Ishq Subhan Allah 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

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Ishq Subhan Allah 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zara winks at Ruksar as she enters home . All are.concerned about Aisha’s illness
Zeenat and Kabir are over concerned

Zara winks Ruksar over her victory of getting Kabi r away from Ruksar …ruksar is furious .
Zara is disappointed as.Kabir givves cash of 2000/- to Ruku instead of her for nazar utarna .
Ruksar goes to a baba and gives him the money …and seeks blessings that she would get whet she desired . Baba blesses her thatv. Zara arrives and gives another 2000/- to baba ji and seeks blessings that who so ever cast evil eyes on her shohar should get destroyed . Baba bleases her that .
Zara ruksar have confrontationzara advises her not be after Kabir or she will meet defeat every time just like this
time .
Ruku taunts not to gloat over one victory .this is just the beginning of the game
Zara retorts this is only game for Ruku but for her Kabir was hr life .

Kabir assures his maa how he would never neglect her .Aisha asks him to be good shohar and keep Zara happy .
Zara n is sitting on the bed
Kabir her dressed this way
He asks her what was all this
Their shaadi ki raat was over long back.
Zara says they unite as Biwi shohar in true sense .
Kabir thinks that the girl sitting on the bed was his biwi and she had haq over her shohar . Zara beacons at Kabir ..kabor moves closer and zara hugs him tightly

Romantic BG song plays as ZaBir are consumed by their passions

Next.morning Zara wakes.up but is still in her dream land of the previous romantic night
She drools at shirtless Kabir she hugs him but she is surprised as he pushes her away
She offers to help him put on his kurta ..but he declines her offer
She hugs him again ..he says the night was.over .she should wake up now
Zara says night was over but not their love

Kabir says he did not.want to commit sin by denying his.biwi’s haq
He would rather .die than.sin.
Asks Zara to fulfill her duties too … as Biwi

Kabir.reminds the circumstances of their marriage and how he would fulfill all his duties.
Zara is heart broken
She thinks she was her love for Kabir but he was all the time only doing his duties ??
Where will her love go ??
She assures herself her love would surely find a way .

Next.scene shows Kabir discussing his.project with Ruksar .Zara is disapoi ted
Ruksar excitedly rushes off to welcome hwr school.friend and investor .
Kabit taunts Zara that she was Namehram for the guest
She could do pardah if she wished
Zara feels.angered by his taunt

As Ruksar welcomes her friend …she does the troductions .. Miraj Ali
Kabir is surprised as Miraj comes with numerous gifts.for Kabir .. he says this was just for the upcom ing roza
Kabir and.Miraj excitedly .zara watches as he agrees to finance his project
Zara watcues from balcony and wonders why did this guy seem so familiar ??

Zara finds the guy having uncanny resemblance to Shiraj
She starts having doubts if Ruksar was still in connectio with Shiraj

Miraj is speaking over the phone asking for money transfer from.Kashmir account to this place ASAP
Zara is spying on him in burqua
She over hears n wonders what was this kashmir connection ??
Was Ruksar back to her same game plan again ??

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. Cathy

    You know that was that was worse then a slap in the face, poor Zara, honey it’s time to shut down the marital relations now, to be told he was simply fulfilling a duty made me so sad ruksar be damned, Zara needs to move out of the bed.

  2. Zara needs to stay away from kabir,seriously he doesn’t know her worth.

  3. Oh hell no. Zabir I really thought that you could not sink any lower but seems I was very, very wrong. How dear he reduce something so special to the level of just fulfilling his duty. Cathy girl, you are very right. It’s time for Zara to cut him off because at some point he is going to want her again and it would only be fair to turn him down flat, the same way he has turned down her offer to work at the marriage. Zara it’s time to stop worrying about him and focus on yourself. Let him follow Rukhsar. I dont know why Zara is concerned. Doesnt her marriage contract say that she has to agree to a divorce. So Rukshar can try all she wants, Zara holds the trump card. Zara should work on her own project and show Kabir exactly who the better Quzi really is.

    1. Cathy

      Allybrew! i’m not liking him one little bit right now, seriously if i had a paddle he’d be unable to sit for a week.

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