Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 6

The episode starts with doctor telling to Mr. Raichand that Vansh situation is critical and I am afraid he may not come out of coma. All the family members get worried and prays for his good health. On the other hand, Priya’s dad came to the hospital, doctor give him bad news that they couldn’t able to save your daughter as she had several head injuries and due to blood clotting her body stop working. I am so sorry for you lose. Mr. Aggarwal gets on his knees and cries, remembering his moments with his daughter from childhood till now. After 1 month, vansh is still in coma while Priya’s family did her funeral and left the city for good. Vansh dreams about Priya. Priya in his dream says to him to let her go, I know I asked to you promise me not to let go me but now the situation is different. I can’t come back and you still have a second chance to live your life. Vansh says my life was you, if you are not here than I don’t want to live too. Priya says not to say such words. You have to live, if not for yourself than live for me, live the life for the fullest. If we couldn’t live together, it means god made someone else for you. Find her, who will love you more than me, whom you will love more than anyone else. Who is born just for you? Who is your soulmate? After saying this she fades away. Vansh wake up from her dream. His sister anshika sees him awaken and informs all the family members and doctor. All the family members gather around him and ask him how is he? is he fine? doctors come there and checks his condition. He says welcome back Mr. Raichand, according to your condition you seem perfectly fine and within few days you can be discharged. He leaves from there. Vansh is still thinking about what Priya said in his dream. He thinks how can I possibly love someone else in my life. You are dead because of me, now I have to live alone. This is going to be my personal hell. He sees everyone and says doctor is gown now you don’t have to pretend like real family. You can go back to your daily routines. He then turns around and closes his eyes. After few days when he gets discharge, he goes to Priya’s house but the house is locked. He asks someone about where Mr. Aggarwal is now, the person replies he shifted from here and most probably he gone to Mumbai where her second daughter lives.


(AFTER 5 YEARS) 2021


Scene shifts to Mumbai, city of dreams. Then there is a scene in the office where everyone rushes and starting cleaning and maintaining the files and desks. New intern asks to someone what’s going on, why everybody is on rush. The other person replies you must be new here that’s why you don’t know the rule. Mr. Raichand comes to office around 8:30 A.M sharp and he needs everything perfect and in order otherwise you can say goodbye to your job. This is the most important rule in our office. He is very strict toward his work, don’t worry you will see him around 5 minutes, he never gets late for office, he must be on his way. The person is shown sitting in the back seat of car holding a tab and attending a call via EarPods. He says I don’t care how important this merge is for us, that person doesn’t deserve to work with us, how can one can possibly be late for his meeting. I don’t care even he was 2 minutes late, for Vansh Raichand late means late. He cuts the call. A truck passes by his car and he recalls his accident and how he lost Priya. He closes his eyes. He asks driver to drive safely if you want to continue this job. He calls his psychiatrist to book a meeting this afternoon for weekly session. He reaches his office and enters the building, everyone looks on. He waits for the elevator while his secretary mentioning about today’s schedule. He says to her to cancel all the meetings in the afternoon as he has some other important work to do in afternoon. He goes to his office.


On the other hand, shoot is going on but the main lead actress is not present for the shoot. Everyone is waiting for her. Director says this girl is lack of punctuality, if Kabir sir wouldn’t have suggested her personally I would never choose her in my movie. The next scene shows a girl still sleeping and its already 9:30 in the morning. Her manager comes there and sees her still sleeping. She says ohh drama queen this is your first day of shoot and you are still sleeping. Wake up otherwise says tata bye bye to this project. Then Kabir will be upset with you. The girl wakes up and says I won’t let him down and she rushes for the bathroom. She gets ready, they left in her car for the shoot. She gets a call from some number; she picks it and says hii Jaan was sup. The person replies where are you babe, director called me several times, its 10:30 and you were supposed to be on set around 8 o’clock. You know right, how I convinced him to take you as a main lead in his film. You are already going down with your career and this is your last chance to make come back in the industry. The girl ensures him not to worry, today she will give her 100 % and I will come back with a blast. She says ok by I almost reached near set; bye bye love you. She cuts the call and reaches to the set. Director and everybody relief after seeing her finally on the set. Director says to makeup artist take the madam to her RV and dress up her fast. Today Mr. Raichand (he is producing this movie) will also come on set and I get to know that he is very punctual with his work, everything should be perfect. On the other hand, His secretary reminds Vansh that he has to visit on set today and gives him all the details. He says ok he will go but first he is going someplace important and after saying this he leaves the office. He comes to the clinic for his session. He says to doctor today I still get the attack while he was in his car and ask you asked me, I quite driving too then why I still gets the attacks.   Doctor says it’s all in your mind, see our mind is a very complex structure. Sometimes there some life turning incidents happens with us which leaves the mark on us. Our brain stores that memory. In your case it was the accident 5 years ago, you lost someone important and you feel guilty about that. That’s why your brain stored that guilt and whenever you came across such situation, it triggers that memory and you get the panic attacks. I can only say that if you want to recover from this you have to stop feeling guilty for that accident and leaves all the past in the past. Lives the life in your present. Vansh recalls Priya’s smile and says to doctor “koi kaise apni saanso ke bina jii sakta, aur meri saanse toh uss waqt he rukk gyi thi jab uska hath mere hath se chuutha tha” (MEANS- how can somebody lives without taking breathe, my breathe was her, when she left my hand since then I lost my breath) (saans mein teri saans ai toh songs play in the background)


Precap- Vansh comes on the set and ask director, is everything is perfect. Suddenly Ridhima comes from behind and accidently spills coffee on him. He gets angry on her.

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