Nimki Mukhiya 25th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi scolds Nimki and Sweety

Nimki Mukhiya 25th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai says to Tettar that the person who is not a man, he is.. Tettar raises hand on her but Babbu calls. Tettar says you saved your mother, Babbu says her treatment have started, Sweety can stay here. Tettar says no you stay with her. Mai angrily leaves.

Nimki jumps in wardroom, she sees guard sleeping and murmurs they are useless. Nimki looks at ram on bed and holds his hand. Guard wakes up and says what are you doing here? Nimki asks him to stop it, she listens to Ram’s heart and says he is my father. Doctor comes there and says you need to leave otherwise we will leave, Nimki says no no, I am going, she leaves. Doctor checks Ram. Nimki murmurs I am with you papa. She comes out. Tunee comes to her and says nobody can stop you, Nimki says to Mauha that Ram’s heart is beating, she hugs her.

Dublo is tensed, Rekha asks what happened, do you have gas? he asks her to stop it. Rekha says I am thinking to get gifts for my parents, your business is working nicely. Dublo says Nahar has gone mad after losing elections, he is asking for his cut, Rekha says you are useless.

Abhi says to Nimki that why did you go in room? Sweety says why didnt you stop her? Nimki says why are you shouting at her? Sweety says I went to washroom and she went in his room. Babbu asks Sweety to lets go. Tunee says Mauha and Mono should leave too, they need rest. Nimki says I will stay here. Abhi says you need rest, go home, Nimki says dont shout. Nimki says I will go to village with Mauha and Mono, Babbu says I will drop you. They all leave. Sweety says to Abhi that you were really shouting at me and Nimki, he says sorry, she leaves.

Scene 2
Sweety comes home, Rekha asks how is Ram? Mai says why do you care so much? Sweety says I am begging you to stop starting fire, I care about Nimki and her father. Mai asks her to wash herself, Sweety angrily leaves. Babbu comes there, Rekha says Ram’s son in law is here, Mai stops her, she is about to touch Babbu but Sweety says that why are you touching him? he came from same filthy place. Rekha says yes dont touch, Babbu points gun at her and asks her to leave. Mai says to Babbu that what are you doing? Babbu says dont worry, I am with you, I will bring her back, Mai says dont lose yourself in all this.

At night, Nimki looks around her house and recalls her moments with Ram, how they used to eat together, how Ram said that Nimki is his pride. Nimki gets worried and eats biscuits. Mauha comes to her and asks if she is stopping her tears? Ram told me everything, you used to eat biscuits in tension in childhood too, she lies in her lap, Nimki hugs her, Mauha says you are loving today? Nimki says today I am elder in this house and I have duty, Mauha says when you go to palace? Nimki says then you will be elder, I miss you all there in palace. Mauha says you must have lavish in palace, have food served to you, drink tea with Babbu in terrace, etc? Nimki gets sad and thinks how to tell you that I have no relation with palace.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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