The story of love faith and betrayal #riansh episode 16

Hi sorry guys for not updating but I was busy with my brother’s wedding which was in grandmother’s town where there is no network so I didn’t get any post plus I started with my 12 th standard plus Ramdhan also started so sorry but I promise to compensate it soon till then enjoy


Precap: Vansh and Ridhima  Spend some time with kids trouble ahana and comes to know the truth about kids


Riva and Rivansh wherein their room completing their homework because from tomorrow onwards Riva was going back to school


Riva: Rivansh I am a bit tensed because I was not going school from a long time and now I have to go to school and till now seeing book I guess mam has teached much more than my expectations how will I cope up with the studies and Plus exams are on the way what will I do now and my head is paining if I will say mumma and she’ll get tensed


Rivansh : but Riva mumma told if you have any problem or pain have to inform her then only she will able to cure you and plus ur head is paining because you are taking tension stop taking it rest for half and hour and then see u will be fine

He made her lay downon the bed covered her with blanket kissed her fore head

Rivansh: don’t worry about your homework for today u can copy from my book after u wake up ok


Vansh who was passing by kids room has till now listened to all their talks and was little worried about Riva’s headache and her tension but was felling proud oh thier son . He was thinking what he will do at the same time Ridhima arrived and tapped on his shoulder


Ridhima: any problem u seemed tensed


Vansh : vo..m.. actually ( in mind ) should I say Ridhima what I heard but then she will become Zidhima and will go to kids room and then toh I know let’s first try to solve it out if it’s not possible then I will talk to her

Ridhima: Vansh is everything alright are u ok I am calling u since long time Vansh ( as vansh was not paying attention to what she was saying so she shouted ) vansh


Vansh : ha sorry vo I just zoned out I am fine actually thinking about buisness I have new responsibility of my children’s


Ridhima : that’s not needed I am there for them and my salary is enough to give them a good life and they are my children’s u don’t need to worry


Vansh : Ridhima for god sake stop chanting they are my children’s I am there father god damit ( he shouted )


Ridhima flinched back in horror cause she knows Vansh’s anger


Ridhima : but still I don’t need u r help understood They are my children’s don’t dare u call them urs


Now Vansh was really angry so he grabbed Ridhima’s hand and said


Vansh : one more time you said they are not my children’s then you will face the worst of Vansh Rai Singhania got it ( he shouted)

Ridhima : sorry Mr Rai Singhania but I am earning enough to full fill thier wishes they don’t need neither u now ur money ( she also shouted )

Vansh : Ridhima don’t force me to do something neither o want to do nor u would like

Ridhima : what will u do kiss me blackmail me ha aur worst claim me get this thing straight in u r head I am not afraid of u get that

Vansh smirks

Vansh: ( whispers huskily in her ears) if u want me to claim u then u could have told me I would claim what’s mine . I don’t mind giving Riva and Rivansh a brother or sister .

Ridhima shivers because of proximity . Seeing his effects on her his smirk grew wide. Vansh bites her ear and she moans his name

Ridhima : vansh

Vansh cups her check and slowly leans closer to her lips she close her eyes but was steps back and smirk not . Feeling his touch she opens her eyes to see him smirking

Vansh : u still get effected by my touches and I love that

She goes from there and vansh laughs

Precap : Ahana plans to harm kids . Vansh plan to bring him close to kids and Ridhima . Ridhima threatens vansh .


Ok guys I am not sure when I will post next but will surely post soon till then take care



1 what will Ahana do

2 do you wants kids to know about vansh being thier father if yes then

a . You want them to love him

b . You want them to know what he did to thier mother and hate them

c. Rivansh to hate and Riva to love

Comment ur answers will update soon

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