Archi love story!! Part 24

Hi guys meher is back. Let’s start,,,,,,,,,,

Babasa-everyone is right Aryan. Why this sudden plan? If you want you can do this course I’m India.
Aryan-no babasa. This is a special course for business students. And this is a big advantage for the business students.
Dadisa-but chora…
Aryan-pla dadisa I really want to do the course pls.
Babasa-as you wish. I will book the tickets.?
Aryan eats breakfast quickly and goes from there.
Neelima- mein batarehihu something is fishy.
Prabhant-what are u saying neelima? He just wants to do the course. Stop overreacting.
Neelima- but…
Babasa-enough now no one will speak about this topic.
Babasa,Sarita,neelima,prabhant and daisa goes from there.
Bhabisa-what happening is not right.
Sushant- you are right.
Neeti, nishant bhaisa,bhabisa looks on with a dull face.

On the other hand,
At mittal ?,
Tanu is holding her phone.
Neeti-relly we are shocked.?
Tanu-biy why this sudden plan?
Nishant-we Donno Aryan bro came to have breakfast and announced this.
Tanu-I think I know why did he do this? Now I ! Hanging up I will call u later. Bye!
Neeti and nishant-bye!
Tanu cuts the call and rush to Sanchi’s room.
Tanu-jiji! Jiji!
Sanchi was combing her hair but she was lost in something else.
Tanu-who jiji aryan ji.

Listening to aryan’s name Sanchi quickly comes to tanua ms holds her Aryan.
Sanchi-what Aryan?Did he call you? Any news?
Tanu-no jiji he didn’t call me but I have a news actually bad news.
Sanchi-What? Pls tell tanu(in super worried tone)?
Tanu-who neeti and nishant called (stammering)
Samchi-why are u stammering tanu? Psl tell me what happened.
Tanu-aryan ji going to London(quickly closing her eyes)
Sanchi-what? But why?
Tanu-jiji neeti and nishant had called they told me that suddenly Aryan ji came and (she tells Sanchi about everything)
Sanchi – no he can’t do that.
She calls Aryan. Aryan sees Sanchi’scall but ignore her call. Sanchi tried many times but he cuts her call every time.
Sanchi gets irritated. She takes her act keys and sets to go.
Tanu-jiji where are u going?
Sanchi-aryan’s house.
Tanu-but why?
Sanchi-to talk with him? What does he thinks of himself? Haan? Ja m calling him since ling he Is just cutting my call. Enough now he have to listen to me.
Sanchi leaves furiously and also tensely ??
Sanchi leaves taking her car. On the road Sanchi keeps calling Aryan. At last Aryan was fed up and picks the call furiously ?
Aryan-want is your problem?
Sanchi stop her car.
Aryan-I asked you something what’syour problem Haan?Why are you calling me continuesly?
Sanchi-no! At first you answer me.. Why aren’t you picking my call? What do u think of yourself?And what is this? You re going to London? Why Aryan?
Aryan-my wish I won’t pick your call. And psl you don’t have any right ypto ask me where I go or not. Why are you bothered?
Sanchi-I will be bothered. How can you so that to me Aryan?
Aryan-and what about that which you did to me? You don’t have any right to ask me me where I go ?
Sanchi-I have full right.
Aryan-what rightht Haan?
Sanchi-I am your friend Aryan and I have that right on you.
Aryan laughs.
Aryan-friend right? What friend? We are no friends ok? You lost that right.
Sanchi cries
Sanchi-pls Aryan don’t say that you promised me right no matter what we will always be friend.
Aryan-what promise? If you remember you had also promised me you won’t break my ? but you did that right? You broke your promises you forgot your promise you did I.
Sanchi-no! Aryan pls ok let’s do one thing let’s meet we will solve the problems.
Aryan-no Sanchi there so nothing left to say or solve. And pls stop all this and let me concentrate in my packing. I have my flight after 3 hours so, pls.
Sanchi-what 3 hours so quick. Psl psl Aryan Just once Aryan I need to meet you………just once Aryan.
Aryan-no means no!
Sanchi-dinner if you are stubborn them I am more stubborn than you. I am coming at your home.
Aryan-no you won’t do that fien I am coming.
Aryan-where should I come? But ya I don’t have much time . After talking to you I have my flight.
Sanchi-the place where we became friends . Café Milano.
Aryan fine I am! Coming.

On the other hand,
Bhabisa, bhaisa and all of them mood wre off.
Nishant-3years. Aryan bro will stay away from us for 3years. Thinking of that makes !E sad.
Neeti- you are right.
Sarita-aryan is the life of this house and now he is going.
Aryan-what all are so incomplete without him.
Dadisa-what know how are we going to spent this year’s without him.
Just then Aryan comes taking his baggage.
Neeti and nishant goes and hugs Aryan.
Aryan-are why are you guy’s crying. Psl don’t cry.
Nishant-bro we are going to miss u a lot ?.
Neeti-yes bro pls don’t go!
Aryan-neeti nishant pls don’t say that. And I am not going forever.i will return.
Bhabisa-when devarsa? After 3 years? It is a long period devarsa.
Aryan- bhabisa psl now you don’t start.
Bhabisa behaves to be angry.
Aryan-bhabisa! Come on psl don’t upset. And it’s a matter of 3 years it will go in 5g speed pls guys support me . Somt do this. Anyways I am getting late for the flight.bye.
All of them escort aryan to the car. Aryan waves his ✋ and leaves .

Sanchi turns her car and goes to the Café.she reaches the Café.but Aryan was not there yet.samxho keeps waiting for Aryan.
Just then Aryan comes.Samchi goes to Aryan.
Sanchi-at first let’s goa nd sit.
They goes and sits.
Aryan-now say quickly what you have to say.
Sanchi-pls don’t go!
Aryan starts to go.
Aryan-if you want to say that I am not least interested.
Sanchi-aryan pls at least listen to me.
Aryan-what you have to say? Aryan don’t go r8? So,let me inform you I m going.
Sanchi- Aryan pls you won’t go. And that’s final.
Aryan-see Sanchi I told you before also u don’thave any on me so,pls.
Arya was about to go.
Sanchi-Aryannn pls don’t go I will do what you say.
Aryan stops and return to Sanchi. There was a sigh of relief in Sanchi’s face.
Aryan-you don’t have do anything. Just answer me one thing.then we will u love me?If you love em I will do what you say or else you don’t hve any right to stop me. So,Ms.sanchi mittal do u love me?
*********Screen freezes on sanchi’s face********
Kya hoga Sanchi ka faisla?To know keep reading”ARCHI LOVE STORY”….

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