Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop foils Ranvir’s plan and goes on a picnic with Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palak asking Roop to have sandwiches and says she made it for him. Roop says I am not hungry and asks her to eat it. He thinks if Ishika will come. Hardik tells Roop that he is getting nervous. Roop says take a heavy breath, be confident and be a man, no arguments. Ranvir asks goons to stop the college bus and then enter it forcibly. He then asks Police men to make an entry and take bus to Police station. He says I will handle everything. Roop tells Palak that Hardik is feeling unwell. Palak gives medicine. Roop makes him have it and asks him to do his work. Hardik says I will blackmail you too and asks him to propose Ishika before this trip ends. Palak asks Roop to have one sandwich atleast. Hardik says I can’t do. Roop tells that Hardik is getting vomiting

and asks driver to stop the bus else he will vomit right here. Driver stops the bus. Roop takes Hardik outside and asks him to act to vomit. He thinks he asked Rupesh to bring Ishika near the temple. He sees Palak and asks Hardik to vomit. Palak asks if he is done. Roop says no and asks Palak to go and sit in bus. He sees Rupesh bringing Ishika and get happy. Rupesh asks Ishika to go and sit in bus as it is waiting for her. Ishika touches his feet and goes.

Palak sees her and thinks from where she came here. Roop thanks Rupesh for bringing Ishika there. Rupesh says I shall thank you, your idea worked. Roop goes to sit in bus. Ranvir thinks he will spoil Roop’s plans once bus comes there. Himanshu calls Roop and tells him that his doubt was right about Ranvir is right and tells something which is muted. Ishika sits. Roop looks at her. Ranvir thinks why the bus haven’t come till now. He calls Sandy and asks where are they? Sandy says we came out of the city, may be driver took a short cut. Roop recalls asking driver to take a short cut rather than from Gandhi chowk. He thinks I know you will do something, now keep waiting there and I will meet you after picnic ends. Ranvir thinks how can my plan flops. Roop gets his guitar and plays the music. Hardik asks him to sing a song also. Palak looks at him smilingly. Roop sings ek kudi….Ishika stays silent. Hardik asks him to profess his feelings through song. Sandy says lets play antakshiri. Everyone like his idea. Ishika’s friend asks her to join them. They all play antakshiri and sings song.

Ranvir calls Sandy, but Sandy couldn’t hear him. Roop thinks to sing a song and woo Ishika and make Ranvir hear it too. Ranvir fumes in anger and recalls Roop and Ishika hugging. He says I will never let Ishika tell you that you love her. Roop sings Sajna hua main tera….Palak smiles. Ishika also smiles. Ranvir hears the song on his mobile and gets more angry. Palak sings next yeh chori badi drama queen hai…Ishika sings hum toh bhai jaise hai waise rahenge….Roop claps for her. He thinks I will make sure that you keep happy in the trip. Palak tells him that she wants to tell him something. Roop says even I want to tell you something at 9 pm. Palak thinks he wants to confess his feelings and gets happy. Roop thinks he will tell Ishika about his feelings.

Vinay comes to Ishika’s house and tells that she went to trap college guys on a picnic. He says she looks innocent, but she is a characterless, cunning girl. Rupesh asks him to shut up and asks him to be in his limits else he will forget his limit. He throws the bowl on his clothes. Everyone is shocked. Mota Kaka says sorry. Vinay says you have crossed the limits. Mota kaki asks him to calm down. Vinay says you requested me and asked me to come, so I came thinking he has realized your mistake, but he didn’t. He says he won’t stay there anymore and is breaking engagement with Purvi. Purvi says what is my mistake. Mota Kaki says we will break relation with Ishika. Vinay stops. Mota Kaka asks him to forgive them.

Vinay says he will forgive on a condition if Ishika’s father bend down infront of me on his knees and apologize to me. Kanchan says why will he apologize to him and asks Rupesh to come. Mota Kaka asks Rupesh to apologize to Vinay and says we are girl’s family. Kanchan says she is your daughter and says if you want to lose your respect then go ahead. She asks Rupesh to come inside. Purvi falls on Vinay’s feet and asks him not to break their engagement. Rupesh turns and asks Purvi to stop. He says I will agree to your saying. Kanchal says but. Rupesh says we can’t be like them. He asks Purvi to get up. He apologizes to Vinay and asks him not to break engagement with Purvi. Vinay asks him to bend down on his knees and take his full name with respect. Rupesh and others are shocked.

Roop says he brought his mum’s laddo, but it is only for girls. He offers laddo to Ishika. Ishika refuses. He says my mum made it. Ishika takes it and thanks him.

Palak asks Roop if he feels his life is getting beautiful because of someone’s presence. Roop says I love someone and her name is Palak….Palak hugs him happily. Roop says her name is Ishika. Palak is hurt. Ishika gets ready and applies lipstick.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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