Are we destined for each other?????(A Small Idea Made Us Clueless????!)


Gauri wore her favourite yellow dress. Even though, it was not a modern dress, she wore it because yellow is her lucky colour. She was a modern girl who loved wearing traditional dresses. She went to the exhibition. As she entered, she saw Om wearing the same dress; he wore for all his exhibitions. Even he noticed that she wore the same yellow dress which she wore for all his exhibitions.?

O&G: You wore the same dress?

O&G: Ok….You can talk….

O: Why do you wear the same dress every time?

G: It’s my lucky dress. You????

O: Same here!

They walked around the exhibition talking to each other. The media had gone before itself, so basically no one was there to disturb them. They talked about the paintings and expressed each other’s ideas as usual. Their talks never end. They keep on talking Gauri’s mother or Shivaay calls Gauri/Om.

Today their conversation had a turn after some time.

O: How’s life for my single?

G: Good! You???

O: It’s okay!

G: Can I ask you something?

O: Sure!

G: See, we both are looking for a partner. So, can’t we both be…(shows an expression in her hand of joining)?

O: I get it! Yes! Why not?

G: I don’t know how to start it.

O: Even me! We know about each other a lot.

G: Let’s go home and think about it.

They went home. That night, they couldn’t sleep. They were thinking badly what to talk the next day. He didn’t know from where to start on. She didn’t what to start with. A sudden decision changed their whole perspective about each other. It’s easy, if you were able to recognise your feelings. Here, they didn’t!

She knew that she couldn’t accept it suddenly. Even he knew there will be a sudden change between them.

Suddenly, he calls her. But at the same time, even she calls him. As expected, the phone gave a message that “the number you’re calling is now engaged”. Sadly, they both cancelled the call. They were staring at each other’s WhatsApp profile so that they could message each other. But they didn’t know how to start!

Suddenly, they decide to remember each other’s moments. Maybe they may get an idea.

They were reminiscing their moments and they fell asleep.


Om and Gauri woke up suddenly thinking how will they start. They were absolutely tensed with what to start with.

Om was busy trying to do a painting but he was distracted by the same thoughts.?

Gauri was in the hospital. She is just in her last year of studies of becoming a doctor. For the first time, she was making mistakes in her work, which includes putting the plaster in the wrong hand, etc. She is practicing in a government hospital.?

Both were lost in their own world.

At last, fed up of all these thoughts, Om called Gauri.

O: I don’t know how to start it. It’s literally making me tensed.

G: That’s even my condition. Suddenly, even I can’t be formal to you.

O: I think we have to continue as it is. The only difference will be that we should consider each other as more than friends. I think we are really more than that. I don’t remember talking to Sid, Malli and Ani like I have talked to you. I think its the boundary of friendship which has caused all these. Sid and Malli didn’t have it because they recognized their feelings

G: Even, I think so. I have been making a lot of mistakes because of you.

O: Me! I couldn’t even start a painting because of you.

G: We were lost with each other, rt?

O: No

G: Then?

O: We were lost in the friendship of ours such that we never recognized our feelings for each other.

G: Ya..

O: One minute, Shivaay is coming. I am going to cancel the call.(Shivaay, wrong timing!?)

G: Ok, bye??

The call gets cancelled. Om showed a normal expression.

(Guys, if you want to know what happened between them, then do read the part – “Her Life” and “His Feelings”)?


Om’s POV:

What happened to Shivaay? Suddenly, he is asking about Ani. There is something going around him, otherwise he won’t ask like this. Should I say that Ani likes him? No need, it’s between them, I don’t need to interfere. Eventually, he will know it. They should have some communication between them and he is very bad in starting it. ? He is behaving weird since their marriage. He never expected the one he used to fight is now his wife.?

Om went to the garden and was about to call Gauri when he came.(Rudy is back!)

O: What happened, Rudy?

R: Are you free?

O: Yep! (Liar?)

R: How will I tell Bhavya about what I feel? Today, she didn’t even react when I told her that I love her. (You will know it, when Ruvya part comes)

O: It takes time, Rudy. She will be thinking that you’re saying out of immaturity. You have to prove that you’re mature.

R: I am mature. Why should I show it?(Are you serious, Rudy? I don’t believe it!?)

O: You want her to recognize your feeling, rt? Then, you have to do it.

R: Ok, Om

Rudy goes. Om calls Gauri.

G: Hello!

O: Gauri, I don’t know what happened to Shivaay?

G: What happened?

O: He suddenly asked about Ani’s childhood.He even told me not to tell this to anyone.

G: Did he start caring for her?

O: He cares for her since before. I remember how he thrashed Daksh and expelled him from the school when Daksh was stalking her. Thrashing is what any boy does, but expelling? So, he really cares about her.

Shivaay calls in between. But Om didn’t notice in between as he was talking to her.

O: Ok, Gauri, Bye. I have to do a painting.

G: Bye.

Om cancels the call. He then notices Shivaay’s missed calls. He then calls Shivaay.

(Ok, Guys, to know what happened next; do read the part, “Are You Serious?”) 

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