Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Fake Agastya tries to come close to Pakhi

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mira says to the man thanks for your house, I had to snatch it. Keep your mouth shut. She leaves. Pakhi finds another chit. It’s empty. Pakhi says why didn’t that person come? What info does he have? She sees Mona and Tara screaming. There is a cockroach. Tara says papa has gone out. Pakhi says where? She says don’t know but he rushed out.

Agastya says to fake Agastya you’ve can’t come near Pakhi. Her intuition kept you away from her. Our love will win. Fake Agastya says tonight I will make her mine. Mira says dadi isn’t even there to save her. Pakhi will be pregnant soon. Mira gets a call. She says don’t worry, everything is going as per the plan. Pakhi calls in the fumigation team. They start spraying the house. He says madam I found this earring in the store. Pakhi realizes it’s dadi’s. Pakhi says dadi was wearing it when she came to meet me in the store.

Scene 2
Fake Agastya makes a plan to surprise Pakhi with Mona and Naveli. Pakhi says should I tell Agastya? She says I wanted to talk and listen. He says yes. She says I went to the store. Mona says Pakhi I am going to your parent’s place. Tara says I also wanna go. Agastya says I have work. Pakhi says I also have to talk to papa. Tara goes with Mona. Fake Agastya hugs Pakhi. He says I was missing you a lot. I asked but to take Tara.

He decorates the house. Pakhi says I wanted to talk to you. He says later. He hugs her. Pakhi feels weird. He dances with Pakhi. Pakhi says I need to talk. He gives her a drink. Agastya sees Pakhi on the screen. He’s scared. Pakhi faints. Fake Agastya picks her up and takes her to the bedroom. Agastya screams. Agastya says stop it. He says Yug please stop all this. He says Mira this is your last chance. If anything happens to Pakhi I will kill you all. Mira says I think I will let you go alive? Yug says I don’t want to see all this. Agastya says please stop all this Yug. She’s your bhabhi. Yug leaves. Fake Agastya touches Pakhi’s face and holds her. He starts taking off her saree. Agastya prays for Pakhi. He says don’t do this Mira please. Fake Agastya kisses Pakhi’s face.

A storm rages on. Fake Agastya comes near Pakhi. Things start falling due to strong winds. The garland falls from dadi’s photo. The candles fall. The house is on fire. Fake Agastya rushes out. He sees smoke everywhere. Mira says what’s happening.

Scene 3
Tara enjoys with the family. Shanaya says I got a notification from the fire alarm. Is our house on fire? Shanaya says pakhi isn’t picking up the call. Fake Agastya tries to turn off the fire alarm. Everyone comes in. They ask if they’re okay. Agastya asks how do you know? Naveli says you gave me a fire alarm app. He says everything is fine. Tara asks where is mama? Agastya says she’s sleeping upstairs. Samir says how can she sleep in so much smoke? Is she okay? Tara rushes upstairs.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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