Archi love story!! Part 25

Surprise!!!!!!! You all must be thinking how I came so early????? actually as you guys know it’s Ramadan. So, I am fasting and believe me I am damn bored. No one is letting me to do anything just saying to rest. And meher is not the one to rest . To socha let’s publish this part,I came,,,,,,,
Let’s start,,,,,,,
Aryan-so,Ms . Sanchi mittal do u love me? If yes then I will do what you or else you don’t have any r8 to stop me.What’s your anwer Sanchi?
Samchi keeps thinking.she was not able to find out what to do?
There was silence for many minutes.
Aryan-come’on Sanchi answer me! Do u love me yes or no! Don’t waste my time.
Sanchi-Aryan……………..Aaa…….. I………………I………..
Aryan laughs.
Aryan- come on Sanchi. Why don’t you admit that you don’t love me.
Sanchi-no, Aryan…………….
Aryan-oh if so that means you love me.
Sanchi-I didn’t say that but……..
Aryan-no ifs buts. Sanchi enough stop pretending to worry about me.(screaming)
Sanchi-Aryan pls don’t make a scene everyone is watching.
Aryan-let them watch. You also created a scene. You mad fun of my feelings.
Sanchi-no,!!!!! Aryan you are getting me wrong plZ……….
Aryan-pls Sanchi I am not getting you wrong. This is the place r8 where we became friends.amd even this is the place where we got the rab ne banadi Jodi award you know what??That day when we won this award I had started falling for you. I loved you more than anything ?? but you, you broke my trust.and pls now you have no right on me .
Saying this he hopes Sanchi’s hand tightly.
Sanchi- aaaaaauuuuuhhhhheeee……. Aryan u are hurting me.
Aryan-and what about the pain you gave me. But now I want to erase the pain. And pls don’t stop me.
Aryan let go of Sanchi’s ✋ and leaves from there.
Sanchi cries sitting in the floor……….

AFTER 3 YEARS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
A big University is shown the name is exposed “OKFORD UNIVERSITY”
A library is shown where a boy is lost in a book . Seems he doesn’tcare of the world and just want to get lost in this book. Two more boys wearing hoodie comes.
1st boy from those two boys keeps his hand in the nerdy (actually who is so much lost in book are called ???)
The boy turns and and it turns out to be…………….Not Aryan ?. It’s a foreign boy .
Michael- you guys? Here? How come? It’s the senstional news of the college Aryan sethiya that too in library?
Yes guys the boy in hoodie is our cutie Aryan.
Aryan-what to do when my bestie is a nerdy and forgot that today is our last day together and we promised to have a bike race.
Michael-hey! I am not a nerdy . I m reading this book love story book “SOHO”. It’s a new amazing book. And you know na how much I believe in love stories and love. I a! Just waiting when my life story will begin and my love life will come.
Aryan laughs……………….
Aryan- come on Micheal! Love is a waste of time and is good in films not in real life.There is nothing like love and love only gives a men pain.
Micheal-that’s your thought Aryan but I truly believe in love. Yeah your love story wasn’t complete but every love story isn’t like That. Some love stories are made to be completed.And believe me one day you will also admit this.
Aryan remincises about Sanchi. Her childish behavior and her sweet smile for which anyone can fall,her adventure cum pagalpaan which makes everyone stunned.
Just than he shakes his head.
Aryan(in his thoughts)- no! No! Aryan she betrayed you don’t forgot. And love is useless. Yeah!
Micheal shakes Aryan.
Micheal-aryan! Where are you lost?
Aryan-no where and pls Micheal you can’t cange my thoughts on love.
Micheal-aryan thoughts will change and that day you will remincise me.
Aryan-ok baba but now let’s go! We have bike race. Remember?
Micheal-yeah let’s go!

All the preparation are going in full swing.seems like a big exhibition.
A man to a servent- ramu what are you doing here? Go behind and see if any preparation is incomplete and yes Goa md check the snacks too. Go! Go!
They both goes in their direction. All the guest are praising of the designs.
1st guest-wow! So unique design.
2nd guest-yeah you are r8. Really she is a genius designer?
Mr.been and Mr.zain were going from there. They listen to their talk and smiles.
Mr.zain-seriously we took the good decision by choosing her. She is an genius.
Mr.been-yeah and very soon she is going to make the whole nation proud of her. If anyone can compete with the most famous and genius fashion designer malvika (aur koi an nahi sujha?) it’s her .
Mr.zain-yeah now let’s go . We need to make the announcement.
They both go to the stage.
Mr.been- good afternoon ladies and gentlemen can we have your attention pls?
Mr.zain-today is a auspicious day. Finally today our contract is finished which we had done 3 years ago.
Mr.been-amd really we are proud of this fashion designer.
Mr.zain-amd we feel fortunated and proud that we launched a designer like her who is so genius.
Mr.been-and we know very soon she will be the best fashion designer of not only Jaipur or India but also the whole world.
Kusum-viren today I feel proud of our daughter. She has done so much for us. Today we are known by her name.and really is m fortunate that is m her daughter.
Viren-come on kusum at least today don’t be so senti.
Viren side hugs her.
Pooja-wow! Mumma papa romance Haan?(viabhav and Pooja married each other in these 3 years though vaibhav didn’t want bit our ziddi Sanchi hei na)
Viran-no nothing like That.anyways Pooja did you bought that kachori? I am hungry.
Kusum-viren can’t you think about anything else without food.
Viren-pls kusum don’t evil eye on my food.
Everyone laughs.

Mr.Zain- now it’s time to call that genius fashion designer on the stage. So,guys let’s have a round of applause for the genius,most talented and khirki Tor khubsurat(don’t worry guys he didn’t say that he said gorgeous??) MS.Sanchi Mittal.(indicating his hand towards Sanchi)
But there were some people. They gets sided.sanchi turns. She was wearing a stunning sleeveless gown with minimum yet attractive make up and high heels,open hair and like ways she was looking mesmerizing. Sabki Nazar sirf Sanchi ke upar the. Not only the boys also the girls anyone can see from their face that they were jealous.
Sanchi goes to the stage.
Mr.been and Zain shakes their hand with hers.
Me.been-all yours.
He gives the Mike to Sanchi.
Sanchi- well I think everyone is praising too. Good know if I am capable of so mUch praises. Well I don’t think it was possible for me to stand here in such a big stage without the support of my MUMMA papa and my family and special thanks to Aryan my friend (she smiles) because of whom I am here. Today he is not present here but he is always with me everywhere in my ?.
Bhabisa-sanchi loves devarsa so much like always today also she is giving all the credits to devarsa though he has done so many things with her(guys the sethiya’s were also present there)
Maasa-yeah you are right she is not only talented but sanskari also I always wanted such girl for my aryan. I just want Sanchi as my aryan’s wife and my bahu..
Sanchi-amd all the designs you are seeing here and praising so much is only possible for one thing and that’s love .
Love si such a thing which takes u to another world. A world of peace and happiness and in such a peace this designs comes automatically in mins. All the people always waits for love in their life but(she gets upset) is am that fool who got love in her life but she ignored (tears were rolling from her eyes?) well anyways eaht am I doing I’m just talking fizol ki baate and wasting your precious time u guys enjoy the exhibition.
She runs from the plsace and goes to a isolated place and cries terribly ?
A girl keeps her hand on Sanchi’s shoulder.
Sanchi turns and say “TANU” SHE Just hugs tanu and cries.
Sanchi-why is good so unfair with me?He snatched all my happiness infact you know what God isn’t to be blamed all this is my mistake. My mistake. I wish that day I had stopped Aryan. I was so fool I didn’t understand my love. Aryan loved me so !Uch and I broke his trust. But this 3 years made me realize how much I love Aryan and I can’t live without him. This is my mistake right ? So,I deserve punishment. What’s my punishment tanu? Tell na?
Tanu-pls jiji don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. The fault was of the situation. The situation were like this that you didn’trealize your are living that guilt since 3 years jiji that because of u Aryan ji was separated from his parents.u lose him but not anymore jiji only one day tomorrow 3 years will be completed your wait will be finished Aryan ji will return. Then you can say hm how you love him.and can’t live without him. Then everything will be fine. Pls calm down.
She wipes Sanchi’s tears and hugs her.
Priyanka and sushant sees all this from behind and Priyanka’s eyes were on tears.

Precap:Aryan sees Sanchi in tv and gets furious?

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