I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 86- Anika plan suprise for Aarohi

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Aarohi” there’s no truth that i’ll tell you”

Anika angrily ” there’s no truth?”

Aarohi” nods negatively

“Anika shouts at the top of her voice” jhoot bol rahe hai ap aur mujhe baatey……
( you are lying to me and now tell me)


( who’s that person from whom you left us and ran away from us)
All faces gets black and white

Words of Vanhi echoes in Aarohi ears” jo zahir mein Anika ke dimagh may dala hai na woh apna asar zaroor dikhe ga”

( sister that posion which i injected in Anika brian it will definitely show it’s effect)

Shivaay ” Anika are you in your senses. What are you saying?”

“Anika wipes her tears” Yup!! I’m in my full senses and i’ve an idea what i’m talking about…

“Dev brushes Anika cheek” Anu beta she’s your mother. How can you talk or say like this?

Gauri” Yes!! Anika di please don’t think like that non is more important for Maa than you even not me and doll”

Bhavya” Anika di !! Maa only loves us no one is else their in her life except us”

“Anika glance Aarohi from corner of eye” if no one is in her life then why she’s quite? Anika marches to Aarohi….. if no one is in your life then why?

” You don’t let me use fone, why you tighten the security around me, why digital locks, and why i can’t go out? Why?

Shivaay shouts” because …..”

“Anika turns her face today’s Shivaay” because what?”

“Aarohi with watery eyes pleading from back” please Shivaay no…

Anika addressing Shivaay” why you get quite?…. now speak out what because?….”

Shivaay” because ASR is threat for her rivals”

Anika smiles” what a brilliant excuse…. Shivaay if i’m threat for rivals then they should get frighten of me nor should i “…. Anika turns her face towards Aarohi and retorts …….

” the truth is that you don’t want that person close to you contact me and tell your past. You are afarid if that person or me approached her/him then what will happen to you”

“Aarohi gets deaf ear only Vanhi words echoing in her ears”

All trying to make Anika understandable but Anika is not ready to accept she’s only saying what Vanhi script.

Shivaay shouts” Anika stop bashing Maa” and….he clutches Anika arm ” look at me and tell me from where you learned it or who told you this?”

Anika ” i’m not any kid who will catch from her surrounding… “i’ve my on brain”..Anika pinpoints her temper and secondly non told me anything i myself can see and hear it as i’m nor deaf or blind.

“If she didn’t have anyone in her life than why she cheated ?’

“Aarohi lossing her consciousness”

Shivaay” Anika, Maa didn’t cheated you. Maa can never cheat her kid”

“Anika passes faintly smile” Really Shivaay , Maa can never cheat? What about mummy ji?

“Shivaay loses his grip over her arm and cries” there’s difference Anika in maa and mummy ji

“Anika about to retort more when Bhavya voice shocked her”

Bhavya scream” Maa and hold her in arms”

“Aarohi losses her consciousness and faints”

“All turn their face to and get shock to find Aarohi in unconscious state all runs towards Aarohi except Anika”

“Dev patting Aarohi cheek” Aarohi wake up

Shivaay” Gauri call the doctor”

Bhavya” Dad take maa to room”

“Dev takes Aarohi in arms and step ahead and rest marches behind him”

Anika gets numb to her place her heart wrench so badly that it refused to beat for second.

After few minutes
@ Devohi room

“Dev questioning Dr” How’s Aarohi dr?

“Bhavya holds dr hand” Dr my mum is fine na? Nothing happened to my mum na please tell us

“Dr cup Bhavya cheek” Bhavya stop panicking… ” you mum is absolutely fine and nothing happened to her.

Shivaay” then why Maa fainted?”

Dr” look i can understand your emotions but first let me complete my words”

Dev” we are sorry dr you proceed”

Dr” Thankyou Mr Rajput…. see there’s no need to worried about Mrs Rajput is fine but still don’t let her to stress more”

Gauri” stress!!”

Dr” Yup!! Stress Mrs Rajput is taking much stress and just because of stress she lost her consciousness and fainted. I don’t know but she’s really worried about something and at this stage tenses and stress are not good. I’ve given injection to them soon she will be fine but please take care of her. Now i’ll take your leave call me if i need”

Dev” nods”

Gauri” come dr left me drop you out ”

All gather around Aarohi

“Bhavya rest her head on Aarohi shoulder”

“Devi ji caressing Aarohi face” god give you long life… Devi ji calls Dev

Dev ” ji maa”

Devi ji” where’s Aarohi Anu?”

“Dev and Shivaay gazes eachother with shock”

Aarohi mutters ” Anu”

Shivaay runs ” you all stay here let me check Anika”


“Anika resting on Shivaay shoulder sleep is far away from her eyes… her heart and brain are only thinking about Aarohi”.

Anika pov

What happened to me? How can i think like that “someone is more important in for her then me…. Anika smiles peck Shivaay forehead and saliently moves out of room”

Aarohi restless wakes up ” Anu”

Scene shifts outside

“Anika lies near pool hand dip in pool widely gazes moon”


Gauri” Maa humari baat suno na”( mother listen to me)

“Aarohi helping Anu in painting” Yes!! Princess say it i’m listening

Gauri” Maa ap humain bhi to dekho na ,ap to sirf Anika di ko he help kar karte ho” ( mother look at me too na, you are only helps Anika di)

“Anu buzy in kissing Aarohi and brushing Aarohi face with paints” Maa, Golu ko is liya nahe dekh rahe kyun ke Maa , Anu se zayad pyaar karti hai. “Hai na Maa?” ( mother is not glancing you because mother loves me more)

“Gauri pouts sadly” Maa, Anika di always says the same ” that you love her more than me and doll” is that true

“Aarohi cuddles Anu in her and pouts sadly like Gauri and nods positively”

Gauri cries” ???”

Anu laughs loudly and shows tongue to Gauri ?

Flashback ends

Anika smiles widely but soon her smile disappear and cheeks gets wet..

What has happened to me? Why i unable to forget that dreadful night why?

Once who herself can’t see tears in her eyes today she herself became the cause of her tear….

I don’t know how she will be? I hope she’s fine….

Song plays

Jhootha jag rain basera
Saancha dard mera
Mrig trishna sa moh piya

Naata mera tera

On the other side

“Aarohi praying in temple” gods please show me some way… all i can see fire around that’s approaching my Anu. What should i do to protect my kid from Vanhi.

I can’t tell anyone about her too if i did so my Anu’s married life will be effected and if i didn’t fallow Vanhi than Anika whole life will be ruined. I can bear Anu hatred but i can’t bear that Anu live in guilt.

Naina.. jo saanjhe khwab dekhte thhe
Naina.. bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yoon

Aarohi glances Anika room and pov

“Sorry Anu forgive me tomorrow again your Maa is going to break you i mend you and soon i’ll again break you if possible forgive your Maa”

Anika cries ” kyun maa kyun dhoka diya tha ap nay apni Anu ko. Kya kasoor tha us ka jo ap nay use itna baada dard diya tha.( why maa why you cheated your Anu? What was her fault that you give her such a big wound?)


(When after giving pain you have to cure it then why not before blessed me with life)

Naina.. jo milke raat jaagte thhe
Naina.. sehar mein palke meechte hain yoon

Aarohi in low tone” Anu what are doing here at this time?”

“Anika wipes her tears and gazes Aarohi” i was not feeling sleeping but what you are doing ? You are not well na go and sleep.

“Aarohi gazes Anika with tears” Anu , Aloo puri kaho ge?

Juda huye kadam
Jinhone li thi yeh kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant’te hain ye gham
Bheege naina..

“Anika nods negatively and turn her face to other side”

Jo khidkiyon se jhaankte thhe
Naina.. ghutan mein bandh ho gaye hain yun

Aarohi ” todi se please humein bhook lagi hai”

Anika give quick glance to her and pov”

” she’s looking so pale my pain on one side and her health on one side and i can’t risk her health”

Aarohi smile ” Ok fine Anu i can understand but go and sleep it’s not good to stay awake in midnight.”

Anika” without eating Aloo puri”

After few minutes

“Aarohi feeding Aloo puri to Anika sitting beside pool”

“Anika mimicking Aarohi and she too feeds Aarohi with love” what she’s hidding from me is Shivaay saying true that i’m taking things wrong?( Anika thinks)

Shivaay and Dev gazing them with tears

Saans hairan hai
Mann pareshaan hai
Ho rahin si kyun ruaansa ye meri jaan hai

“Aarohi caressing Anika face sweetly talking to her hidding his fear behind her smile”

Kyun nirasha se hain
Aas haari huyi
Kyun sawaalon ka utha sa
Dil mein toofaan hain

Anika eyes start getting close due to tiredness she keep on gazing Aarohi with love…. she slowly place her head on Aarohi shoulder with huge lip on her lips close her eyes.

“Aarohi wraps Anika in arms” peck her forehead…. sorry Anu this’s last time i’m feeding you. I wish i could tell you why i’m doing this.

Naina.. thhe aasmaan ke sitaare
Naina.. grahan mein aaj toot’te hain yoon
Naina.. kabhi jo dhoop senkte thhe
Naina.. thehar ke chhaon dhoondhte hain yoon

Next Day
@ Shivika room

“Anika ordering Gauri ” chutki specially you listen to me if you tell anything to her. I know you can’t keep secrets in your belly…..” Anika poke Gauri belly” but shut your belly otherside i’ll do you your….. Anika sign omru

Omru dancing ” Dhaki tiki dhaki tiki aa”

Gauri smile” Anika di don’t worry i’ll keep everything secret”

Anika” Exactly !! Now go and all get to work and send doll to me”

“Shivaay happily gazes her”

“Anika smiles widely and marches towards Shivaay” why you are smiling ”

“Shivaay holds Anika close” because you are smiling and i’m so happy infact i’m thankful to you that you listened me.

“Anika hugs him tightly ” sorry Shivaay for my yersterday deeds. I’m so ashamed….

“Shivaay breaks the hug and cup her face” don’t need to be sorry i can understand you and respect your emotions whatever you did it shows your love for Maa . Ok now leave what’s next plan.

Anika ” first take me to Mall i want to bye pinky and blue color saree for her….. she look so pretty in it just like an angle nor like she’s angle….Anika smiles widely and get lost in her gala land…..

Wow today i’ll give her suprise when i’ll call her Maa no not only Maa but i’ll say like this

Anika shouts “Maa aur Aloo puri sirf Anu ki hai aur kisi ki nahe”

Shivaay” Aaaa aaa !! Anika…. he cover his ears”

“Anika comes back from her gala land” Shivaay what happened? She cups his face……Are you fine?

“Shivaay holds her hand” yes i’m fine Anika

Anika” then why you screamed ?”

“Shivaay brushes Anika cheek” because you screamed so loudly that my ears….. Shivaay rub his ear

Anika pouts” sorry Shivaay i was so excited that i she jaw drops

Shivaay smirks” that you did OMM of my ears go i won’t talk to you…. he turns his opposite to Anika”

Anika hold her ears ” sorry billu ji”

Shivaay ” sorry won’t work”

Anika ” then what will work?”

Shivaay ” what will i ask you will do? ”

Anika” ask what you want you will definitely will get as i’m so happy”

“Shivaay turns his face and smirks ” kissy

“Anika get close to Shivaay ear” your ear is still paining ?

Shivaay husky ” yes!!

“Anika let me smooth it she dangerously smirks and bits his earlobe” she gets back and laughs loudly

Shivaay ” Aaaaaaaaa…. Anika i won’t leave…..he runs after Anika

O jaana plays

“Anika running in whole room” billu ji now you won’t get any kiss because sab kissy un ki

“Shivaay runs behind her and pin her to wall” Maa aur Aloo puri sirf Anu ki hai. Aur Anika aur us ki kiss Shivaay ki bhi hai… Shivaay kneel down and start giving wet kisses on Anika bare waist

“Anika moan his name and clings his hairs tightly” Shivaay

Scene shifts Vanhi den

I’m coming Aarohi to make your paradise, hell. Just one week and your Anu will became Atom bomb….. boommmmmmm

Vanhi” always keep bluetooth connect with you. If needed kill those who became hurdle in your way except Anu ”

Person” nods positively”

Vanhi ” Now go Aarohi is desperately waiting for you and don’t forget what i taught”

“Person smirks evilly ” Anu get ready to be buried alive


Precape Anika to give chand bracelet back to Aarohi

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