caste or religion? — chapter 1 betrayal and pain

insiya waited in the temple. she was waiting for her soon to be husband omkara singh oberoi.

insiya’s POV:

finally the day has come when me and omkaraji will finally be one soul. i know that the way we chose to get married is the not best and by that i mean i eloped from my marriage to marry omkaraji. he is coming soon.

insiya’s POV ends.

a few seconds later, om came but not alone with another girl in a bridal attire and his entire family. insiya saw this and was shocked. om saw insiya and his eyes welled up. insiya went up to him angry and shock.

insiya: what is happening?

om: meri shaadi.

insiya: with who? BOLO WITH WHO?!

she grabbed his sherwani collar tight.

shivay: hey hey! you let go of my brother!

kiya: excuse me! let go of my soon to be husband.

insiya let go of om’s sherwani collar shocked.

insiya: i’m sorry what?!

kiya: yeh meri hone wali husband hai. mr omkara singh oberoi.

insiya: is this true om! TELL ME IS THIS TRUE??!?!

om: i’m sorry insu, i am helpless….

insiya: DON’T YOU CALL ME INSU MR OMKARA SINGH OBEROI! for you i eloped from my own wedding and you did this with me?

om: insu, i am…


anika and jhanvi come in front of insiya.

jhanvi: just shut up ok? we know that you are a muslim and our om promised us that he won’t marry you.

anika: exactly! so get out of here!

insiya: om, tell me what about all our future plans? those dreams we were going to create together? tell me om! TELL ME OM!!

om: they are all ashes now. they have been in the fire and the result is the ashes. i am sorry.

insiya cries and runs from the temple. as she ran, om felt tears rolling down his cheek.

kiya: come on om, let’s get married.

om nodded and they go to the mandap.


insiya walked slowly on the roads thinking of all of her and om’s memories now ashes, now broken pearls. she saw the pearl bracelet on her wrist. the one om gave her. thinking of his betrayal. she grabbed it on her wrist leaving a red mark on it and then she threw it on the road where a car ran over it.

insiya: i hate you omkara singh oberoi, i only wanted to spend my life with you and now that will never be possible. I HATE YOU.

she collapses crying on the road.

a few minutes later:

insiya reached her home and saw everyone outside and her siblings were bringing her stuff and putting it in the fire.

insiya: hey! what is going on? don’t burn my stuff.

she grabs her mother’s hand crying.

insu’s mum: leave me! who are you? meher, tell her to leave me.

meher: leave my mother.

she makes insu leave her mother’s arm.

insiya: di, what is happening?

she received a slap from her sister.


she received another slap from her father.

and then one from her mother.

insu’s father: meher, zain tell her to get lost and never show her face to me again. please ELSE I WILL BURN HER ALIVE!

meher and zain grabs insiya’s hands and tossed her on the road. then the people go inside the house leaving her alone. the rain come running down and insiya cried on the road.

as this happened:


priest: now tie this nuptial necklace on kiya and then put sindoor on her maag.

om ties the nuptial necklace around kiya’s neck with the guilt in his eyes and then put the sindoor on her maag as seeing insiya’s face crying.

priest: now may you two look after each other forever and love each other eternally.

om and kiya stand up and go to their families to seek blessings.

Gustakh dil, dil mein mushqil
Mushqil mein dil (mushqil mein dil..)
Gustakh dil, thoda sambal, thoda buzdil
Dard ke dar pe thehra hai kyun
Sazayein sazayein yeh khud ko kyun deta nayi
Hansne ki dhun mein rota hai kyun
Sahi kya ghalat kya
Yeh kuch bhi samajhta nahi
Gustakh dil
Dil mein mushqil
Mushqil mein dil Oh..
Gustakh dil
insiya was shown walking on the road slowly with shock and pain.

Hai barf si saanso mein
Ankhon mein dhuaan dhuaan (dhuaan dhuaan..)
Ye har pal kyoon khele hai
Gham ka khusi ka juaa juaa
Ye umeedon bhara
Ye khud se hi dara
Suljhe dhaago mein
Uljhaa hai kyun
Salahe salahe yeh khud ki bhi sunta nahi
Gustakh dil
Dil mein mushqil
Mushqil mein dil
Ho gustakh dil
as om took blessings, it felt like curses from insiya for betraying her.

Kyun baaton hi baaton mein
Phisalti hai zubaan zubaan (zubaan zubaan..)
Kisi shada theharti hai
Behakti hai nigah nigah

om in mind: i am sorry insu. i love you a lot but situations made me helpless.

Ye kaise kab hua haan haan
Ye keh do kyun huaa
Girta nahi to sambhalta hai kyun
Jhukaaye jhukaaye maghroor jhukta nahi
Gustakh dil

insiya in mind: i hate you omkara singh oberoi. i will remember this forever.
Dil mein mushqil
Mushqil mein dil
Gustakh dil
the scene went blank

since that day, om has been hating his life with kiya.

as for insiya….

some say that she is dead.

or is she?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    a different theme.sad that though insiya waited for om to marry him he married kiya.just because she is a Muslim she faces this.sad.but wonder what made om do this though he loves her very much.poor insiya is deserted by her parents cruel.hope insiya will return with a new identity

  2. Nikita_jai29

    What happened to insiya..

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