Spoilers 10th May 2018 Revised

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

The retro look proves out to be lucky for Bulbul and Vijay. Mandira gets jealous seeing them coming closer. The family celebrates Agastya’s success in the elections. Bulbul and Vijay participate in the paper dance. They come close while reaching close to their win. They enter the last round. They romance while expressing love via eyes. Mandira loses her focus seeing them. She fails in the round. Dadi gets upset with her. Gayatri joins hands with Mandira. She wants to make Mandira accept her real motives. Gayatri doubts on Mandira. She lies to Mandira and asks her why did she come back in Vijay’s life. She hopes Mandira opens up the secret.

Laado 2:

Anushka has come back to Veerpur. She brings a big change in the village. Malhari and Rantej’s crimes get known. The villagers protest against the evil doers. Anushka saves Juhi. She unites Shaurya and Juhi. Anushka takes the bold avatar. She wants to end Malhari’s rule in Veerpur. Anushka finally succeeds and gets justice for Yuvraaj’s death. Anushka takes revenge from Malhari for torturing Juhi till now. Villagers want to kill Malhari and Rantej. They get fire torches and try to burn the haveli. Shaurya stops them. Juhi gets thankful to Anushka for saving them.

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