Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira takes disguise to expose fake doctor

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh cleaning the room. Devina thinks where did Ira go. Ira thinks thank God Bhoomi messaged on time that Pushpa is coming. She hides in cupboard. Pushpa asks Akhilesh not to be angry. He says you also have love for Ira in heart. Pushpa says don’t be mistaken, my love for Ira ended when her lie was exposed. Devina looks for Ira. Ira hears Pushpa and cries. Pushpa says I will forget Ira, I loved Ira, does anyone cheat mum, don’t take her side, else I won’t talk to you. Akhilesh says fine, I will not take Ira’s name now, don’t be angry now. She says swear on me that you won’t talk to Ira. Akhilesh promises. He thinks I will make you love Ira again. Devina sees Ira’s dress cloth stuck in cupboard door. Pushpa and Akhilesh ask each other to smile. Devina acts to get hurt and asks Pushpa to get balm. Pushpa says its in cupboard. Akhilesh says its not there. Bhoomi comes and says I have the balm, I had backache and got this. Bhoomi gives the balm.

Pushpa asks Bhoomi and Devina to come. Bhoomi says take mom to your room, we will clean this mess, make her rest all day. Devina says how will I walk. Pushpa takes her. Ira cries and says I can’t bear this, Pushpa hates me so much, I will go before she sees me. Pushpa cares for Devina’s foot. Devina says I m worried for Akhilesh, talk to him, find a girl for him, I will talk to good reversal doctors for him. Pushpa says fine, I will look for girls. Devina thinks Akhilesh won’t marry anyone else. Akhilesh stops Ira and says you have just seen Pushpa’s anger, not love. He gives her parathas made by Pushpa. Ira says I lost this rights. He says you got weak, have food. Ira refuses. He says fine, I will throw this. She stops him and eats the food.

She asks him to have it too. Bhoomi says you should get award of world’s cutest couple. Ira says I m done, I should leave now, I have to expose that corrupt doctor, you don’t need to get in this. Ira goes. Akhilesh says even if Ira refuses, I will help her. He follows Ira. She asks what’s this, why are you following me. He says its my wish. She says I will call police. He says fine, call them. She says just go and get medicine for me. He goes. She says I don’t want to involve you in this. She goes. He gets medicines and looks for him. Ira and Bhavik come to hospital in disguise.

He asks doctor to do anything, she has kidney stone. Ira says remove the kidney if you want, its paining a lot. Doctor says don’t worry, we will do the operation. He goes. Ira says its good, I can catch that doctor red handed. Akhilesh comes there and asks for Ira. Ira sees Akhilesh. Bhavik says I will tell him, he will help us. Ira says no, he is already in trouble. Ira is taken to OT. Akhilesh helps the ward boy and takes the stretcher to OT. He greets Ira as aunty. He gives his wishes. She blesses him. He asks her to bless his wife. He goes. Ira keeps her phone with camera on there. Vikram says we will free the old lady and laughs. Akhilesh gets Pushpa’s call. He leaves for home. Ira says I can’t bear this pain now. Vikram says don’t worry, we are there to serve you.

No Precap

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  1. There is a Precap,

    Vallabh (Ira’s Father) tells Akhilesh that they are one person short for servant, Akhilesh says he wants to be one and then Vallabh begins to plan to humiliate Akhliesh for revenge for Akhilesh’s Family humiliating his family. They show Akhilesh doing servants job.

  2. Thanxx for d precap….

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