ArDeep: Naina Re (11~Anjali Sharma)

Virat was driving the car rashly and suddenly he hit a car of the couple and they got very injured.

V: damn it! Agar in ki madat karnay ruka to phas jaunga, bhaag le

He saw the man forwarding his hand and calling for help, Virat drove off anyways. But little did he know that they had seen his car number. Somewhere on the other side, a girl was standing in her balcony as if she was waiting for someone, she sat down on the floor holding the railing, she tapped her forehead on the railing again and again. After sometime she was tired of waiting and so she paced to and fro in the balcony. Just then her phone rung.

G: hallo

She was shocked.

Next day:

Aarohi and Deep were sleeping peacefully when Deep’s alarm rang and he turned it off. Aarohi opened her eyes and cupped his cheek still laying beside him.

Aa: baby

D: hmm?

Aa: Chalo utho na office nh jana Kya?

D: Jana hai lekin..

Aa: lekin Kya Deep?

D: vo uska naam Tara Enterprises hai na..

Aa: toh?

D: soch Raha Hoon ke Aarohi Enterprises kar doon

Aa: aww so sweet, lekin vo to us waqt hoga na jab tum utho gay baby

D: hmm

He didn’t open his eyes. Aarohi sat up totally irritated by him.

Aa: Deepu.. yaar utho na, dekho tum alarm rakhtay ho or tumhari wajah se se meri bhi neend kharab hoti hai, ab khud chain se soye ho mujhe jaga kar, meri family wahan baithi hai chhup kar, main jarahi Hoon yahan se kahin door unko le kar.

He smiled and placed his head in her lap.

D: nahi Aaru tum kahin nahi jarahi ho, tum yahin rahogi, aankhon ke kareeb, dil k paas

Aa: achha theek hai, Chalo ab ready hojao, main breakfast banati hoon

He sat up finally and went to freshen up and she too went out of the room. Meanwhile Virat went out of the house and sat in his car in an angry mood and drove away towards the bar. He went to the counter and asked for a drink. When he got it, he had it really fast one after another. A bartender came to him and gave him a chit.

It said:

“Do(2) akelay log aapas mein ache dost ban saktay hain, jaisay aap or main.”

He looked around and caught a girl staring at him. He went towards her, she started drinking looking at him, he approached her and sat on the couch beside the armchair on which she sat.

V: so it was you?

Girl: yeah right.. Anjali Sharma

V: Lakshya Virat Raichand.

An: oh I see, so pretty bored of your life?

V: and how will u know that?

An: mujhe humesha se har cheez ki bright side dekhne ki aadat hai, chor ki chori k peechhe uski bhook, ek kaatil ke jurm ke peechhe uska junoon, bar mein drink karnay walay aadmi ke peechhe uska akelapan, (she bent towards his ear and whispered) ek akelay aadmi ka akeli aurat ke paas anay k peechhe uski zaroorat, jo dekhti hoon humesha bright dekhti hoon, every black cloud has it’s silver lining (she turned her face a little and rubbed his cheek by her cheek, he gasped and touched her bare shoulder, her eyes flashed a little spark but then she moved away smirking at him) it will be okay Virat

V: I m quite impressed, ye jo tumne kaale kapre pehen rakhay hain, uske peechhe kitna safed dil hai, sab dikhai deraha hai.

An: I see, friends?

V: as long as I can be

She smiled.

Dil lagi,
Kaise yeh aag hai
Bhujey na-mitey na-thamey na kabhi,
Yeh kaisi pyaas hai..

Dil jali..
Kaisi yeh raat hai,
Rulaye-hasaye-sataye mujhe,
Yeh kaisi aas hai

Aye ajnabi itna bata,
Kyun sacha lagey,
Bahana tera..
Aye ajnabi itna bata,
Kyun jiya lagey,
Fasana tera.. ] {Vikram Bhatt Web Series.. Twisted}

They shook hands and Anjali smiled but how those innocent eyes looked mysterious at that time were unknown to everyone besides her.

On the other side, Maya was totally shocked on her mother who was standing against her and broke the hug.

M: maa aap apni beti k khilaaf khari ho?

Jn: to? Tum ne konsi khushi di hai mujhe paida ho kar?

M: han sahi baat hai kiun ke aapke us so-called pyaar ne mere liye kitna kuchh kiya hai bachpan me k mere dil mein ab darr k siwa kuchh nahi hai.

She ran back to her cell and cried in her cell.

M: main apnay har ek dushman se hisaab chukta karungi, phir chaahay vo ye jailor ho, Saanjh ho, ya meri khud ki maa

T: or main bhi apnay har ek dushman ko lachaar kar dungi, phir chahay vo meri humshakal Aarohi ho, Deep ho, ya vo Roma Raichand.

They shook hands and smile.

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