little spicy

Ragini:khana tayyar hai… Now tasting time..

All moves close

Shekar:aise nahi

All understands his sign..

All closes and inhales the aroma


Shekar first tastes it…

Then all tastes it…

Ragini looks at all with fingers crossed…

All:wow… Sab log ungli chaat jayenge

Ragini jumps a bit like a kid with happiness

Sanskar adores her with a wide smile nobody noticed him..

Arjun:everything is ok but…

All looks at him:i think one cup of sugar must be added in daal makhni…

All glares him

Arjun sees Ragini…

Arjun:hamle ke liye thayyar…

He immediately takes the plate and spoon

Ragini takes a vessel and belan to fight with him

Naina:so who will win in the world war 3?

Her eyes falls on sanskar she pokes Raghav

Raghav:arjun Ragini.. But they were not in the verge to listen…


Arjun:2 mins dad.. I will win this war by killing my oppnent

Ragini:haha.. Is it but you will die… I would die once after i done see you dying

All tries to stopthem…

Here sanskar couldn’t control his laughter… He laughs…

Arjun and Ragini looks at all.. They points to the direction and sanskar

All joins with sanskar and laughs

Both Ragjun gets embarrassed

After sometime…

Both Ragsan leaves…

In car..

Sanskar teasing:waise how was the war? Did you fell anywhere?

Ragini looks other side being embarrassed

Sanskar smiles…

San:i had to ask you what you did to bua dadi

Ragini:i… I didn’t do anything…

Sanskar :hmmmmmm


Sanskar :ok.

Ragini looks at him..

And after sometime they reach..

All welcomes them…

Ragini goes to bua dadi and bends to take blessings bua dadi stops her and blesses her by plastering a big fake smile

And after sometime her rasoi rasam starts..

All guests come

And they tastes Ragini’s food and Ragini also serves Red velvet cake?

All praises her food…

Ragini was tired and she falls on the bed

Sanskar comes and sees her tired…

Ragini after seeing him sits

He goes to her and sits next to her

Ragini looks at him…

He takes her hand… Ragini gets confused

He keeps some money

Ragini :why is this for?

Sanskar :it’s my right…

Ragini :but i dont need this

Sanskar:i know… But its a husband’s right and i think you would give me this!

She looks at him

Sanskar:today u did a lot of work and nek tho bantha hai..

Ragini smiles :ok…

Sanskar:shall i ask you something

Ragini:u don’t need permission

Sanskar:what is bothering you?

Ragini smiles:nothing like that!

Sanskar:you sure… You aren’t hiding anything from me right!

Ragini felt bad to hide laksh’s story to him..
Ragini nods in no

Sanskar smiles and caresses her cheeks and then kisses her forehead and leaves…

After he left laksh comes there!

Ragini looks at him

Laksh:when i was talking to you even pari bhabhi got to know about it

Ragini :what?

Pari comes :yes i heard it… And we don’t have enough time….

Ragini:sabse pehle hame shaadi rokhni hai

Pari nods:but kaise

Both of them thinks…

Pari:hum dulhan ko bhagaade tho

Laksh:bad idea bhagaane ke chakkar mein sab mar jayenge

Rag:no laksh its the good idea

Laksh:but how will we go outside of this house to kolkata… Its not in delhi

Ragini and pari smiles at each other :leave it on us!

Laksh gets confused

Pari:but show us atleast her photo… Her name…

Laksh takes out his phone:her name is nithya.. Pyaar se neethu bulathe hai…

Ragini :oh ho neethu..

Laksh smiles..

He shows them the photo
Both pari and Ragini smiles

To be continued….

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