Are we meant to be together…

Heloo everyone back with new TS..

In this story only names of swasan is used nothing else.
Swara will be played by helly shah
Sanskar will be played by Varun kapoor
Ragini will be played by tejaswi
Laksh will be played by namish taneja
Aditya will be played by harshad chopra
Zoya will be played by Jennifer winget
So lets start..

Here swara ragini zoya are class friend
And sanskar laksh and aditya are friends.
They all make a group. Ragini and swara have good bond till
They were together. After raglak came in relationship both are name sake friends.
Swara and aditya are cousins but no one knows
They have kept it as a secret when some see them
They think they are dating..
All are in same class raglak are couple since 2nd year..
Because of them swasan also became friends.
But swasan are not too good friends . sanskar talks to Swara when he have some work or he want to talk to ragini
He comes to her. But swara love him . and know he like ragini Because of laksh he just backoff.
Zoya is late entry she has come in 3rd year..
Zoya love aditya but she think he love swara so always back off.
So main story start..

All are sitting and chatting that announcement is made
Student of 4th year go to notice board and check the list.
We have display the group of who are going where for training.

All are praying that they are together..

They go and check
Swasan raglak are together .
Zoya aditya (adya) are together
Swasan raglak are going to chennai
Zoya aditya (adya) are going to jaipur.
Swara was soo happy for her bhai she goes to him and said something in his ear.
And he blush sanskar and zoya notice but sanskar ignore it but zoya felt bad..

What does swara said to adi ?

Next day they left for their destination which is Chennai.
Swara raglak and sanskar will be living in one flat .

Other side adya were moving towards their flat it was raining zoya was outside . they reach their it walk in distance they were walking reaching flat they were drenched
After reaching adi was seeing zoya . feeling continues gaze
She see towards him . she can see same love which she has for Him.
Adi came towards her and neel down take hands in her hand
And say zoya I love like u love ranbir kapoor..
Zoya was shocked she what
Adi ya you love ranbir na..
Zoya :- I like ranbir but I love aditya
Adi :- ohh so you love aditya roy kapoor.
Boy I don’t like him. You know he has my name see he Doesn’t have look like me.. your choice is not good.

Zoya was shocked what is he trying to say.
She shout “ ohh you blo*dy shut your mouth . iwas talking about you idiot.”

Now he is able understand what was she saying.
He ask so you accept my love or I get up. My leg Are my legs are paining and my new jeans is getting dirty.
Zoya started to beat him you idiot you aking me or doing Any favour on me.
I love you like hell man. But what about swara

Adi :- shona . woh yaha kaha se aa gae (shona from where did She came.)
Zoya :- swara loves you

Adi was shocked.
Adi:- what the hell . what you are speaking you know

Zoya :- what seeing you both whole clg say this only..
Adi :- that doesn’t matter to us.
Zoya :- kyu are you trying to do double dating. She is just a bi.

Adi :- stop there a word against my sister you are gone.
Zoya was shocked sisterrr
Ya sister what you think of your self ha..
You go from here. No don’t go I will only leave he leave to a Room. Both fresh up and come hall both see each other and have painful eyelock . which was disturb by a call seeing Caller id he smile.
He take the call
He say shona
Swara :- bhai have tell zoya about your love .she accepted
Tell na why are you silent.
Ya I have tell her.
Swara :- where is zoya I want to talk to her give phone to her
No keep phone on speaker.

Zoya was going he say shona want to talk with to her.
He put the phone on speaker .
Swara :- hey zoya I know you love bhai from day 1 but
Thinking I love bhai you always back off . you know I
Love bhai but as a brother . you why no one knows
Because I don’t trust anyone means no one I know everyone are with me for their selfish motivebut what can I do.
I just have my bhai as My family . but I got bhabi . and yaa don’t tell anyone about this.
Adi speak shona why you are saying like this you have
Mom dad but I know you don’t consider us as family
Go I will not talk to you.
Swara :- aree sorry. But promise me you will be my bhai first
Then her bf/lover/husband.
Adi :- shonaa you. Leave this take care of youself don’t let them fool you .

Swara :- bhai I look like fool to you..

Adi :- what to look like you are foooll

Swara ok byee. I don’t want to talk to you.

She cut call .

Zoya came near him and say I am sorry

Adi :- I am forgiving you last time.

Zoya :- ok. Pakka promise I will never do this kind of mistake.
Adi:- that means you will do mistake .. ohh god save me from
This girl.

Zoya :- sorry no one can save you.
Now both will be living happily.

Other side Chennai

It was new day for everyone . Everyone get up get ready and leave for training. Everyone was so excited . everyone wish eachother But sanskar doesn’t wish swara . but she wish him and left For their new journey.

Reaching office they came to know raglak will be working in same department . But swara and sanskar in other department .(not together) Day started everyone work hard . and get adjusted there. Now days were passing like this.
But thing that change was raglak behavior now a days They were not like before they use to talk each now swara Was all alone like uasual now sanskar was noticing her Like always he use to see happy but here he see she is just Living nothing. He was also upset with his friends behavior But he came know that ragini is not good at all
She just want people for her use.

She never do her work. Always laksh or he use to do. Swara use to cleaning of hall and her room and make food For everyone. But she never say any words like she so Much work.
If ragini just wash some utensil she use to take whole House on her head.

Next day
Sanskar wake up at 5 he see hall light is on so goes there. He most beautiful sight swara was in her night dress Cleaning the house and kitchen. Putting her headphone Smiling whole heartly. His heart skip see her smile . He see her going in side her room he she is gone But after sometime she again came out wearing exercise Suit.
She looking so divine he started to follow her seeing her going out he was startled . where is she going in this early morning He started following she went to terrace and started doing yoga Seeing doing yoga and her aasan she doing so correctly And smoothly like her body was made of rubber.

After completing she started to fold her mat that sanskar run to Their house.

After sometime she came.
Goes in kitchen put something on gas and goes in her room.
I was how can i never notice her she is soo beautiful innocent
She just look like cute Barbie doll..
Now let what will she do .
After sometime she comes and goes in kitchen off the Stove .
And goes to small temple in our and did pooja and start to Make breakfast for us .

That time her phone ring she pick the call happily
She hello love
Listening this I went from there don’t know I felt bad.
I see toward watch now it 7 .
I see from window she talking laughing . I go to washroom Fresh up. And came in hall where I see raglak are eating
Swara was not where to be seen .
I sat an d start eating after I was done I was thinking I will see
But she doesn’t came. But god she came but now something Was miss what yaa her is not same morning now she become dull.
After we all leave for office.
We travel from public transport. When enter it was allowing only 3 person raglak goes. I was about to go swara thought Came in my mind . when I see towards her she herself said I should go because I was having important document to submit I was seeing like how she know then I remember yesterday Was telling this to ragini.
She left . we reach the office but whole day I was thinking Of her wheather she reach safely or not .

Now day came to an end
We met at stop seeing her safe my heart felt relief as if
It got it beats.
We reach we went to fresh. We all came to hall and see dinner Was ready. It was hour ago we came we all was tired but first make the dinner then left.
I have never seen her eating with us. Inn initial days we all Use to eat together.
But now we guys hardly talk .

But toady i will see what she do in night.
As after dinner raglak went they come out in morning
Only.i was sitting I my room and seeing what is happening in hall
She come take some food in plate and start eating like
Baby elephant. She see here there and take out pickle
And start licking and seeing her phone as she wating for
some one call . then I remember her talking in morning.
She goes in her room comes out with a bag.
Then I notice she is wearing suit.
She the remaining food in a vessal and left outside I started
Following her.
I still remember when we came here one in night we were
Talking swara ask something for which we make fun of her
She asked what will they do of remaining food. We say she want to eat she can . if not then throw in dustbin.

Now I was standing in front of some slum area.
Swara goes near a garden where light was commimg
I goes toward her and hide behind bushes . I can see her
And hear her clearly.

Then I see some 30-40 kids get up wishes her she wish them
And start teaching.
After 2 hour her class get over . she was soo happy teaching
Them .
She says “ bacchaas now I have completed your course
Now you can apply for any school and get admission ok.
Help other. Next week I will be leaving this city.
Awww seeing their sad expression don’t be sad I will to meet
You guys. This is small gift from my side”.

She distriduted the gift and gives the food to them and left
After she I go near the kids ask them what that girl
Was doing here. They said she was their teacher since last 3 months. Because they don’t know the basic of studies no school was taking us so she give us basic of studies now we can go to
Saying this they left.
Sanskar was what is this girl. She is like puzzle gave I came to know that I know her . then she bring her other shade infront of me.
Lets go go home..
He enter the house and see she was sitting in the hall.
And was murmuring something I went to her and ask her any problem.
She see towards me as if she has seen some ghost.
Why is she seeing me like this.
Sanskar’s heart “idiot you didn’t talk to her till now. And now you are asking her problem”
Ohh is mentally slap my self.
She said no and left to her room.

I also left. Next day I woke up late.maybe because yesterday
I woke you early and go to sleep whole night I was not able
To sleep because I was thinking about her.
I went freshup and went to all and see raglak are seeing
Table. I ask what happen.
Ragini :- yaar see na this swara has not made the food.

Laksh:- yaar I am hungry. Call her and ask she never be late
Regarding breakfast.

Ragini :- shout from hall swaraaaaaaaaaaa
Where the hell are you..
Swara from her room in heaven any problem.
She came out of room with puffy eyes and nose as if she has cried whole night.
Ragini :- swara how can you talk to me like this. And where is food. Lucky is hungry.
Swara :- so what can I do your feviquick is hungry. I am not well
so I have not made .and today I will not do any work
So you guys make your dinner or have from outside. Nad I am
not going office also.
Thank you.

Saying this she left. I was worried what happen to her. Then I
head bang of door swara close the door with bang.
And ragini cursing her. I left as today was no bf.

Like this day cometo an end.
We all went home. The house was full mess there was
No cleaning today I wa srealising how much work swara did
I went to room and ordered pizza for my self.
The went take a shower.
Under the shower I was whole what I have I not able to
Concentrate on work whole I was thinking about swara.
How will she what would be she doing alone at home.
I have not seen swara till now. Lets go and check.

He come outide were his shirt and lower and went to hall
Then only bell ring .
Sanskar I think pizza arrived.
When I open the door aditya and zoya was on the door
Dude what were they doing here .
They have a box in their hand.

What is in the box ?

Sanskar :- hey dude what a surprise what you both are doing here.

Adi :- sanky we will talk later tell me where is shon.
In mean swara .

Sanskar :- he don’t why he was asking for her .
He just tell I her room .

Zoya:- where is her room.

I directed them they went near the door.

Knock for some time. But there was no response
Then he bang the door . no effect.
Again he was going to but zoya tell him lets go from window
Which was open which was beside the door. They do inside
I was very curious to what was happen I also went there
And from window I see adi going near her
There came a flying pillow to him .
And swara started beating him.
And saying which I was not able to hear. Then he make her clam by hugging her .
I was not able to see more so I left .
After sanskar left.

Swara :- I was knowing no on elove that why today on my birthday no has wished me til now.
Adi :- no sorry shona this plan was of zoya she only
Said let give her surprise going there.

Zoya was shocked seeing him putting all blame on her.

Zoya :- oye adi ke bacche I tell you come here and give
Surprise. But I have also said alest wish her on phone. But you only said we go there and directly say

Adi yaarrrr
Swara :- don’t blame my cute bhabi you have only said I know.
Adi :- waahh getting forget me. Go I will not talk to you.

Swara :- aree sorry na give me my gift first. See time is running. Only half an hour is left.
Adi and zoya they give her gift and cut the cake and was now leaving.

They were in hall sanskar and all were sitting now swara adya
Were also there.

Adi wishes them and say now time to leave ok bye guys .
He hug swara and say sorry and happy birthday once again.
And she say thank you and hug him back zoya say you guys forget me. They have group hugs . and they left.

Now sanskar and raglak was seeing swara she see towards
Them and say what happen .
Ragini :- swara today is your birthday but your birthday is on
18 july na ..(mine birthday)

Swara :- yaa my birthday is on 18 july but it was yesterday. Gund night guys.

Sanskar pov
Now I understood why she was not happy no wishes her .

Days were passing now 2 days were left.
Tomorrow was farewell for all intern in office.
Dayafter tomorrow they leaving for their place.

Next day on farewell

Whole area was decorated beautifully everyone was laughing
Talking and giving goodbye to each other.
But our sanskar was waiting for swara because she has not come with them she said she will come alone.

But till now she has not come. Then only he see one girl
Entering the hall looking gorgeous..

When sanskar see her keenly on word came beautiful.
She came and meet her friends and talking laughing.
That my friends came and see me gazing towards swara
They ask hey dude in love
I jerk my head towards them I said no ..
They said then they have challenge for me accept and prove.

I said no I don’t want any challenge . they said afraid

It hurt my ego. I said ok. Speakup.

Raj (one of the friend) :- go to swara ask for dance , dance with her . then kiss her in public. And ya on lips .

Sanskar :- what the f*** man I am not going to do any sort
Of this thing.
Then admit you loose the bet.

Then sanskar said okk

Now everyone was dancing he go towards her (swara)
Ask her for dance she deny but her friend say go with no option left she came with me.

We went to dance floor . swara was seeing in sanskar eyes she can see same love which she has for him.
They were dancing so gracisly everyone couple was seeing their partner and saying see them how they are dancing and you.

Now only swara and sanskar were on dance floor .
Both had eyelock sanskar was seeing swara he slowly lean towards her lip and kiss her everyone clap for them .
Swara came in sense and get to know what blunder ha s
Swara see towards sanskar . he was just smiling she jerk his
Hand left the party .

Sanskar see swara going he go behind her
Swara call a cab .

Sanskar came and hold her hand and said swara listen na

Swara:- what the heel . what you want to tell . speak up. And

She was crying ..

Sanskar :; swara I know I have not done right by kissing you
In public. But my friends has given me dare so

Swara :- what dare for dare you just maglin my character infront of all.just tell me sanskar if this sort of thing happen with your sister than. (sanskar get angry and shout swaraa mind your words) ohh hearing about your sister . you are not able to listen and me. What about me. I just hate myself that I ever love you.
But now there is no love no hate no emotion for you . we have
Emotions for those person who has some place on our heart but I don’t want to remember you. You are no one in my life.
I hate you

Saying this she left from their crying.

Sanskar was shocked listening her words. His heart was saying see you broke her in worst way ..
Sanskar in mind
she loved me but now she hate me how can I never able to understand. What I have done . will I ever able to ask forgiveness. Which I able to mend her heart. I love her. He sat
there crying …

this song is playing background..
Kuch na kahe bas chup raheKhamoshiyaan hee keh jaayeTham jaaye yeh jahanAur pal bhi thaher jaayeRahe na kuch bhi darmiyaMeete yeh saari dooriyaanMilke bhi hai adhuri siYeh daastanRahe na kuch bhi darmiyaMeete yeh saari dooriyaanMilke bhi hai adhuri siYeh daastan…..

See this song on youtube

Will they ever meet .
this was end or starting of new journey.
So how was the story ..
Guys i want u all to comment  then only happy ending otherwise be happy with this is the ending.

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