Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Asawari is the idol robber

Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shera telling the idol robber that even they know to keep the bomb and says once you move, then bomb will explode. He manages to take remote from the robber and gives their remote in Anupriya’s hand. He asks Anupriya to blast him if he moves away and goes inside to rescue Kalyani and others. Anupriya asks why did you do this Madhav ji? You have staged your death and killed your own son. Shera comes there. Kalyani tells him that everyone is holding the bomb in the plates. Shera asks her to relax and shows the remote in his hand. He diffuses everyone’s bombs. Avni asks Shera to diffuse her bomb too. Shera says it is difficult to diffuse and diffuses it. Kalyani tells Shera that Malhar ji’s father Madhav is the robber. Anupriya asks why did you try to kill your son and lifts the shawl from the robber’s face. They get shocked to see Asawari. Kalyani says SB you…Asawari asks her not to call her SB and says I was in jail for many years and when I returned, then I have no way for my living and this is the only way to earn money. Kalyani says and you thought to sell the national heritage. Asawari says yes, I get much money in International market. Kalyani says so it was you, who was wearing Madhav ji’s mask and attempted to kill him. Asawari says I thought Malhar will be shocked and will not say anything, but he got the idol missing from the temple. She asks Kalyani from where did she bring Malhar’s duplicate. Shera says I am Shera Chaudhary. Asawari says I thought that he is Malhar and attempted murder on him, but his friends told me that Malhar was trying to catch us with the help of Police. Shera snatches idol from her hand and tells that this idol is fake, and is not suitable in her hands. He says there is no bomb under her feet. Avni asks Aao Saheb if she saw how Kalyani cheated them? Kalyani asks her to shut up and asks where is Malhar ji? Asawari says my men got him killed. Kalyani asks where is his dead body if he is dead? Asawari says he might be rotten in the garbage tunnel. She says she has taken revenge on Malhar for Aahir’s death. Kalyani holds her neck and gets angry. She tells Anupriya that her Malhar ji is alive and keeps lamp on her hand, says she will keep it until he returns. Asawari says Malhar can’t return. Kalyani asks Police Inspector to arrest and take her, says my heart says that my Malhar ji will return to me. She goes inside. She holds the diya/lamp and talks to Malhar’s pic, says she will not let it set off until he returns. Godaveri feels bad. Anupriya tells her that Kalyani is strong and will accept that Malhar is no more. She asks her to keep Moksh with her tonight.

Shera talks to someone and tells that he will not stay here, as Kalyani still loves Malhar. He says he will come to Rohtak and will do the last work. He comes to Kalyani’s room and finds her sleeping on the chair. He is about to blow the lamp, but the stops. He sprays something on Kalyani, Sarthak, Avni, Moksh, Godaveri while everyone are sleeping. He takes something from the cupboard and says good bye Kalyani ji. He leaves.

In the morning, Anupriya opens the cupboard and gets shocked. Godaveri opens the cupboard and gets shocked too. Shera comes to Tommy’s house. Tommy opens the bag and gets shocked seeing something. He says you was about to get money and jewellery, and asks where is it? Anupriya and Godaveri find money in the cupboard and ask from where it came? Tommy asks what is happening, and tells that Kalyani doesn’t love you, but loves her dead husband. He says why did you give your money to them. Shera says she loves her husband, but I didn’t keep the condition that she has to love me. He says Shahrukh Khan loved someone like this. Tommy asks what we will do with the pics. Tommy says I will see kalyani ji’s pics and will live my life. He says she has changed me, now I can’t become of anyone.

Precap: Godaveri shoots Moksh and Tai, seeing Moksh on the balcony. Kalyani asks why did he go there? Moksh says I want to go to Baba and asks him, why did he leave me? For that I have to jump down. Avni smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. All characters in this show has turned into cartoon. Kalyani is the biggest cartoon and over-drama queen. I don’t know what writers smoke to write such illogical tracks. The story was so beautiful when atharv and sampada were the evil couple, THR used to be in top 5 back then. The show had so many interesting track to explore but makers ruined everything.

  2. But I think 🤔 this show is better than the two bhagyas

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