Each Other’s, Forever ~ A Twinj OS

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Each Other’s, Forever

It was a chilly morning in Toronto. The snowflakes shining all around. Feather-like snow was coming down from the sky, making everything look like heaven.

A small bungalow was shown, fully covered with the snow. A girl was dozing off at the porch, shivering due to the cold. Her whole face was red due to the cold, but she was just interested in her beauty sleep.

Suddenly, a guy of around the same age as her came out of the house. His eyes twinkled with fascination, as he eyed the snow-clad lawn. His chocolate orbs zoomed around the house, before finally landing on a heap, oops sorry, a human..

What the hell!!

He quickly ran towards that girl, shaking her vigorously, only to get a nice handprint on his devilishly handsome face!

” Twinkle Taneja, get up right now!!!! ” Birds flew off, scared by his high-pitched scream. But, it did nothing to the girl in question.

The guy sighed, disbelief written all over his face. Then without any further thought, he picked her up in bridal style, stumbling a bit due to the snow.

” Pumpkin! What have you been eating ? You weigh more than a ton!!! ” He tried to tease her a bit, but all he got in return was nothing.

Sighing yet again, he moved inside the house towards his room, which proved quite difficult, given the girl in his arms!f

Finally reaching the room, he tried to move her onto the bed. Keyword : tried.

Every time he would try to lay her down, she’ll just groan and snuggle more into him, not at all wanting to leave the warmth.

Having no other option, the guy too slipped under the duvet, pulling her close, making Twinkle smile like a baby. He too smiled, looking at her child-like expressions, and also making sure that she doesn’t feel cold. Having nothing else to do, he also closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

” Kunj Sarna!! Get up this instant!! ” Twinkle screamed, as Kunj bolted up at once, totally shocked by the yell.

” Twinkle ? What happened ? All fine ?! ” Worry was clearly visible in his voice, making Twinkle’s face soften.

” Everything is fine. But, why the hell didn’t you wake me up ?!! Look at the time, Kunj Sarna! ” Came the loud scream from the mad Twinkle.

” What ?!! That’s my fault too ?!!! Are you freakin’ serious, girl ?! ” Disbelief was clear in his voice, as both gave death glares to each other. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, both sighed.

” No use of shouting over spilled milk. Let’s just get up now. ” Kunj shook his head, getting up from the bed.

” Eh, Kunj.. what about milk ? We weren’t talking about spilled milk, were we ? ” Twinkle asked, being sceptical.

Kunj sweat-dropped, palming his face. When he looked over at the confused girl, his expressions clearly said one thing ; dumb much ?!

” Never mind. You can go and get freshened up, while I prepare some snacks. And… we have some serious talks to do, Ms. Taneja. ” Giving her a pointed look, he left with a sigh. And all Twinkle could do was just shrug and look at his disappearing figure confusedly.

Twinkle continued humming to herself, happily skipping down the stairs. She had had a long refreshing bath, and was now ready to face trouble.

After reaching the hall, she moved towards the dining area to see Kunj Sarna totally immersed in his phone. Shaking her head, she went and sat on the chair opposite to him.

” A-hem! ” The cough broke the silence, making him look up at her with a raised eyebrow.

” What ?! ”

” Keep that shitty thing aside and have your breakfast. ”

” Did you just call my phone a shitty thing ?!! ” Kunj growled, offended.

” Yes, Mr. Shit-face! ” Twinkle smirked, looking at his red face.

” What ??! Seriously ?! ” Disbelief was all over his face. But who cares!

” Twinkle! Yaar I’m gonna be your husband in less than 6 months.. For God’s sake, give me some respect at least! ”

” Okay then! I’m calling Mom and asking her to call off the wedding. ”

” What ?! Why ?!! ” All she did was shrug in return, while continuing to devour her favourite sandwiches.

” You either get your so-called respect, or you get to be called as my husband. Your choice! ”

Kunj sighed, knowing that he can’t ever win any argument with her.

” Now that you’re done, I need to talk to you. ” Kunj informed in a serious tone, all humour gone.

Twinkle nodded, as both moved out towards his car.

Kunj’s Outfit

Twinkle’s Outfit

” Wait! You’re not going out like that. It’s freezing out there. ” Kunj shook his head in disapproval, while Twinkle moved and sat inside the car, completely disregarding him.

” Let’s go already. ” Her shout made him sigh, as he moved inside the car, and quickly drove away.

Twinkle was looking out of the window, as Kunj kept his eyes fixed on the road. After a few minutes, he decided to break the silence.

” What are you doing here ? ” Twinkle shut her eyes tight. This is what she was dreading, ever since she sat in the plane to reach here.

” Twinkle, I’m asking something. ”

” I came to…. study ?? ” It was more like a question to herself than anyone else, as she racked her brain for excuses.

” Study ?! ”

” I…. I mean, I was not getting some parts of it, so I came here so that you can  help me. ”

” Oh really ?!! Okay fine I accept this excuse. But did you tell any one that you’re coming here ? ” He stopped the car at the signal, and turned to her with a raised eyebrow.

” Umm, ye-yeah. I told Aarav and Myra. ” However, he just glared at her, his look saying You think I’m dumb enough to believe that ?!

” I swear I told them! It’s not my fault that your siblings are so forgetful that they must have forgotten like every time! ”

” After all, they are Twinkle Taneja’s BFFs, a.k.a. World’s Most Forgetful Person!! ”

Both glared at each other, yet again.

Thankfully, the traffic started moving, breaking their staring contest. Kunj again looked at the road, as Twinkle tried to call the two naughty Sarnas.

” Hello ? Myru ?! ”

” Yeah I’ve reached.. Where’s Aarav ? Good. Now keep the phone on speaker.. ”

Kunj looked at her from the corner of his eyes, silently praying to God to save his siblings.

” Now… WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU BOTH ?!!! I asked you to inform everyone that I’m coming here. But you were too busy sleeping, isn’t it ? ”

Kunj winced, muttering curses at the trio. What was the fault of his poor eardrums in all this ? Why were they getting tortured ?!

” No no no… Just wait till I come back! Then I’ll see you both! Bye! ” She ended with a huff, looking at Kunj with an intense glare.

” Why are you Sarna siblings so….. idiotic ?! ”

” That’s cause we have to tolerate a homo sapien called Twinkle Taneja! ”

” You!!!! ”

” We’ve reached. C’mon! ” Kunj interrupted, moving out of the car, followed by Twinkle.

 C'mon! " Kunj interrupted, moving out of the car, followed by Twinkle

They both looked at the mesmerising view in front of them, spellbound. Twinkle had a wide smile on her face, as she looked at the white, fluffy snow all around. Kunj went and took out two blankets from the car boot, and spread them over, near a big Pine tree. He beckoned her towards the blankets, as both finally sat down. Both scooted closer, covering themselves with the soft duvet, and looking into the horizon.

” Twinkle, now tell me the truth. Why did you come here when you have an exam day-after tomorrow ? ” His voice was soft, as he looked at her with a small smile. Twinkle leaned her head on his shoulder, entwining their hands.

” I….. I was feeling suffocated there. Exams, studies, it was making me frustrated. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Aarav, Bhai and Myra, they all tried to cheer me up. But I was just… feeling very low. So I came here.. I knew you’d be angry, but still I just needed to be here. ” She ended with a sigh, looking at him with unshed tears.

” Shhh.. It’s okay, Pumpkin. You need not cry about it. It’s okay to be broken sometimes. It’s not always that you have to be strong.. It’s okay to take a break. Yeah I agree that you shouldn’t have come here leaving your exams, but it’s okay. And the exam is still not gone. We’ll go back to India tomorrow evening. And I’ll also stay there till your exams end. Then you can give your exams peacefully and I’ll help you with studies.. Okay ? ” Kunj wiped her tears, smiling at her.

” Hmm.. But, I don’t want to go back.. ” She wailed like a baby, making Kunj chuckle.

” Okay let’s do one thing. First you can give your exams, and then I’ll ask Dad to give us all a month’s vacation. Both of us will come here to spend the vacation.. ”

” But what about Bhai, Myra and everyone else ?! Dare you forget our family Mr. Sarna!! ” She glared at him, as he put up his hands in surrender.

” Calm down girl! Okay we’ll come here with the family. Happy now ?! ”

” Yesss! ” He smiled at her cheerful face, happy on bringing that smile back on her angelic face. He took out a chocolate from his pocket, as Twinkle’s eyes twinkled in excitement. Quickly snatching her treat from him, she opened the wrapper hurriedly and started munching onto it like a kid.

” But, I still have a question. ” Twinkle, being too busy with her sweet, just nodded at him to continue.

” What the heck were you doing sleeping at the porch at 6 in the morning ?! ”

” Oh yeah, about that.. Actually, I reached here at 5. It took me around half an hour to reach home. I rang the bell many times, but you weren’t answering. My phone was dead and I was just too sleepy. So I sat on the porch to wait till you would get up. I guess I drifted to sleep there only. ” She gave him a sheepish smile, making him chuckle and shake his head.

” Yeah. I was up till late yesterday to complete some presentations. I slept around 2. So maybe that’s why I didn’t hear the bell, being too tired. ”

Both kept quiet after that, not speaking a word. All they did was just enjoy the ethereal beauty of nature, finding solace in each other’s presence. They knew that they had to get back after some time. But at that moment, it was just the two of them. Trying to find their peace in the warmth of the other. At that moment, they were just together, away from the cruel, harsh reality. At that particular moment, nothing else mattered…

Cause all they knew was, that they are each other’s, Forever.

~ Yes. She is childish, she is careless, she makes mistakes. All because she knows that he’ll always be there to take care of her. ~

Word Count : 2000 words

Hello peeps!!! How ya doin’ ? ?

Well, I’m back with an OS.. This time a small, cute one. I missed these cute Twinj arguments after TEI ended and I know you guys did too. So thought to write those arguments and relive TEI, even though it’s only for a short while. ?

So, hope ya all liked it! Well, as always, eagerly waiting for your views.

So comment and tell me your views! And the next chappy of BBTL is on the way!! Yay!!!! ??

Until then, take care and enjoy life.?

Lots of love,

Sapphire ❤️

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  1. Fantastic Os yr…?
    Twinj nok jhok is so cute..??
    It was lovely ..
    Please post soon ?
    waiting for your FF eagerly..⏱️⏱️
    I just wish that you post the BBTL today only please try please…

    1. Amethyst

      Thank you so much dear! I’m glad you liked it.❤️

  2. Amethyst

    Hey! I didn’t know that it’s your birthday today dear Drishti! One of my favourite readers.. Wish you a very happy birthday dear. ?
    I don’t know if you’re elder than me or not.. ?
    Many more happy returns of the day! May God bless you with health, happiness, love and peace always! Stay like you are.. And be blessed. ❤️
    Lots of love and blessings to you ?
    Sorry for being so late. Hope you had an amazing day today. This one-shot is dedicated to YOU!
    Sapphire ?

    1. Thank you so much dear and it was lovely os

      1. Amethyst

        No need of thanks! Much love!! ❤️

  3. Amazing dear please post soon

    1. Amethyst

      Thank you ❤️

  4. TSY

    Very Nice and cutest one
    Twinkle taneja was full on swing
    Giving back to kunj sarna in his way only
    So cute n adorable it was
    Nice os dear
    Bye takecare

    1. Amethyst

      Thanks a lot dear. I’m glad you liked it! ❤️

  5. Meharin

    Happy birthday drishti dear..B happy and blessed..Wowww….An amazing….Xm tasted sweet cute os b4 my xm from my cupcake dost..Loved it janab…Missed their nok jhok….Awesome….Haha..Abhi ka jinga la la hu..Banda bro zone se bach gaya iss bar..Love u and take care dost..And tell hi to chotu..Haha..

    1. Amethyst

      I’m so glad you liked it dost.. ❤️ But next time nahi bachega aapka chotu I promise! ?

  6. Meharin

    Wah ji vidish bro khudko hi dedicate..Well i too have something for u..Will give after xm..

  7. Meharin

    Oops mistake sorry birthday girl reading mistake..I read our writer ji ne khudko hi dedicate kiya..Missed reading u….Hahaha…….Tab hi sochu dost ne shayad man hi liye k…..Nahi batana…Ho main milke bolungi….Happy birthday once again DRASHTI DEAR.

    1. Thanks dear

    2. Amethyst

      Dost me Kya maan liya madam ?! Batao batao… ? And waiting for ur exams to end.. ❤️

  8. Loved it?

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      Thank you ❤️

  9. AryanBhattacharya

    So beautiful OS Vidhu??loved it???you are a beautiful writer?

    1. Amethyst

      Excuse me Mr. Bhattacharya but, this is not written by Vidhi… ? Sapphire wrote this with so much hard work, still no credit to her! Not fair!!!
      Just kidding Bhai ??
      Well, I’m glad you liked it Sir and thank you for the compliment. It’s all thanks to my beautiful readers! ?
      Lots of love and take care nii-san ❤️ And miss you…

      1. AryanBhattacharya

        Love you too sissu?aur aaj kya Sir,Mr.Bhattacharya??hehe.. pehli baar Mr. Bhattacharya ? achha hai? but jokes apart miss you too dear??

  10. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing one…
    Happy birthday drishti

    1. Thanks

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  11. Amazing

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    Mind-blowing dear post soon

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      Thank you❤️

    1. Amethyst

      Thanks ❤️

  13. Fabulous

    1. Amethyst

      Thank you ❤️

  14. Vibhu

    This one is really cute!
    Twinj nok jhok was love ? Thanku for making us relive that moment again! ❤️?
    Best part was when twinkle said to call off the wedding coz Kunj wanted respect ?????
    Truly beautiful ❤️

    1. Amethyst

      No need of thanks! It’s my pleasure to make you guys (and myself of course!) relive those beautiful moments.. ?
      I agree! I loved that part too. ?
      Thanks a lot ❤️

  15. Lovely os…
    Luved it ….

    1. Amethyst

      Thanks a lot di! ❤️

  16. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?Please give another beautiful story on twinj ❤❤⚘??????⚘??❤???️‍♀️??????‍♀️????

  17. Amethyst

    Sure dear.. Another one is on the way! ?
    Thank you ❤️

  18. Me_rp_27

    Such a cute os it was….

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    Dost looks like bhai ki age 50 ho gaye mr. And all..Haha..

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