Are we destined for each other?????(Her Life!)


The doctor checked her and informed that she fainted due to fear and suffocation. Shivaay then understood why she always walked through stairs. The first time she entered the lift with him, he noticed that she’s covering up her emotions, but won’t show it to him because of her ego.

Suddenly he gets a call.

S: Hello, Khanna. Did you get what I have asked?

K: Yes, Sir. The maintenance man told me that the lift’s working was stopped by someone. I checked the CCTV footage and saw only Tia Mam getting in and out, when the maintenance man went out.

S:  It’s Tia? Are you sure she is the one who stopped the lift?

K: Yes, Sir. I will send the footage.

S: Ok

He ends the call. Khanna sends the video to Shivaay.

Shivaay was burning with anger. Suddenly:

A: Shiv…

S: Anika..Are you fine? If you were that scared of lifts then why did you enter inside? Why do you take such risks?

A: I am fine. ( She tries to get up and Shivaay helps her)Leave Tia, she is like that. No one can change her. I know her before.

S: No, I won’t leave her alone.( He tries to go, but she doesn’t leave him)

A: Why can’t you understand? If I don’t care, then why should you care?

S: ( He was keeping mum)….I really want to kill her. Just because you told I am leaving it.


Shivaay goes to Om’s room. Om was busy with a phone call. Suddenly he sees Shivaay and cuts the call.

S: Who was that?

O: Not important, Shivaay. Why did you come?

S: Anika was your classmate and bestie, rt? Tell me about her childhood, including her attitude towards others, other friends, etc.

O: Why do you need that,Shivaay?

S: If I ask her, she won’t answer. That’s why, I am asking you.

O: Ok.It all started when we changed our school.


“I went into the class and as usual introducing me…and then our teacher made us sit together….

Om: Hey! You can call me Om.What’s yours?

Ani: I am Anika. Anyway good to see you. If you need any help, you can ask me.

Om: Actually I am new here, so I don’t have any friends, so will you be my friend???

Ani: Your’e already my friend from now. During break time, I will introduce you to my friends.””

During the break time, she introduced me to Gauri, Sid, Mallika and of course lady baba(Tia). Ani and Tia were not in good terms. I always used to wonder what was the problems sparking between them. She used to always reach early because of her transport and I used to see her write her homeworks at school, which I used to make fun off with our other gang members, but Gauri used to not react with us. I somehow noticed this weird behavior.

One day, I even confronted Ani on writing homework to which she somehow try to escape by telling me some lame excuses.I came to know the truth when I asked Gauri about this weird behavior. She can write homeworks by her own.What is the point in writing them at school, she can write at home rt? What Gauri told me literally shocked me. Such a happy girl I saw outside was going through such struggles at home.

“Anika was the only child of her family till 4th std. She was the apple of everyone’s eye. But she was not like that at school. She used to be so innocent such that she used to get emotional when she loses her friend over Tia.

Tia used to be her neighbour and they used to compete with each other in studies. Tia used to get a lot of friends because of her outward nature, whereas Anika doesn’t. Anika used to try to make friends with the ones she used to have but after becoming friends with Tia, they used to avoid her. Anika was sad but that was overcomed by the way her family treats her and new other friends.

Sahil was born when Anika was in 4th std. She was excited to get a new friend cum brother. She used to always take care of him when Gayatri Aunty was busy. She used to a good sister. But things changed gradually.

Aunty’s work stress started to increase day by day and she used to take it over Anika and Harsh uncle. But uncle was calm those days, so he used to never react back and calm her down after some time. This happened even before Sahil was born, but those days Anika was pacified later by Aunty herself.

As years passed by, this effected Anika indirectly. She started feeling insecure as years passed. Aunty used to punish her even for a small mistake, which includes misplacing of an object. She used to insult Anika by starting from the problems which was caused even when Aunty was pregnant with Anika.

Anika started feeling day by day the temptation to attempt suicide. She even tried to suicide but was caught by Gauri. Gauri came to know the condition of Anika from that day.

Gayatri Aunty had Harsh uncle to talk on those issues but Anika had none for her. Sometimes Aunty used to instigate Uncle to punish Anika. Uncle used to beat Anika with stick such that sometimes Anika couldn’t even sit properly.

It’s not that they don’t love her, but it’s the circumstances.

I visited Anika the next day. I could see the dark circles which I failed to notice due to her smile.

She was as usual writing her homeworks. Mallika and Sid knew this state of hers when Gauri was talking to me.


O: Shivaay, you asked me how did I become strong within one day you remember?

Shivaay nods.

O: It was her influence. As she is near me, I understood that problems makes us sad, angry, and many other emotions, but you are broken when you know the your’e the cause of problems. That moment, you question your birth. That moment, you understand that there is no one in this world you can believe. From that day, she changed from a devotee of God to an atheist.

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