Nimki Mukhiya 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Babbu saves Nimki

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Nimki Mukhiya 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweety leaves with Diamond. Mai looks on.

Aunt says to Abhi that you shouldnt have been rude with Nimki, Abhi says she was supporting Tettar, Aunt says she doesnt know much. Nurse asks Abhi to bring medicine for her. Abhi comes out of room and strikes with Diamond. Diamond asks him to look where he going. Abhi says did Tettar send you change medicines? Sweety says we came to take grandma’s reports, you cant talk like this about my father, I am his daughter. Abhi takes her hand and brings her to Elena’s room, he says this is my daughter, she is like this because of your father’s injection, you are a daughter and you are hurt to hear about your father but I am a daughter’s father. Sweety sadly looks at Elena. Aunt says Elena you have to take medicine. Sweety says Elena you have to get fine soon, get up and take medicine. She makes Elena take medicine. Abhi smiles. Elena says you are like Nimki, why didnt she come to see me? Aunt says she came but left, Elena says why did she leave without meeting me? tell her I am miffed with her. Sweety says I will send her to meet you. Elena says you are sweet as your name. Sweety smiles and says to Abhi that emotions are same for daughter and father.

Nimki looks in mirror and says Abhi became my enemy. Rekha comes to her room and smile. Nimki says what? Rekha says did you eat? Nimki says what you want? Rekha says Dublo asked to take care of you, Nimki says what? Nimki says the way you fought with Nahar for family was nice. Nimki says it was such a great scene, Nahar couldnt perform well. Rekha says you are inspiration for women. Nimki says thank you, I am like Deepika, I will get dressed like her, my glasses will be famous too. Rekha thinks she thinks too high of herself, she leaves. Nimki tries to get ready but says Abhi I am role model, I will prove that my family is not involved in fake medicine, he can stop me from meeting Elena.

Scene 2
In morning, Nahar comes to hospital and says to people that dont worry, we will not let people die, we will take justice. Nimki and Dublo comes there, She says why you are stretching this thing? Nahar asks one patient did he got fake medicine too? Nimki says we have provided new medicines. Nahar says Tettar gave fake medicines, their truth is out, I will take this to PM. Nahar takes video of a patient. Nimki says let him go he is ill, Dublo say something. Nahar says he has come to wipe proofs from here. One patient is acting ill. Nahar whispers to him that dont overact. Abhi says you cant take patient from here without doctor’s permission. Nahar says you taking Tettar’s side too? Kundan asks Abhi if he took money from Tettar too? Abhi slaps him hard. Nahar says they are bought by Tettar. All people start chanting against Tettar and Nimki, they start throwing stones at Nimki. Abhi takes her and hides behind pillar, he asks her to leave. Nimki says grandma is in hospital. abhi asks people to calm down, Kundan says people want justice, Nahar says Nimki have to answer. People drag Nimki and try to hurt her but Abhi tries to protect her.. suddenly they hear a gun shot, they see Babbu there who fired in air, all look on. Babbu holds Nimki’s hand and says to Nahar that I wont waste another bullet, take your people from here otherwise you will be killed here. Nimki says you came here for me? Babbu says I came for Grandma and Sweety. He says to people that you want answer? he grabs one person and says I will kill all, he fires in air. Abhi says dont do this, we have to call police. babbu says call police, this Nahar is destroying my father’s name. Nahar says to Kundan that we have done enough, police shouldnt be involved in this. Nahar says to Abhi that they have to solve this matter otherwise people wont spare Tettar. Babbu tries to attack him, Nahar says we wont spare you, he leaves with Kundan. Abhi asks Dublo to take Babbu from there. Dublo goes to bring grandma and Sweety.

Mauha is stitching a cloth. Tunee says you should buy new clothes. Ram comes there and says Abhi handled this hospital thing otherwise people would have died. Dumri comes there and says Mauha knows every house work, I have told a woman about her. Tunee says what are you saying? dumri says there is a marriage proposal for Mauha. Tunee says those people are not nice. Mauha says dont bring a proposal for me, I dont want to marry, Ram says if she doesnt want to marry now then let her be, Tunee asks her to leave. Dumri says so will you marry her? all are stunned.

PRECAP- Ritu says we cant let Nimki get arrested, it will tarnish Tettar’s image. Babbu says we should send her somewhere but she doesnt want to go. Ritu says she is dying to go somewhere with Babbu on honeymoon. Babbu is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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