Anything for you love #by Yash (OS)

Hi guys,

I am your old Yash Srivastava with a new story. I hope you all will like it, gives suggestion to improve it and forgive for mistakes.

Let’s start:

With his favourite juice on his side, and his most preferred breakfast on the table, he smiled and said, “Babe you are the best, you made my weekend.”
The idea of marriage always fascinated Shirley – a fun loving, independent, strong headed person. The post marriage life, the avatar she’d take, the places she’d go with her man, the things they’d do together, all the things she saw, felt and believed would happen after marriage, always got her excited in her head. “I just can’t believe”, she murmured and opened her eyes to mute the alarm, it was 6:30 in the morning and for the first time a careless rebel woke up at once. Her alarm had a new entry now, “6:30” which it had not seen ever since she left school.

Waking up as a married woman now, she thought to herself, “did anything change” Well nothing except for the fact that you are married now – spoke her content inner self. Beside her lay, her man, her husband, the man she loved dearly. Overwhelmed she thought., this is what she wanted, she is living it now. The morning felt the same, but the surroundings were different, she was getting ready but someone was still asleep, as she moved to step out of a different room now, she whispered to herself, “did anything change” and left with a confused smile.

Sitting on the favourite corner of her house, sipping tea, she looked through her balcony and wondered, “did anything change”, the roads still seem the same, the hustle of the city was indeed the same, moreover, she looked the same. It has been two months now and nothing had changed she thought, with a sudden realisation of not doing the pending laundry in the machine and left at once to complete the task. He will not complain, but she would not like him to wear the same socks the next day.

It was 9:30 in the night, having dinner together, he shifted his focus from his phone for a minute noticing her continuously murmur something, he smiled and said, the food is really nice, you cook really well. “Anything for you, love” she replied. Struggling to type, to reply to something on his phone, looking at him, she too picked up her phone to reply to a message from one her new family members, an introvert wondering “did anything change” it’s been four months now and I am still living my life I used to. Nothing changes after marriage, and I am happy, he loves me too.

Struggling to stop thinking, wondering if anything changed, trying to make a place for herself in the new big family, the strong, independent Shirley started crying, “it is all in your head”, “you cannot adjust”, but what can be done now, he said. Collecting herself, she wiped her tears and walked out of the room smiling, murmuring to herself “did anything change”, well nothing but the fact you are in a bigger family now, youngest of all and no one to pamper you to what you were used to.

Laying on bed after their evening walk routine, she thought to herself, “when was the last time you did something you used to, when stayed on your own, why do you have conflicting thoughts, he loves you, you know that”. It’s been 1.5 years now but he will love you more than you someday, you too will get pampered, you too will be his priority. With these thoughts in mind she called it a night.

With his favourite juice on his side, and his most preferred breakfast on the table, he smiled and said, “Babe you are the best, you made my weekend.”

She came out of the other room, dressed in peach, he looked at her and said ” You look beautiful, thank you for the meal”, kissing him she said “Anything for you, love. The lunch is cooked, I am going out with my friends, you call yours too, enjoy your day”, and left.


As the day passed, he realised the TV shows consumed half of his day, with food on his mind he went into the kitchen but found nothing. “I can’t find the food babe” he messaged, “Check the white hot case” she replied. Relieved he opened the hot case only to find, his meal with a gift- her engagement ring with a note “Anything for you, love”, “nothing has changed”.


I hope u liked it.If not,do tell me.I’ll try my level best to improve my writing.Suggestins are warmly welcome with open heart.??

  1. Negisanyukta

    Loved this excerpt…ur writing skill is just too gud.??The way u explained it is really appreciable.Hope to read more of ur work.??
    Keep writing dear.

    1. Shekhar.yash01

      Thank You So Much
      Aadha kaam to aapne hi kiya h

  2. Amethyst

    Wow brother! That just left me speechless! It was seriously mind-blowing.. The way you described everything is amazing.. Your style is really… I don’t have words..
    Hope to read more of your works..
    Take care ?

    1. Shekhar.yash01

      Thank You So Much Bro

    2. Negisanyukta

      Mention not my frie.d??

    3. Amethyst

      I’m not bro! It’s me Vidhi.. hope you remember.. ?

    4. Shekhar.yash01

      Are vidhi tum
      Achanak se kaha gayab ho gyi thi
      How is you ?
      Missed you

    5. Amethyst

      Wo it’s a long story.. Baad mein bataungi..
      I’m good. Aap kaise ho ??
      Missed you too bhai

  3. Prettypreeti

    Omg,Shayar saab aap toh writer bhi nikle.WOW,it was so beautifully written. Loved the use of apt title..Very well written.Yeh kahan PCM mei phas gye writing try kro.❤Amaaazing.

    1. Shekhar.yash01

      ab kya kre yaar
      Fas chuke hai
      There is no any option now
      And thank you so much

  4. Amrita

    I’m reading it for the first time and tbh I’m clean bowled with the writing as well as the story. Thanks to that friend who sent me this link. Well keep writing like this brother. #NiceStory #NiceWriting #AGreatAuthor

    1. Shekhar.yash01

      Thank You So Much
      It really means alot
      BTW who sent you link ?

    2. Amrita


  5. Anu88

    So so amazing story

    1. Shekhar.yash01

      Thank You So Much

  6. JeevithaTK

    Hi yesh…
    Wowww . Actually bit suprise to c ur os.. So myy lil bro is sooo good at writing??????.. Yash is toooo superb.. The way explained it was great.. I thought my bro is good at shayari… Bt is in writing the OS too.. Keep it up.. Waiting nd want to c more of ur writing.. God bless u… Love u bro..

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