Apnapan 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Harsh prepares to auction the house

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The Episode starts with Ranveer getting tea for Pallavi and kids. Manna says our relation is close now, we will have the tea. Ranveer serves the tea to them. Nani says Pallavi is fine now. Ranveer says Pallavi would have not eaten anything. He gives her biscuits. Pallavi gives it to Badal. Nani says she worries for her kids more, take care of yourself sometimes. Badal asks Barkha whose clothes are these. Barkha recalls Sid. Manna thinks a brother can’t hear this about his sister. She says Barkha went in pyjama party. Barkha goes to get prasad. Badal says I got to know about Sonali. A girl comes and says Harsh is going to auction the house. They all get shocked.

They all come home and get shocked seeing the things on auction. Harsh sees them back and jokes on them. He asks did Lord tell you in the temple to go back home. Nani scolds him. He says I asked you to stay at home with me, but you said you will never leave your daughter. Pallavi asks what do you want to do. He says the house and everything of this house will get auctioned, we will sell the emotions as well, good idea, right.

Pallavi cries and gets emotional. He asks will you get happiness and peace doing this, if yes, then I will be satisfied. Badal says my bat and trophies are also there, both the things are not of use, but I have memories with it, how will you take it. Barkha says house is where the family stay together, you can sell the house, but not touch our bonding. Manna says you shattered our bonding and memories.

Nani says you are doing this to hurt your mum, you want to make Pallavi alone, look at them, they all are with Pallavi. Pallavi says everyone is together, you also come. Harsh says everything will get auctioned at a good price. The girl calls Gagan. Gagan vents anger by colour spraying on the wall. Constable scolds him. Gagan runs. The girl comes and helps him. She takes Gagan and asks him to come home. Badal calls Gagan and asks him to get Nick home. He asks how can you leave the family. Gagan says I left the family. He disconnects. Manna says I will call dad, he should know what Harsh is doing. She calls Nick. The auction preparations are done. Harsh asks Barkha not to get emotional. He throws the mirror and breaks it. Barkha cries. Ranveer scolds Harsh and asks him to have some shame, respect Pallavi, she has always worked hard for her kids. Harsh asks which kids, whom she left. Ranveer says no, those kids who came back to her, you also know that Pallavi isn’t wrong, you give the savings money to the poor, instead these goons, maybe its good for you also. The man asks Harsh shall we keep this money. Harsh says its savings of someone’s hardwork, I m saying about the person who just hurt me, but did a lot for her kids. He takes the savings pot. Ranveer asks Pallavi to come with him. She says let Harsh do anything and get peace. She cries. Harsh sees the time and says why didn’t they come for bidding till now. Pallavi asks the kids to sit under some shade. The man says no one came for the auction, how can this happen. He asks Harsh shall we arrange some food, maybe people come for food. Harsh says landlord isn’t answering, why. Barkha taunts him and asks what happened now, no one came here for bidding. Badal says you are much money, but Meerut people have a heart, so nobody came here.
Harsh shouts get some bidder to buy this house. Pallavi faints. Nick lifts her and takes her inside the house. He says you didn’t call me once to inform about this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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