Love is my Strength – A Preeran ff….. Marriage Outfits and teaser….

Hii frndzz…. its me sreenandana back with my ff…. i am sorry 4 not posting this 4 a long time… as i have said its because of my exams…. from 2day i will update once in a week….

It’s the outfit of everyone during the marriage…..

I am sorry i did not get much pics….i didnt get the image of mrinal k singh aka ruchika and manit joura or rishab….

Karan’s Outfit:

Sameer's Outfit:

Sameer’s Outfit:

Krithika's Outfit:

Krithika’s Outfit:

Sanaya's Outfit:

Sanaya’s Outfit:

Sanaya's Outfit:

Preeta’s Outfit:

Shrishti's Outfit:

Shrishti’s Outfit:

Shrishti's Outfit:

Ayaan’s Outfit:

Ragini's Outfit:

Ragini’s Outfit:

Ragini's Outfit:

I do not know whether u liked the outfit or not…. sorry if i disappointed u….

Teaser 1:-

Rishab and sanaya was in a room…. rishab seems to be angry with sanaya….

Rishab – so… So u were cheating us all these days….. Do you know how much i trushted u???

Sanaya – trust…. my foot… U were a cheater… U r a cheater… And u will b a cheater…. No one knows about u better than me….

I will post the marriage part as soon as possible… I was not able to publish my ff bcoz of my exams…. Since i am in 10th i have a lot to study…. So while preparing 4 my exams i was not able to type my ff…..

By sreenandana…

  1. Nice outfits
    Teaser; so finally rishab got to know about sanaya
    Post when you get time
    Keep smiling??

  2. dear plz don’t take me wrong, I don’t want to type this, but I can’t stop it as you’re in your 10th grade kindly leave these things such as fanfictions you may get lots of time after your exams then also we all will welcome it….kindly focus on you’re studies dear.

    1. Sreenandana.suresh

      Tnq di…Sure….even i am thinking to end this ff soon…..only 3 or 4 part ia remaining….

  3. Hi ms.punctual !
    So finally you are back !
    Missed you and your ff a lot !
    Welcome back!
    Beautiful outfits!
    Interesting teaser! So finally the much awaited RishYa confrontation
    Will be waiting for your update
    Love you ❤❤
    Keep smiling??

    1. Sreenandana.suresh

      Tnq so much….i already posted the next one….

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