Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 24)

Starts with arjun looking at rads, rads still has her eyes closed, arjun gets more closer to rads he cups her face and bring her face close to his, he arranges her hair strands behind her ear properly, and bring his lips close to her ear, rads is fully mesmerized by his presence, she s so lost into his passionate touch, arjun whispers in husky voice still how long u going to remain with eyes closed, open ur eyes and look at me, by telling this arjun again caresses her face, rads slowly open her eyes and looks at arjun, both looking into each other eyes, the situation turns more romantic as it start to rain, both were drenched completely wet in rain yet though they continue their starting session Bheeng loon songs in b g

Scene cuts to Misha and tittu searching for rads as they were getting late to reach hostel, Misha tries calling rads, but her phone is switched off, Misha gets tensed, tittu says no use of calling her, v have to search her, becose it’s already late, if ve din reach on time, then v have to sleep outside only… Misha says are you joking tittu, it is impossible to reach hostel tody, see how it’s raining, and our rads dunno were she went, then tittu let’s do one thing, let’s go in different path and search her… Tittu and Misha goes in different direction.

Scene 2

Tittu and Misha are busy searching for rads, tittu was up to reach field, she thinks whether to go to field are not since it’s getting dark anyway rads vll not go there alone, she thinks for sometime and leaves from there..

Scene cuts to ardhika eyelocks, arjun eyes moves down to her lips and stays there, rads feels shy she tries to go but arjun holds her hand and pulls her to him, her wet hair caresses his face, arjun lifts up her chin to make her look at him, he pulls her body more closer to his, and holds her waist tightly, rads tries to escape from him but couldn’t her hand is holding tight to his shirt, arjuns hand moves up from her waist to her hair, he clutch her hair tight, he bring his lips close to hers, rads close her eyes, arjun lips is nearing rads..

Scene 3

Misha is going down the stairs in hurry speaking to someone else in phone, suddenly she gets slipped, her phone is thrown away, she shouts and close her eyes, after sometime she feels strongg arms is holding her tight to safe guard her from falling, she opens her eyes and see it’s Neil they look at each other
Neil: what u doing here, u din go to hostel
Misha: am searching radhika dunno were she went…Neil looks at her tensed face…

Arjun insults rads, rads is abt to hit by car Neil saves her…

Credit to: Deepa

  1. Deepa dear….. thats not fare na… plz dont seperate them plzzz. Now radhika will leave the college…… very sad na….

    1. Hi hayathi,no yaar rads won’t leave CLG for sure,aft this incident she vll bcom bold and strong Dr….don’t b sad keep rocking yaar,,,love u alots

  2. Today’s epi is Nice and Awesome buddy… But Precap looks Sad yaar..Deepa I was worried for this scene yaar pls don’t do this…I asked u earlier itself its Arj gonna break Rads heart ♥?… Ahhh…poor Rads…i am worried for u…i hate u Arj ( In this scene and Part ) I love ❤ ArDhika so much yaar so i can’t c them separated and mainly betrayal by Arj..So poor..Practically ur writing was good and Nice and different story…??
    Keep going…waiting for Next epi eagerly to know what is gonna Happen…pls i request you pls put ur next epi Today itself yaar..Honestly na my mind will struck into this story to know what is gonna I am a little Impatient and Curious Girl.? Take care ? buddy and love ❤ u loads…

    1. Hi Alia,hru buddy,a ft long time seeing ur comment Dr,ardhika won’t get sepetated yaar,still our arjun won’t betray her don’t worry,he s unaware of his feelings for her due to his status and personality tats it…his insulting words vll make our rads more bold and strong,well in coming episode u vll see modern radhika Misha….now their act story going to start Dr….for tat u have to wait for some days..will u buddy….

    2. Of course buddy…i will wait for that…nice and awesome storyline to come up…waiting to c Bold Rads and Arj a hard working Man..and one more thing its Arj have any Past?…
      Buddy I always comment on ur story..i think u haven’t seen that..and one day bcoz of tiredness I haven’t commented on any story I think u have seen that buddy and thought I haven’t commented…
      Waiting for today’s epi…pls post soon buddy…take care ? ❤ u…


    1. Hey Valli hru,sure vll update it yaar,nowadays they are giving us more works yaar,so only busy… Wen I am free for sure vll update it u

  4. Why arjun insulted rads. Is he suffering frm any disease n what 2 leave rads or taking the revenge of the slap

    1. Hello aparna,tats suspense u have to wait for sometime to know abt it…

  5. Cute epd and neil and misha rocking but precap so sad yaar,keep going and luv u deepa

    1. Hi anu ,,,don’t b sad,enjoy upcoming epi,hope tat may b pieces of cake for u

  6. oh deepa wat a twist dr arjun insults rads,waiting for nxt dr.update asap yaar.anyway today’s episode is awesome dr.

    1. Hey chinni,thank u so much buddy..hru yaar

  7. Ayyo…deepa..pls…

    Ennala mudila….so long..i waited for ur story…..i really,can’t control my feelings abt this story i mean its awesome yar…this episode also make me crazy…..u know how many times…i came to this site for ur story…but this morning only i got urs….but now my curiosity increased only……why this arjun insult radhu…..she proposed to him or not…pls deepa.u should update today today s holiday……pls…deepa…”I ‘M THE MOST CRAZIEST PERSON FOR UR CRAZY LOVE” ….so pls i m requesting u to update today itself..pls give me (ur fan) a treat…..i can’t wait so pls pls pls…..deepa….i m waiting for u…..Don’t ignore me pls…:-(

    1. Abi u frm Kerala?

    2. Hi abi,nee tamilian uh,,,nice to c u here yaar,ennakum aasai than yaar to post daily BT in our college they assigning many works for us yaar ,,semaya thola panranga…way to do buddy….un eagerness enAku purithu yaar don’t worry buddy I vll post today for sure ma since its holiday….rads told arjun tat she has got feeling for arjun,,,BT yethuku arjun,rads uh insult panran nu terinchika u have to wait for some time buddy…

  8. Hai deepa, today epi – awesome.
    Precap- arjun insult radu, oh o. So sad.

    1. Hi Naomi,no sadness buddy,

  9. Today’s epi was nice. …misha n neil scenes were awesome. ..waiting for next update….I don’t want arjun to hurt radhika

    1. Hi lulu,,,it’s important yaar,then only their love vll become more stronger and more crazier than before

  10. hey deepa dear superb episode yaar but precap so sadd

    1. Hey Sree,thank u buddy…post ur updates asap yaar,can’t able to wait Dr…no sadness Dr b happy.. Upcoming epi vll b interesting yaar don’t worry

    2. ofcourse i’l try u and miss u buddy

    3. one more request yaar i want ti learn help me friends…

  11. Good one. Some drama is going to happen. But after that please dontmake radz crying and crying. I dont like radz crying. Make her more strong. Please. Do update daily yaar.

    1. Hi manha,sure yaar aft this incident u vll witness modern ardhika Misha with strong and boldness….

  12. Hi deepa, awesome episode, but please don’t separate our love birds Ardhika… Please continue writing and please update the next episode sooooooonnnn, eagerly waiting waiting waiting…Love you loads and very very tight hug

    1. Hi Roma tight hug for u too my Dr…don’t worry yaar our ardhika are made for each other yaar,don’t worry I won’t separate them yaar,sure I vll update soon buddy…

    2. Thx deepa, I got little worried with the precap but now eagerly waiting to see bold and strong Radhika. Love u dearrrr and also waiting for ArDhika’s craaaaazyyyyy love….muaaaahhh, keep posting…

  13. Hai deepa. .nice episode.. bt precap not good ya. . Pls don’t breaks rads heart. .. idiot arjun. ..

  14. Wellllllllllllllllllllll done dear deepa,

    Loved to read your story.

    Bheeg loong song rocks in the track dear.

    Loved the ardhika track romance in the raing wet atmosphere make it more romantic .

    Oooooooooooooooooh Loved the new twist also read ur comment that give a glimpse dat why arjun insults rad sounds like u give ur readers another reason to read more


    Really getting eager to see bold side of radz u know even in dat serial always radz is dominating on arjun personality by her giving dialoguies her personality gives a glimpse of a strong heated woman.

    When arjun insults rads and then we get to know why he is so much meherbaan from the first day on her. Love at the first day first sight without interesting.

    but love with lots of fighting and still love stay between them then it binds them in strong relation.

    Eagerly waiting for rads bold avataar. And for the twist dear.

    One song is dedicated not for the scent just only for u deepa dear and for all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Fly like a masakali in the world of writing dear .

  15. Strong heated not strong hearted woman.

    sooooooooo sorry for the mistake dear . OOOOOh typos mistake.

  16. Thank u so much Deepa…ardhika is always loved fr their passion,..ur story track is making me glued to it..I too expect bold radhika ..then it will be nice to see Arjun realising his feelings..
    wow wat an imagination…deepa u rock as usual ..loads of love dr….
    waiting fr the following episode…

  17. hey is not fine yaar. why arjun is turning to bad. But one thing radhika will get hurt and try to avoid arjun and hopefully arjun’s life will get hard without radhika and finally made him fall in love with radhika.i guess this meanwhile neil and misha is realising their love and agree it whole heartedly..
    Nice job.Keep doing…

  18. Hi deepa… today’s episode was awesome… omg arjun could do this… he grabbed her hair… poor radz. at first time she try to say her feeling to someone in turn she did get insulting, nothing else…ahh felt bad

    but I think after this incident she will become more confidence and hope we might watching of her new attitude.
    nimish is also dazzling jodi! !!!. I love Neil’s attitude in crazy love. he is more sensitive and rude towards sam.
    once again it is become more crazier enhances story day by day…. thnx a lot.
    we are eager to read next episode. loveee you loads.

  19. nice deepa….btw do u know where is anaya???? she left story in between…..can u please search for her or please tell me if u see her……..tell me on mmz fan pg 1 in desi tv box……please…………or can u plz tell someone to look for her……i am really missing her stories……..yor are an amazing writer…..srsly, ur imagination is out of this world……….lets see what happens next in your story……and plz look out for anaya…..thanx

  20. Hey Deepa!!!???

    Hey yaar y radhika crying yaar ?? Pls make her strong na !!!????

  21. wow deepa super story dear, keep it up,iam waiting for your next update

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