Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part -Epilogue)

A smile crept on my lips when I heard him humming the same song. He slowly walked and wrapped his hands across me as I continued kneed the flour. “Sanskar” I whined silently. He kissed my cheek making me frown.

“Why do you look this beautiful every morning” he whispered and I could not help but blush. “May be because you give me great competition in looks” I smiled and he kissed on my shoulder jerking me.

And still his kisses had the same effect on me. Electricity just ran through my spine. He wrote something on my bare back.

“I love you to Pati dev” I pecked his cheek and he drooled hugging me.

“Mumma” he moved away hearing our daughter’s squeal. I chuckled looking at him. My cute adorable hubby. Sometimes I feel like eating him like I eat a delicious chocolate.

Mihira came to the kitchen rubbing her one eye. “What happened baby?” I looked at her.

“Dadda woke me up” she pouted her lips. “Haaw what I did now?” Sanskar stopped eating the carrot and looked at her.

“You know I need my favorite pillow” she said and I burst out laughing. “Oh hello I’m your mumma’s favorite pillow not yours right” he said picking her in his arms.

“If you are mumma’s then mine also Chanku” she dangled her hands across his neck and placed her little head over his chest.

“Mi. How many times I have told don’t call papa like that?” I glared her. “It’s okay Biwi. My daughter right she can call me anything” he winked at her and I rolled my eyes looking at the plate changer father and daughter duo.

“Now being cutie pie time over and time to get ready starts” I looked at them both.

“Yes mom” they screamed and moved from there. I nodded my head and got back to my work of preparing breakfast.

“Ragini” I heard Sanskar calling me and walked to the room. “I will look at the break fast” he walked to the kitchen. “Mumma” I heard Mihira’s voice and walked to the washroom.

I gave her bath and wrapped a towel bringing out. After making her wear the clothes I was ready to make her hair when she stopped me.

“Mumma you don’t plait nicely. Dadda does it awesome” she jumped. “Okay Dadda ki chamchi” I said handing her the comb and walked to the kitchen to send her super dad back to her.

We had divided her work equally. Sanskar used to make her brush and comb her hair and I used to give her bath and make her wear the clothes. I had the break fast making duty and Sanskar had the best job that was feeding the little shaitan.

“You know right this week Mi’s parent teacher meeting?” I asked Sanskar while I made him wear his blazer.

“And I wonder isn’t she in a play school still?” he asked me and I chuckled. “Ohho world’s best Pati Dev you have lot to work out before you become world’s best dad alright” I kissed his cheek.

While I was heading away he dragged me twirling and made my hands dangle across his neck. “You should be taught the proper art of romance” he dragged me closer to him.

“And who is gonna teach me Romeo?” I teased him. “Um hm” he touched our foreheads and his cologne filled my nostrils.

“But where is your drape?” I smirked. “I thought Shakespear needed it more” he smiled. “Mumma” again Mihi’s voice made us move away and he looked around embarrassed.

“Baby five minutes” I screamed and dragged my husband back to me and placed my lips over his. He was taken a back by my action.

“You will kill me someday” he  spoke in between the kiss and deepening the kiss.

I waved them bye while Sanskar walked out of the home picking Mihira in his arms.

After I finished all my work I settled in my room to clean the closet. As I was doing so I found the album.

As I turned the first page I caressed on it. “MY LIFELINE” I caressed on the font written by Sanskar.

The first page had the picture of us with Mihira when she was just born. A tear tripped my eye when my heart was filled with the happiness remembering it.

Then there was the picture of Mihira who was lying on the floor and Sanskar was playing with her. Then it was the picture when she stood on her feet for the first time. Then one when she first spoke. And then when she started walking.

Like this every stage of her life was stored in that beautiful album. I appreciate Sanskar’s efforts to keep every little of our life safe as memories.

I wouldn’t have thought about this at all as my husband is ultimate God of creativity and cuteness.

When I rewind my life from the day he had visited my home I find all the most beautiful memories.

The time we spent in scary house. It was the day I realized I did not take any wrong accepting his proposal. And then the talk at engagement made me more comfortable with him.

The day of marriage he surprised me when he said first he wants me to trust him and consider him as a friend.

From there his every caring gesture has just made my heart melt every time.

I sighed taking a deep breath. Placing the album back I got back to my work.


I woke up to the alarm sound. I looked at my left where Sanskar and Mihira was sleeping cutely. I tiptoed walking out and did all the arrangements.

I looked at the clock and when it turned 12 I kissed both the dad and daughter’s foreheads. “Happy Birthday Cupcakes” I yelled and both woke up with a jerk.

“Thank god I need not prepare for two days ” I said placing the cake on the table. “Wow balloons” Mihira looked at the balloons excited.

Sanskar smiled looking at her. “Now the cake time” I forwarded the cake which I had cooked the previous day and placed it in the freezer.

Not just the birthday but this father daughter also shared the same taste for chocolate. “Chocolate Cake” both squealed happy looking at it.

“I guess so” I smiled at them.

“You are the best” both pounced from either side to hug me. And I was being squeezed between them.

And that suffocation was something I never minded.
After the cake cutting was finished I forwarded the gift box to Mihira. “My birthday gift” she jumped happily.

“Thank you mumma” she kissed my cheek. “It is not mine. It’s sent by your Dadi” I said her and her eyes had the same sparks as Sanskar had whenever she was mentioned.

“What about my gift?” Sanskar looked at me with puppy eyes. “She said you are now a father of 4 year old kid and should not be expecting all that” I repeated what Mom had told me to say.

“That’s not fair” Sanskar frowned. “I can’t help it” I shrugged my shoulders. I saw his fallen face. I know how much he expects a gift from his mother though he has grown so much.

And that’s actually cute how he is so attached to his mother now also with the same intensity. I have been telling mom not to distance herself from Sanskar but she says he should be given that space and he will be used to it.

But it has been so many years I have not seen him getting used to this though.

When he returned from office in the evening he collapsed on the couch. His team leader role right now is exhausting but he never gets that stress back to him.

I dangled my hands across his neck hugging him from back. I kissed the side of his head and he smiled with his closed eyes.

“Missing mom?” I asked him and he took a deep breath.

“And your mom is here” Mom walked out with her huge Punjabi grin out of our room.

Sanskar who jerked walked to his mom and hugged her tightly.

“You sure know making my life hell don’t you?” he spoke in a choking voice.

“Oye mera puttar hi hai na tu. From when he has become so emotional?” mom looked at me. “Only when you try to push him away” I smiled through my tears.

“Dadi” Mihira squealed happy running to her grandmother. Now the expression on the dad daughter duo was similar.

I nodded my head looking at them. The art of being so cute you should learn from Mr Sanskar Maheshwari and his daughter.

Mom settled in our room with Mihira accompanying her. Dad had some property paper work and he prevented Dadi accompanying mom as he thought they might end up killing each other on the way.

“That was an awesome surprise you know” Sanskar hugged me from behind and I jerked due to his sudden movement.

Before I could talk he picked me up and I was still too shocked to react. 
“Put me down” I looked at him. “Nope. Not unless I utilize this our time” he placed me on the bed and leaned to me.

And the blood rushed to my cheek and I lowered my eyes.

“You make me mad when you bat your eye lashes and blush” he leaned more close this time sealing my lips with his. And making our time filled with love and passion.

Oh I know now why I love my love so much. Because he made me love him and in turn love my life.


Finally the journey ended.

I had a great time writing this extra sweet and cliched story. Lol

Hope you have liked it.

And the name of RagSan daughter is combination of Mihika and Ragika (Mahira)  the two idiots because of whom I wrote the story.

Okay enough of my blabbering.

Bye guys for now.

Love ,

Sally 😘

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