Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer agrees for the ritual

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Scene 1
Rishi meets Birju. Rajeshwari calls him again. He goes out. Rajeshwari says you are ready to leave Rani there right? Veer says Rani sa.. She says I don’t want to hear excuses. I gave you one task and you’re spending the night there? Why? He says I didn’t have another option. Rajeshwari says where did you stay the night? He says there’s a hotel nearby. Don’t worry I will leave today. He hangs up. Birju is standing behind him. Veer says in heart did he hear everything? Birju says got scared?

Kiara is leaving. She says I am coming and will make you mine. She asks the driver to leave. Vikram is on the driver seat. He says of course madam. She says you.. What nonsense is this? He says nothing. We can go together, it would be fine. Kiara says oh God. Let’s go. He says come sit in front. It’s a long journey. They leave.

BIrju says wanna shower? You can take a bathe in this well. Veer says what here? He says our village’s well is like Ganga, it’s pure. Veer is shocked. Birju takes off his kurta and starts showering. He showers water on Veer as well. He says you have to shower for the ritual. Veer says if the ritual wasn’t there I won’t have let this water touch me. Birju says I also feel how she got married to you? She is very close to me She used to tell me everything. If you hurt her or betray her.. Veer says so? Birju says this is Baliya. The blood of men here is very hot. This cold water won’t do anything. Veer says we will see.

Scene 2
Vikram plays loud songs and drives very slow. Kiara says cycles are faster than you. He says I drive safe. You don’t get what’s not in your fate. Let’s go out. I am tired. She says I thought I would reach there. Vikram says in heart you will never reach there.

Nandini asks Rajmata we are ordering pasta. What would you like? Rajmata says I miss Rani and Veer. Nandini says Rani is such a nice girl. Dadi says this house is so down without her. Nandini says we can video call her.

Dadi makes Rani work. She says you’re married. Rani says Rajmata never asked me to do chores. I miss her. they video call her. Rani says Rajmata.. How are you? I was missing you a lot. Nandini didi how is your yoga going? Did you get juice in the morning? Why is there so much dust on the Lamp? Rajmata says relax.

Rani says give phone to Champa. Rani says why is nothing cleaned? Champa says no no I am doing my work. She asks Champa to clean it while they are on the video.

Rani cuts vegetables. Veer comes in. Veer says I have to talk to you. Rani says you.. She cuts her finger. Veer holds her hand and says first learn and then do it. You always do things wrong. Your hand is bleeding. Rani says I am making this for Rajmata. I would be ready for everyone in one week. My dadi makes the best pickle. Veer recalls what Rajeshwari said. Veer says do you have first aid kit? I have it in car. Rani says leave that. Bring that spice. He says not this time. She says bring water. Rani says mix turmeric in water. Rani says time has taught me to tolerate pain. He applies the paste on her cut. Rani gives him cloth to clean his hand. Veer says thank you. Veer says everyone is so different, so pure. Rani says I felt the same about the city but I adjusted. You came here for one day only and you like it. Veer says in heart I have to tell her everything. Rani says get ready for the ritual. He says my clothes are wet. Rani says you didn’t keep the clothes? He says I forgot. She says forgot or did you plan on leaving me here?

Episode ends.

Precap-The ritual starts. Everyone is celebrating. Rani dances. Veer stops her and says I can’t go against Rani sa. I came here to leave you here forever.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Is he imagining saying that again? Otherwise, it’s just heartbreaking to watch. Can Vikram stop him from leavng Rani? How can you hurt a person like that?

  2. But veer is more conserd about rani sa’s oder…can’t he unfolow her order once….and she…😠😠😠she is he’ll bent on making kiara her DIL and veer’s wife…….I like vikkram for his care and concern for rani ( his babhi sa)…….☺

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