Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (18~Aarohi Dead?!)

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Aarohi and Deep sat down after the rounds and vows and he filled her hairline with vermilion and she closed her eyes, tears flew from her eyes.
Aarohi thought to herself, ‘Kaheen aisa na ho ye or Tara mil kar phir se mujhe barbaad karna chahtay hain , aaj sara sach saamne aa jayega.’
He made her wear the nuptial chain and they stood up and took blessings of Mata Rani. Together they touched her feet.

I have taken these anti vows in front of you and I don’t know which vows to fulfill so I will have to do a drama by which I get to know the truth if he really loves me or he is just faking it. She said in her heart tearfully.

Then they went and took blessings of everyone. She even went to Ishita’s relatives, when she was about to touch Ishita and Raman’s feet, they stopped her. ‘Not us, I m like your sister, so not me,’ she said and hugged her. Roma kept a kumkum plate and asked them to dip their hands in it and give their handprint to the wall as a symbol of togetherness. Deep and Aarohi together dipped their hands in it and gave their handprints. Then she was asked to kick the rice pot. She did and a kumkum plate was again placed, this time before her feet. She dipped her feet in it and was about to enter. ‘Uhmm, right feet,’ Deep reminded and together they entered the house placing their right foot forward. They went upstairs.

As they opened the door, flower petals rained over them. She smiled a little then they went inside. She sat on the bed and looked down. He sat beside her and rested his head in her lap. ‘Deep, we will go to Manali, right?’ she asked. ‘Yes, but what happened suddenly?’ he asked. ‘Nothing, I don’t want this trip to get cancelled, no matter what happens.’

‘OK it won’t, tell me one thing, why are you so curious to meet inspector Lakshya?’ he asked jokingly and she moved his head from her lap and stood up. ‘Just shut up! If I get to know that Vishal never died so I will kill you, I will chop off your head!’ she said angrily. He held her hand and pulled her slowly but somehow she fell in his lap and looked at him in a shock encircling her arms around his neck. He smiled. ‘Why do you feel bad and get angry whenever I say this?’ he asked.

She stood up with a jerk. ‘You think I really have a crush on him?’ she asked angrily and pushed him on the bed, it was sudden and he held his wrist and she too fell on top of him. They had an eyelock. He turned to his right making her lay beside him. ‘Why do you always do this? You always push me on bed and then you too fall? Why?’ he asked joking on her. ‘And why do you always have to ask this? Why?’ she asked copying his style and they stared at each other for a while and sometime later, they bursted out laughing.

‘Aww you’re so cute,’ he said to her. ‘I know I m,’ she replied and stood from the bed sitting in front of mirror removing her jewelry. He too stood up and hugged her from behind. ‘Tell me one thing Deep?’ she asked. He kissed her cheek looking at her from the mirror and talked to her with expressions. ‘What did you see in me that you forgot your childhood sweetheart Tara by seeing me? Its not that you love me because of my face, right? Please tell the truth,’ she asked.

‘Not again please, the love Tara couldn’t give me, you have always given me, you have taught me the meaning of love and happiness, you very well know what I feel for you, please don’t say this again, Tara is only my best friend, I wanted her to be okay and get fine but she wasn’t ready for it, then I saw you and I saw Tara’s smile in your smile, I wanted Tara to be happy like you, I can’t explain Aarohi,’ he said and broke the hug and moved away from her and went to washroom to change.

She stared at the washroom door and then resumed taking off her jewelry and looked at the bottle of sleeping pills. ‘Only you can help now,’ she said. Deep came out of washroom and the scenario in front of him made him shocked. Ishita came to Tara and saw her restless. ‘What happen Tara?’ she asked. ‘Deep,’ was the only reply she got. ‘What Deep?’ she asked. ‘I broke my marriage with him but can’t forget him,’ Tara said looking at her marriage ring which she was still wearing in her ring finger. ‘Everything will be fine, destiny might’ve planned something better for you.’

Ishita hugged her. Soon she was sleeping and Ishita took an envelope and looked at some old photos. Deep saw Aarohi unconscious on the floor, her mouth was open  and next to her mouth were some pills, her hand was holding the sleeping pills bottle. He held her face and tapped it. ‘Aarohi, Aarohi! No you can’t go, you can’t go so soon, we’ve married just now, how can you do this? I love you, only you, I never loved her, his should I explain? It’s all my fault, I never accepted my feelings, I supported Tara in her crimes, its the fruit of my deeds,’ he said and took the bottle from her hand. ‘It is all because of you,’ he said angrily and smashed it on the wall breaking it into tiny pieces and took the pieces in his hand closing his fist.

Blood oozed out of his already injured palm. He caressed her hair and again tried waking her up. ‘Wake up na please,’ he said and kissed her forehead. He stood up looking at the mirror and was about to smash it as well but suddenly stopped. Ishita came to her house and went to her room and saw Raman sitting dull. ‘What happen Raman?’ she asked. ‘I was thinking that if everyone gets to know that you’re actually Shanaya, Ishita’s lookalike and Ishita is dead since long, then how will everyone react?’

‘We will see by then, we will manage the situation, no one will doubt on me for now because there’s no space of doubt, I have her face and everything, so obviously no one will know, but we will tell on right time,’ she said. ‘Seriously, you’re exactly Ishita, even today my heart doesn’t accept she’s dead and seeing you makes me feel she’s alive,’ he replied tearfully and she hugged him. ‘She won’t be happy if you cry, in heaven, everyone has a candle but her candle will be without any light.’

‘That’s because my tears might be falling on it, right?’ he asked. ‘Yes,’ she replied. ‘Thanks for consoling me, now I live only for you and my children and my family, since Ishita went, I changed a lot,’ he said. ‘I m always there for you,’ she said and they shared a hug. Mihika and Vandu got shocked on hearing their conversation, they had tears in their eyes as they got to know about their sister’s death. ‘I told you that something is wrong with her, now look akka is dead and we got to know it too late,’ Mihika said cryingly as they walked away.

‘But we can’t also tell about it to anyone, this girl has also done what Ishita did, so we will have to conceal it till they aren’t ready to tell it,’ Vandu said and they shared a hug. Deep looked back to see the person who placed her hand on his shoulder stopping him from breaking it. He was shocked.

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  1. Priyu

    Oh no ! ?? Ishitha is dead ! How can that be.. it’s not possible.. Shanaya ? I thought she’s the one who died . Then this means she didn’t die that day but Ishitha died ! Tara will be very happy to know this but Mihika and Vandhu… Who kept that hand on deep’s shoulder !!! I hope nothing happens to Aarohi. Deep will surely save her ???
    Eagerly waiting for next part ?? post ASAP ??
    And when will you update the other FF ??? ?

    1. Salley145

      Soon dear…thnx

  2. NaIrA_KhAn

    omg…this is soooo shocking yaar !! yeah i thought shanaya died too///deeps scene was thrilling …post asap dear !! waiting for the next part !!

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