are Daughters REALLY BURDENS?: chapter 3 (it will be a boy)

om entered the room and saw gauri sitting up. he stops her and says: don’t sit up. careful.

gauri does as she is told without questioning him.

om: so do you want anything?

gauri silently shook her head. om smiled and said: AC?

gauri in a whisper: no.

om: why are you so quiet?

he pulls her cheeks lightly. gauri feels nervous.

gauri: what happened?

om: you are pregnant gauri.

gauri: what?

om: you are pregnant!

gauri smiled but inside she was scared. she had already four pregnancies in the past and all of them have resulted to girls. if this one was a girl then god knows what would happen.

gauri: if it is a girl….

om: it won’t be a girl! promise me gauri that this time you will do whatever i tell you in order to give me a son.

gauri nods with fear.

om: and if you listen to me, then it will be a boy!

gauri: why do you want a boy so much?

om was silent and then said: a boy will be my successor. a boy makes life perfect. i need a son that’s all! a daughter is useless for me! now look insiya is 14, soon her marriage will be arranged and she will go and give her husband children. that’s what a girl’s job is in life: marriage and children! a son’s job in life is different.

gauri: why are you planning to get insu married? she is only young. please don’t marry her off.

om: i’ll think about it!

insiya heard this from outside. tears rolled down her cheeks hearing what her father said.

insu’s POV:

why papaji? why can’t you accept me as you daughter? why can’t you accept my sisters as your daughters? and as long as this marriage is concerned, why? i am only young and i don’t want to marry now. i don’t want to meet the same fate as ammi.

precap: suspicions on conceiving a son

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  1. Jasminerahul

    thanks a lot for updating this on my request. I request you to update it regularly till the story ends.
    gauri is pregnant.good.but sad that om wants gauri to do anything for a boy. om’s attitude is so bad that he thinks that a boy makes life perfect n a girl is useless. I hope he will realize his mistake soon.insiya is too young to get married like gauri said.if om gets her married before 18 he will get arrested.insiya’s pov was sad.

    please update your adilya ffs

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Sad update

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