ArDeep~Naina Re (1~Fire Of Revenge)

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Continuing from where Aarohi shoots Deep in the show and he’s declared as dead.

Aarohi stood with a gun pointed at Deep.

A: (enraged) aaj main tumhe finally maar dungi Deep, mera badla poora hojayega, or ilzaam jaega tumhari pyaari biwi or meri humshakal Tara par. (Today I will finally kill you Deep, my revenge will be completed, and blame will go on your dear wife and my lookalike Tara)

D: agar mujhe maar do gi toh bhabhi ka kabhi pata nahi laga paogi. (If you will kill me then you will never get to know about your sister in law)

A: (angrily) baat palat denay se kuchh nahi hoga Deep, bhabhi mar chuki hain, or tumne jo mere saath kiya hai us ke liye tumhe saza toh zaroor milegi, tum jaise log sirf dharti par ek bhoj hotay hain jaise ke tum or vo Tara (nothing will happen by changing the topic Deep, she’s dead, and whatever you did with me you’ll get its punishment, people like you are just a burden on earth especially you and that Tara)

D: Aarohi meri baat to suno (at least listen to me)

Before he could say something, she shot him closing her eyes.

Lo maan liya humne
Hai pyaar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

A: (satisfied) mera badla poora hua Deep (my revenge got completed)

D: (painfully) kaash ke tum sach jaan paati (I wish you could’ve get to know the truth)

Bas ek dafa mudke dekho
Aye yaar zara humko

Lo Maan Liya Humne
Hai pyar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

He collapsed on the floor and closed his eyes sinking into death.

She left from there and went to the airport and called someone.

A: (sarcastically) hallo, kaisi ho? Umeed hai k police ne bohat achhay se tumhara swagat kia hoga. (Hallo, how are you? Hope that police might’ve welcomed you in a good way)

‘Bakwas band kar or bata mera Deep kahan hai?’ (Stop your nonsense and tell where’s my Deep?)

A: (smilingly) oh sorry, main toh tumhe yeh good news dena hi bhool gayi, agar tu Deep se pyaar karti to tujhe kab ka pata lag gaya hota..k Maine teray Deep ko maar dala.

(I forgot to give you this good news, if you would’ve loved Deep then you would’ve known long ago..that I have killed your Deep)

T: (with a shivering voice) shut up! Mere Deep ko kuchh nahi hoga, tu ne aisa kuchh nahi kiya hai
(Nothing will happen to my Deep, you haven’t done anything such)

A: kar chuki hoon, Deep ko aakhri baar dekhna nahi chahogi tum? (Did it already, won’t you like to see him for the last time)

T: kahan hai mera Deep?
(Where is my Deep?)

Aarohi told her the house where there was Deep’s dead body.

T: tujhe toh main baad mein dekhti hoon. (I will see you later)

*call disconnected*

Tara went to the place Aarohi told and was shocked to see that Deep was dead. She saw a gun laying beside him and held it leaving fingerprints on it.

T: (slightly shook him) Deep (shaking him more) Deep please wake up…Deeeeeeep!

She sat there crying hard and heard police’s siren sound. She erased the fingerprints from it and hid somewhere. Deep’s body was taken away and gun was taken in plastic bag.

(Some time passes)

Deep was taken to police hospital and it was revealed that he’s actually alive and not dead. He woke up after sometime and monitors beeped alerting the doctors. Even the police who brought him here came to his ward after doctor did his check up.

Ins: who shot you? Do you recognize this gun?

D: I don’t remember

Ins: OK

He went.

D: Aarohi, tumne sach jaanay bagair mujhe goli maari hai isliye main police ko nahi bataunga k tumne mujhe goli maari hai.
(You’ve shot me without knowing the truth that’s why I won’t tell police that you’ve shot me)
Aarohi comes there.

A: thank u Deep k tumne police ko kuchh nahi bataya, chalo yahan se bhaag chaltay hain.
(Thank u that you didn’t tell police about anything, come let’s run from here)
She helped him up and took him with her. She made him sit in car and drove off really fast.

D: tum itna fast kiun chala rahi ho?
(Why are you driving so fast?)

A: taakay Tara ko pata na chal jaye k tum mere saath ho.
(So that Tara doesn’t knows that you’re with me)

They stopped at a strange place and suddenly Aarohi put a hanky on his mouth and he went unconscious.

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  1. Priyu

    I really didn’t understand those Hindi sentences ???? but the rest was nice ? Aarohi ?? what will she do to deep now..

  2. Priyu

    Thank you so much for translating ?

  3. I too don’t know hindi thanks for translation super dear post next one soon TC?

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