Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 2

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Here is the 2nd episode.
Sana and Sruthi enter the college gate. They both are chit-chatting and are happy. Soon, they enter the class. Both are studying Sociology. Sana sits on second bench near Akshita.
Akshita is a chubby girl with specs. She doesn’t eat much, but she is still fat and she can’t help it. She tried a lot to struggle with the fat figure, but all turned out to be useless. So she gave up trying and is now friends with only Sana. Others keep teasing her. She was thrown out from any group she joined and was left with just Sana, who seemed to accommodate her without hesitation.
So here they are. Akshita and Sana. Sruthi, was a back bencher with her close buddies. They are a group of 8. They fill the last 2 benches. They were busy doing touch ups and taking selfies. Just then the first bell rung and soon Professor Jagjith came to class. He was concerned with the relation of sociology with our history . He started asking questions randomly on previous topic. Sruthi was soon asked a question. She stood up and kept looking over her nail polish. Professor fired her out and soon the 7 others were out too. As soon as the 8 were out, they left the corridor. Sana just sighed. Sana was questioned the relevance of sociology. She explained it. Soon, the lecture began. To be frank, it was too boring. Everyone is busy talking and writing chits to one another. Professor just faced the blackboard and kept explaining and didn’t bother if anyone listens or not. However, he made sure all studied the portions he covered by showering questions the next day. Soon bell rang. Sruthi and friends entered class. It was Sneha mam’s class. No boy or girl ever dared to miss her class.Not because she was strict. She was real hot.Obviously boys won’t miss the class. Girls loved her fashion tastes. She brought new trends to college. It was like watching a fashion magazine. And ofcourse, the book worms won’t miss any class. So full attendance when it came to studying ‘scope of sociology’. The time went by real quick and the 2nd hour was soon over. It was last hour before lunch. This was mostly a free hour. Those who loved to roam around would leave the class by then. Some would be found in canteen, some would be roaming around near the big banyan with benches around it.
And in our frame, Sana goes to left and Sruthi to right side. And screen shows 2 places, on left side Sana entering library and is searching a book in the shelves, while on the right side, Sruthi and friends after freshening up went to the canteen.

Precap: Sruthi is chatting with her friends in hike while Sana is writing diary.

That’s it for now. Will come soon. And by 4th episode, our hero will be in frame. :-). Love you loads….

Credit to: Anaya

  1. Nice start anaya…. continue…. and where is our hero…. introduce him….. all the best to u…. ?????

  2. Nice buddy…such a short epi yaar..increase a little bit yaar..Sorry If it hurts u..Waiting for next part to know about hero…keep writing…take care ?..love ❤ u too buddy..

  3. Gud going anaya. Truly lv the story.

    1. R there 2 heroes or 1? Plz make it 2 & make their entry at the same tym. Otherwise it will be same as other real serials both the sisters will fall in luv with the same guy & 1 will sacrifice her luv 4 the other. Plzzzzzzzz.

  4. eager to know what next….bt plz dnt follow those tortures we hv at our tv screens…….smoething new and interesting…..u can even imagine ur actors and tell us name so that v can imagine more beautifully……

  5. Hi Ananya, lovely episode. Getting interest in this story very much. Nice plot and cute characters. Keep it up and continue writing. Eagerly waiting for the next episode and the entry of our Hero. Sooooo excited….Love you loads and very very tight hug…Take care

  6. hey anaya- excellent episode. your are master in imagination skill .!!!!!!!!
    I like it very much. thnx for giving such a different concept mainly based on girl aspects.
    eagerly waiting for entry of our charming hero 🙂 😉
    plzz update soon … can’t wait!

  7. Thank you for the support…

  8. Nyccc keep it up

  9. hey anaya I don’t get your next episode of DHKMN !!!
    plss give me the link through which I can read next part.
    plzz dear. I eager to read it.

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