Are we destined for each other?????(Are You Serious?)

Anika was shocked by his relevation.

A: So, you have some feelings for me, but you don’t understand it, rt?

Shivaay nods. She takes a book which was near her and gives it to him.

A: You either read this book or tell what you feel about me to Om. You will get your answers.

S: Are you serious? You expect me to read this book? I told my feelings in such a short way and you expect me to read this philosophical book? You literally threw my dialogue to the next officer. (He throws the book to her)

A: I know what you feel, but the right person to tell you the answer is Om, otherwise you will have to read this book( She throws it back to him)

Shivaay silently goes back to the couch. He was continuously looking at the book and at her. At last, he kept the book at the couch and called Om. But Om was busy. He seems to busy nowadays. He again looks at the book. He remembers the hatred he had with books. During school days itself, he never used to read philosophical books at the library hour. He preferred detective ones and social ones rather than fiction and philosophical ones. Suddenly, he gets a call from Om.  He receives with a relief that now he doesn’t need to read the book.

S: Om, are you free?

O: What happened?

S: I want to talk to you very seriously, it’s not a problem. But I don’t need anyone else to interfere in it as I want to keep it as a secret.

O:(confused)Ok. (He ends the call)

Shivaay was literally waiting for Om in his(Om’s) room. He had told him that he was busy going for a ride with a friend and had to cancel it because of some reasons. Om comes.

O: What happened, Shivaay?

S: Who is Anika to me?

Om looked at him, as if he is mad or Shivaay is mad.

O: What do you mean?

Shivaay narrates the whole incident, expecting a good answer. But what happened was something which shocked him. Om was controlling his laughter such that his face was red.

S: also laugh..So, you are also making fun of my feelings

O:(laughs)I wasn’t making fun of you, but I was thinking how you were telling us that you don’t know what is love and you fell in love with Ani.(laughs again)

S: What? Love? No way!

O: There is a way! See,if you feel as the same way as you have described then it is love.

S(thinks):Love? Love…is this it? If Om is saying, then it is love.

He goes to the living room. He saw Ani’s mom.

G(Gayatri): How’s she? Nowadays, you will be having a war in your house, rt?

P(Pinky): No way, she is the one who solves all the problems.

G: Those problems are just caused by her bad luck. Pinky, just because you forced, I have send her to your house, as your daughter-in-law, otherwise I would have..

P: Gayatri, just because your’e Harsh’s wife, I am not talking anything else.

Shivaay goes to Gayatri and touches her feet. She showed her hand as if to bless him.

G:  Shivaay, Ani is not troubling you, rt? Your business is going well, rt?

S: Your lucky to have her as your daughter, mom.

Pinky looks at Gayatri and smirks. Gayatri gets angry and turns to Shivaay.

G: Isn’t time to go for office? Do well, son.(Shivaay notices the tension between both the mothers, but chooses to be quiet)

Meanwhile, Anika comes and gives Shivaay his file. They got out of the house.

A: Do you need me to come to the office from today?

S: It’s ok, I can manage.

He was about to get inside the car and suddenly remembers something and turns to Anika.

S: Ani, I want to tell you something secretly.

A: What?( She goes near him)

He kisses her on her cheeks. Her face showed a surprised expression and butterflies were flying in her stomach. This is the first time, she is feeling it.



She gets inside.

P: Ani, your mom is here.

A: Oh, Hi Mom!

G: This generation kids, you have changed a lot. Your clothing…chee..Is this the culture, I have taught you? Girls should cover your body and you have even had your haircut again. If I were here, you wouldn’t have done this..Pinkyji, I think your family doesn’t have any culture. Why can’t they cover their body properly? Now you have even taught even my daughter this stupid culture.

A: They haven’t thought this to me. It’s my wish to wear what I want. And mom, don’t even raise your finger against my family and it’s culture. You don’t have even the rights to do it.(turns to Pinky) I am sorry, Pinky Ma. This is all because of me.

P: It’s ok, beta. She doesn’t deserve you.(kisses on her forehead)

Anika was about to go when she received a message.



Anika gets shocked and falls down on her knees.

A: Shivaaaaaay………………………….

Is Shivaay dead or alive?

What was the tension between Pinky and Gayatri??

Will Anika’s love win???

Or will she lose it before she receives his love????

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